Christina Aguilera Takes Matthew Rutler For A Quiet Lunch At The Ivy


A few days ago we saw photos of Christina Aguilera, her son Max Liron and her new boyfriend Matthew Rutler enjoying a bit of bonding time together. I’m hesitant to say they enjoyed “family time” together because they are not a family … but if things progress between Xtina and Matt, well, we may get to that. Over the weekend, the couple ditched the kid and made their way to The Ivy in West Hollywood, CA for lunch … and can you believe it, they were HOUNDED by a swarm of paparazzi … who always hang out at The Ivy.

Perhaps they WANTED to be seen. If not, Christina Aguilera and her new boyfriend chose the wrong restaurant for a pre-New Year’s Eve lunch date. The 30-year-old Burlesque star walked hand-in-hand with Matthew Rutler as they left the Ivy yesterday in West Hollywood. Wearing black leggings, cowboy boots, a camouflage jacket and sunglasses, Christina kept her head down as her burly bodyguard pushed through the throng of photographers, who gather daily outside the Hollywood hotspot. After filing for divorce from her husband earlier this year, she has been adjusting to life as a single mum. But that might not be for too much longer as Christina has introduced her new man to her two-year-old son Max, which could suggest things are getting serious for the new couple. The group enjoyed some quality family time together at The Petersen Automotive Museum. In fact, Matthew and Max seemed to hit it off as the group smiled and joked as they made their way home.

I mean … The Ivy? For real? The only reason celebrities ever go to The Ivy is to be photographed by the paparazzi … so I wonder what gives? The couple already get a lot of attention no matter where they go. Is it possible that Xtina is getting her new man used to the glaring spotlight of the public eye? I’d prolly be more interested in these two if they didn’t seem so desperate to be seen together. Something tells me we have many months ahead of this kinda of showy bullshizz to endure.

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

  • Jasmine

    For some reason I don’t feel as though this relationship is credible.
    IMO this is just an attempt to bring herself back into the spotlight.

  • Dana

    How is this any different than Britney,Lindsay and Paris Shopping on Robertson Bld.or going to the Grove??Also the Celebrities that Tweet there every move.

    • @Dana — Dude, it’s THE IVY. Paris doesn’t even go there anymore for fear of being overexposed! LOL!

    • Toya

      LMAO!! Xtina is soo played out.

  • Lynne

    *Rolls Eyes* I enjoy her music, but I’m SO over her.

  • jadedkitten

    I’m getting so much Kfed and britney vibes from this relationship it’s not even funny. From the trips all over the world, to attention whoring for the paps, and the fact that they’re are always fucking together. I won’t be surprised if she marries this broke loser soon after her divorce from Jordan is finalized.

  • krissy

    I like Christina as a performer, but this is a very lame move by her! Only the desperate go to the Ivy (or anything on Robertson, for that matter).