Are Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds Romantically Involved . . . Or Not?


Earlier this week we learned that actors Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds were spotted enjoying New Year’s Eve together (with a few of their closest friends) in Austin, TX at Sandy’s NYE party. Today, the couple are splashed across the cover of US Weekly magazine with the headline, It’s On! Could it be? Are the former BFFs new lovebirds?

New year, new romance for Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds? Fresh off highly publicized, messy divorces, the sexy Proposal costars were spotted “partying the night away” together on New Year’s Eve at Bess Bistro (which Bullock owns) in Austin, Tex., a witness tells the new Us Weekly, out now. “They were very playful,” the onlooker says of Bullock, 46, and Reynolds, 34, who were “smiling the whole time and occasionally touching…What a hot — and quick — rebound for both of them!” … “I’m sure they’ve bonded over the breakups,” a Reynolds insider tells Us. “Going through a divorce is a unique thing to live through.” And while Bullock’s rep tells Us that the duo are “nothing except good friends,” Reynolds’ pal adds that the “chemistry” between the pair was obvious on the 2009 set of The Proposal. “Ryan always got excited talking about Sandra and liked being around her,” the source says.

Not so fast, says People magazine. They’ve got their own sources “close to the couple” that insist that any suggestion that Sandra and Ryan are anything but good friends “is ridiculous”:

Yes, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds share a similar self-deprecating charm, dry wit and silly streak. Yes, the pair – who costarred in the 2009 hit romantic comedy The Proposal – have been close friends for a decade. And yes, the reigning Sexiest Man Alive, 34, and Best Actress Oscar Winner, 46, both split from their spouses within the past year. But despite speculation that a romance is brewing in the wake of their New Year’s Eve celebration, sources close to both stars tell PEOPLE that the stars’ relationship is strictly platonic. Any notion of a romance between Reynolds and Bullock “is ridiculous,” says a source close to Reynolds. “They have been friends for 10 years and they celebrated New Year’s with others. That’s it. They really are just friends.” Adds Bullock’s rep:”They all had a great time ringing in the New Year as they have in the past” … Dining and dancing with a group of friends until midnight, “they were having a good time,” says one party-goer. “They danced together. They ate together. They laughed a lot. But I didn’t see any making out or anything.” The close friends have made no secret of their mutual admiration over the years. “She’s this stunning, gorgeous woman – and she’s the only one who forgets it,” Reynolds told PEOPLE in 2009. Bullock returned the compliment: “I’m amazed by what he pulls off. And he smells good.”

I’m on Team People on this one. I do not believe that Sandra and Ryan are romantically involved … right now. That’s not to say that something couldn’t happen in the future. Ryan is very likely still reeling from his pending divorce from Scarlett Johansson so he’d be very wise not to get involved in a new relationship so soon after his split. That being said, I can see how these two good friends might end up falling for one another. I say … let’s wait a while and see what happens. They may not be together right now … but let’s see where things stand a year from now. What do y’all think … are these two doin’ the do?

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  • Ama

    They might still just be friends, honestly these ‘sources’ can be anyone, even people that don’t actually know either person but just say they do. So until either person, who is actually involved, says ‘we are dating’ or ‘we aren’t dating’ I’ll just go with ‘they are friends’.

    Honestly, I think getting into a romantic relationship right now will be to fast for Sandra. Considering all of the stuff that went on last year, and her new son, I doubt she is emotionally ready for a romantic relationship.

    Either way I hope the best for both of them :)

  • Tom

    I’m also on Team People. It’s so annoying that a guy and a woman can’t be friends without a majority of the people thinking they’re in love. That being said, I’d love it if they actually became a couple. They both seem really nice, have known each other for a while and their chemistry in The Proposal was amazing.

  • canaussiegirl

    What Tom said…..

    Although I don’t think it will happen. SB is also buds with Scar-Jo and I can’t see her dating her friends ex.

  • Monica

    Umm, true or not, they would be sooooo cute together!!!!! <3 Sorry Scarlet, but how can you be bored w/ Ryan Reynolds???? He's f'ing hilarious, and hottt! And i know i don't even have to say anything about the whole Jesse/scumbag thing!!

  • katherine

    I ssooooooo want this to happen, but I doubt that there is anything going on right now :(

  • sfmommy

    I’m sorry…I have to call Double Standard!!!
    Everyone was all in high dungeon when Jake and Taylor were an item. “He’s too old for her!” they all said…but…this is an even bigger age difference and no one bats an eye.
    All things being equal (and I get that they are not in these specific cases but whatever) – why is it now okay for a 46 yo woman to be with a 34 yo man, but everyone freaks out about a 29yo guy to be with a 21yo girl?
    I love Sandra Bullock more with every year and I bear no antipathy to Ryan Reynolds but…I don’t get these two together.

    • anhimals

      I don’t think it is a double standard sfmommy. I think that Jake was a bit too old for Taylor because she still has not experience life yet. She is only 21 and I think that at 21 she doesn’t know what she wants yet. But Ryan at 34 already has seen what the world is all about and is/has started forming his idea of what he wants in his life. People in the entertainment business are busy focusing on their careers in their 20s and are constantly traveling everywhere trying to promote their work. That is how it is for regular folks as well. In your early 20s you’re going to school, trying to figure out who you are and most are partying away. It isn’t until your late 20s that you finally figured out what you want to do and want to settle down.

      I know that I am not speaking for everyone, it is all about the majority of people.

      There is always the +/- 5 years for people under 25 that my friends always use. After 25, it usually doesn’t matter if you’re dating someone 10 years older. I hope that make sense

  • I dont think age has anything to do with it, taylor seems mature for her age anyway and iv known lots of ppl i went to school with that are already settled with kids and im 24 (i dont have kids or a bf tho! Lol). My parents have a 9 yr age gap too. I Dont see any issue with sandra and ryan.