Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Celebrate New Year’s Eve In The UK Together


Twilight co-stars and rumored lovebirds Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart rang in the new year this year on the Isle of Wight in the UK lookin’ very much the normal couple. Apparently the couple celebrated New Year’s Eve last year at a small pub called The Spyglass Inn and they must’ve REALLY loved it there because R. Pattz & K. Stew decided to spend New Year’s Eve this year at the very same place … much to the delight of the locals.

As other Hollywood celebs were living it up around the globe, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart opted for a low-key New Year’s Eve and celebrated in a small pub on the Isle of Wight. The Hollywood couple shunned the glitz and glamour opting to ring in the New Year at The Spyglass Inn in Ventnor. Robert, 24, and Kristen, 20, enjoyed a night surrounded by friends, drinking, singing and posing for pictures with star-struck fans. The family pub, which sits on the Ventnor Esplanade, is a favourite haunt for the couple who celebrated New Year’s Eve there last year. One onlooker told local reporters: ‘We were hoping they would come back to the pub again this year and when they walked through the door no-one could quite believe it. ‘They seemed like a really sweet, down to earth couple with no airs or graces. There was a live band playing and they were bopping along to the music and enjoying themselves. ‘Robert looked as if he was drinking some sort of short and then they went out on to the seafront for a while. Robert was dressed in a black hooded jumper and leather jacket and wore a black hat. Kristen also rugged up in black, perhaps in an attempt to avoid attention and the couple’s relaxed attire mirrored the informal celebrations … The couple returned to the pub yesterday for New Year’s Day lunch with a number of friends but were followed by photographers.

Aww … these two little raggamuffins … keepin’ it nice, normal and relatively quiet for New Year’s Eve. They’ve SO got the hipster thing down pat … they were made for one another, don’tcha think? BUT, K. Stew better watch her back cuz there’s another lady in Rob’s life these days … and by the looks of how close they’ve gotten on the set of their new film Water for Elephants, Kristen may have some serious competition in the LURVE department. Here are photos, scanned from People and Entertainment Weekly magazines of Robert Pattinson and the new lady in his life … Rosie:

Awww … don’t they make an adorable couple? Rob plays a circus veterinarian in Water for Elephants and Rosie here is his #1 patient. As you can see, love has bloomed on set between these two … it’s so cute I could puke on shoes. I mean, seriously, is there any female on Earth that is NOT in love with Robert Pattinson?

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  • Debho

    Me! lol I just watched Eclipse the other day and still can’t work out what all the fuss is about. Though, I have to admit the movie was a lot better than the second one..they all must have taken some acting lessons in between the movies. But seriously, I don’t see the appeal to Robert or Taylor really. Neither are good looking, although Taylor has a great bod.

    • D Zadeh

      EVERYONE does not have to see what Rpatz fans see in him. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think he is absolutely gorgeous as do THOUSANDS of others. A lot liked RP first because of the character he portrayed then after we got to”know” him, his eyes, his unassuming manner, his grin, and even that tousled head of hair. Its ok not to think he’s a hunk, but people need to be appreciative of his dedication to his craft, his willingness to grow and learn and seek out quality projects.

  • kendra

    Me neither! I just don’t really see it..Other than his accent, there’s really nothing that appeals to me..Meh..His grin is pretty cute..I’ll admit that..

  • I’m firmly on Team Taylor Lautner, and def. not especially in love with R.Patz, but I will say that he has an adorable smile. Really lights up his face.

  • Kathy

    I think they are both very talented and make a great looking couple. Good for them spending the holiday’s quietly, they so deserve it!

  • maria

    haha raggamuffins!!! picted up a word of swedish? :D

  • strawberry

    robert and kristen forever yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  • Faith

    I liked him way, way, way back in the day. Harry Potter? Little Ashes? Yes. Twilight? Nope!

  • Nicola

    I will always remember him as that young male model wearing lipstick in CosmoGirl! magazine and that other teenage girl magazine. He was girly then, he’s a pansy now. Still, I dread to think what the IOW locals will have to put up with, if all the Twilight loonies flock there next new years eve in case they go back there. I’d also personally not like either of them within a 20 mile radius of where I live, but apparently it keeps happening :(