Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift Are Dunzo!


You’ll have to pardon me whilst I type thru my sad tears but … it is with the heaviest of hearts that I must pass along the news that the barely relationship between Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift is over. Yes, it’s sad I know … but according to People magazine, the couple called it quits last month. Awww. Jake and Taylor are dunzo, y’all!!

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal are starting 2011 single. “They’re over,” a source tells PEOPLE about the short-lived relationship. “It ended last month.” No reason was given for a split, and the stars reps didn’t have immediate comment, but the two spent the holidays – and their birthdays – apart. Swift, 21, rang in 2011 in Nashville, solo, at a party, while Gyllenhaal, 30, was in New York, where he attended a closing party for Broadway’s Fela! on Jan. 2. While in the Big Apple, Gyllenhaal was also spotted dining with his mother at the Spotted Pig. After spending Thanksgiving weekend together, the two were last seen publicly together on Dec. 9 in Los Angeles.

Let’s have a moment of silence over the death of this sham, er, romance. I guess those photos of Taylor Swift lookin’ super sad as she roamed the streets of Nashville, TN last weekend were our first sign that she was Jake Gyllenhalless … poor lamb, I’d be sad, too! Ah well … ’tis better to have loved and lost and all that jazz. At least now Taylor has at least an album’s worth of heartbreak (and an $11k guitar) to write a new album. Jake is a single man, y’all. Happy Days are here again!! Shall we dance?!

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  • Ella

    WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!! It’s going to be a less barfy year.

  • Annie

    Oh, thank God.

  • Susie

    Is anyone surprised?

  • Chase

    It’s because of the age difference. I mean, I don’t really think Jake is looking to settle down but when it happens it happens. Taylor is young and has everything going for her. However, I think she’s the type of girl who’s EXTREMELY clingy, jealous, etc. I predict the song to be on her future re-release of her next album. Either one, really.

  • Shannon

    Well we all know who her next song is going to be about!

  • Duckie

    Hallelujah! Glaf to hear this nonsense is finally over.

  • Adriana

    i couldn’t be happier

  • Ooooo the break up songs will almost be as bad as teh track listing for avril lavrignes new album.

  • nicole

    wait…so where they done when he dropped that pretty penny on her birthday gift? or was that all PR too?
    well…it should make for an interesting song…i guess. but they lasted longer then i thought. (if it was really legit)

  • Andi

    @ninjafrommars, LOL! Best comment ever :P

  • Z

    Woot Woot the insanity is over =D!! *Does a happy dance with Trent* and @Trent lmfao XD! What a wonderful way to start off the new year =D!!

  • Devon

    Song title – I guess you knew how to quit me.

  • teri

    It was a sham from the start anyway…

  • krissy

    It seemed like they were getting to know each other…and then realized that they didn’t really click.

  • jj

    Um the whole thing was a sham. Jake G is gay and Taylor Swift is his beard. No one should be surprised that it is dunzo just that it lasted that long. Trent you must know something about this right? I’m pretty sure you use to hint this with his bicycle outings with Austin Nichols who is his REAL boyfriend. I know it’s wrong to out people but seriously people he’s gay..

    • Faith

      I honestly don’t think he’s gay. Truly. It’s not because I am crazy in love with him and don’t want him to be, I just don’t think he is. He was with Reese for waaaaay too long. He seems like the kind of guy who if he was gay – he would just be gay. Granted, I don’t know what it’s like to come out of the closet or anything, I just think he would have by now. I don’t know. It is what it is.

    • tlpth9

      im not so convinced he is gay. though he could be, of course. it just seems like he is very confident and comfortable with himself though as @Faith said i also have no idea what it is like to come out. it kinda reminds me of james franco. everyone is trying to say he is gay simply because he is so good at playing a gay character and is so comfortable with himself that he can be on a magazine cover in full drag.

  • TMNox

    Well, his movie is out, her album is out – no need for the publicity stunt. But, good job – they really had me going for a minute….

  • Tracy

    You guys are cracking me up…@Devon…LOL…love the new song title…I think it is perfect. I’m only going to say. I’M NOT SURPRISED. I think anything else worth saying has been said.

  • Bec

    @TMNox I too didn’t believe it for a second.

  • dana j

    they’re over?! *gets up and dances* ABOUT DAMN TIME! eeerrr I mean, I’m SO sad to see they broke up. *snickers*

  • sarahhh

    so, I give the song 2 weeks tops. seriously for a girl that is so “wholesome” and goody-goody this girl gets around…

    • amanda m


  • grace

    LOL. as soon as i read about this on people.com, i came straight here to read what you had to say. wooooot drinks all around!

    • Kells

      haha @grace, I did too!!!! First thing I thought of was what Trent would say!!!!! Now we shall all sit back and wait for her new song about a boy named Jake…

    • C

      I did the same thing…break out the confetti!

  • Faith

    YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have been so ticked about this..whatever the hell it was that was going on. Jake is amazing, Taylor is a little baby child girl. They do not belong together and if she comes out with a “Brokeback Heart” song or something I am going to go bat shit crazy.

  • Ama

    Honestly, is anyone really surprised that they broke up, or that their relationship didn’t last long?

    I mean, I’m not a fan of either, but I didn’t really take their relationship seriously in the first place. I just didn’t understand why their relationship ruffled so many feathers(aside from having one’s celebrity ‘crush’ being temporarily off the ‘single’ list)

    I don’t think the reason they broke up was due to age difference(as I know a lot of people who have the same difference or more in age and they have been together for a long time) I think they just realized their personalities clash more than they wanted. That or the ‘lust’ finally ran it’s course and they just decided to end it. Oh well.

    Hopefully they both find happiness in the future(whether it involves being in a relationship or not, personally I think one should find happiness with themselves before getting into a relationship)

    • Ella

      I just cannot stand Taylor Swift. I don’t understand why people keep giving her awards-I assume it’s because she’s blond and pretty. Her voice and lyrics are abhorrent to me.

  • She is very talented as an artist, but Jake is so much more mature and he really needs someone in his life equally as much so! Not taking away from Taylor, but Jake has done some impressive rolls requiring a lot of research, and I feel he is wise beyond his years!

    All the best to them both!


  • Rory

    This is best news this year by far. Finally someone knock some sense into Jake to get off the crazy train that is Taylor Swift.

  • Ashely

    Finally the nightmare is over and now we can celebrate. He finally saw the light to what Taylor truly is an untalented hack!

  • Paul From Toronto

    Anyone else find that their relationship was a sham? I dunno.. I think it was all PR.. Sometimes its hard to even know whats real in Hollywood these days.

  • lc

    Happy New Year!!! Happy days are here again! whoot whoot!

  • Marissa

    Publicity STUNT! she needs new men to write new songs about and now she has it. So lame.

  • SuzieB

    I can not wait for this breakup song to come out!! Honestly, if it was a big old publicity/PR stunt, here’s hoping there’s a clause in there about “no angry weepy breakup songs allowed” otherwise, I’m thinkin Taylor is makin out on this one!!!!

  • siena x


  • PixiesBassline

    At least she got a really cool guitar out of it.

  • truthyisalways

    I hate to poop the party, but as you recall Jake has a history of reconciling with his lookalike girlfriends (Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon).

    I am allowing myself to ponder the possibility that this had something to do with the Reese Witherspoon’s (weird) engagement to “active dater” Jim Toth. According to People, the timing wouldn’t work out right, but then, People appeases supershrimp Tom Cruise by saying he’s 5’9.

    As you were.

    • @truthyisalways — “People appeases supershrimp Tom Cruise by saying he’s 5’9.” LMAO! You win!!

  • Lolo


  • Christie_M

    I heard this at 6am EST on the radio. I was half asleep but I’m pretty sure I heard bells! This breakup only furthers my beliefs that it was for press. I mean Jake’s movie was coming out. And, Taylor apparently isn’t a hot item for the media (see link). In any case, I’m happy!


  • Nicky

    My take on this is that it was a publicity stunt from the start. I think this was lead by Taylor’s PR team judging how all of the articles about them were pretty much focused on her, especially the one which accompanied the staged photos in US Weekly. It started a day before her album was released and ended after they had both wrapped promo duties for her album and his movie.
    Yet again her team are playing the victim card which sets her up to write more songs about being “wronged” however, they only went on a few “dates” and most of the time they were apart so I can’t see how she could come up with anything which she could pass off as genuine, especially when there is so much doubt over the validity of this relationship in the first place.

  • kpatt13

    I honestly don’t think this relationship was a “sham” per se, because if it was orchestrated, wouldn’t it have gone on a little bit longer? A six month sham would at least make both parties look like they both put in a concerted effort, but 2ish months makes both look embarrassing.

    I have heard the rumors about Jake, but his sexuality is obviously his own business, and he can choose or not choose to come out on his own. Oh well!

  • Love Taylor

    As one who loves country music and country people including Taylor, I do not think this was a publicity stunt. I DO think it was a young woman looking for the right guy to date. If Taylor is as smart as I think she is, she will be dating many, many guys before she picks one for life. Exactly what she should be doing!

  • gayana

    Taylor who?