Elton John’s Newborn Son Gets His Own $1 Million Dollar Apartment


Last week we learned the happy news that Elton John and hubby David Furnish welcomed the birth of their baby son on Xmas Day and today we learn that the newborn baby is already living in the lap of luxury. As the child of extremely wealthy celebrity parents, it’s only natural that celeb babies would be pampered in luxury … but Zachary Jackson Levon is an especially lucky celebrity child. His parents have already given him a $1+ million dollar apartment of his very own. Now that’s posh, y’all.

Sir Elton John’s new baby son Zachary is ‘living like royalty’ in his own £1.3million apartment adjoining the singer’s exclusive Los Angeles pad. The Mail on Sunday has learned that Sir Elton, 63, and his partner David Furnish have appointed a top Hollywood interior designer to turn the flat beside their luxury home into a dream nursery. Although the work is not yet finished, several months after it started, eight-day-old Zachary is already installed there, and looked after by round-the-clock nannies. A New York television star who is a long-time friend of the couple said: ‘Elton and David have wanted this baby for a long time. They bought their first apartment in 2007 and then the following year they bought the smaller one next door. Everyone originally thought they bought the smaller apartment because they wanted extra space, but then I found out they were trying to have a baby. They haven’t said whether they have knocked the wall down between the two apartments but I must say at Elton’s age, I wouldn’t blame him if there is no adjoining door. Will he really want to be woken up at night by a screaming baby? From what I understand the baby and his nannies are living in one apartment and Elton and David are living in another.’

LOL. While I absolutely believe that Elton bought the apartment for his son, I highly doubt that the place is meant as a place to store the child away from his parents. Zachary Jackson Levon is a lucky kid … complete with his own apartment. Ugh … I hate that I’m already jealous of a newborn! OY!

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  • Megan

    I hope it’s not true that the child lives in a seperate apartment with his nannies. I know Elton John is known as a diva but I’d like to imagine he and David are more hands on than that with thier child.

  • LuvYa

    And I hear the baby interviewed the nannies himself and gave his tiny thumb up or down on their employment.

    This is much ado about nothing. John & Furnish have expanded their place to accomodate another person and the staff who will help care for him. Real estate is just that expensive where they would want to live. And did anyone expect that they wouldn’t hire more help?

  • Nathan

    I love that the one sentence reads, “eight-day-old Zachary is already installed there,” as though he’s an appliance or light fixture.

    • Merle


  • Debho

    On the other hand, most new parents can’t bear to be apart from their newborn child and have them sleep by their own bed in their own room. Or at least nearby. As much as this child is wanted and will be loved and have everything it’s little heart could desire, I still see Elton as a tempermental drama queen and the image of Mommie Dearest keeps haunting me. Sorry.

  • Lisa

    Ugh. Everyone I know who has had a baby recently including myself can’t get enough of their newborns aside from needing a break now and then. I can’t help but picture most celebrities as letting others raise their kids as they travel the world for work and do their own thing. I hope I’m wrong though.

  • Jesse

    Ugh, why have a kid! Poor Rich child.

  • Mark

    I am so happy for David and Elton! Yes everything they do is at the extreme, why not. They took a child that wasn’t wanted by someone, and gave him the life that everyone dreams of! Don’t judge them, there are a lot of parents that are not celebrity’s that have nannies. So be jealous if you have to be, but don’t try to down play the love they have for their child! I’m sure it would be an absolute. Blast to have parents like that. Be happy for the child and for Elton and David!