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Alanis Morissette & Hubby Take The Baby Bump On Holiday

Bump Watch in Cabo

On Friday we saw photos of the very pregs Alanis Morissette lookin’ fabulous in Beverly Hills, CA earlier this week … but today we get to see new photos of Alanis and hubby Mario Souleye Treadway maxin’ and relaxin’ on holiday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It would seem that Alanis and Mario wanted to escape the Hallowe’en craziness of SoCal this weekend for the sun and surf South of the border:

Look at that bump!! Alanis looks amazing! I had wondered if Alanis was planning on dressing up at all this weekend to partake of the various Hallowe’en festivities this weekend and I guess I got my answer. I can’t say I can argue with the couple’s decision to pack up their baby bump and take a vacation. I really can’t get over how great Alanis looks as a pleasantly plump mommy to be. I hope the growing fam has a great time in Cabo together :)

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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Mario Party

The TV Guide

Yesterday was Day 2 of this year’s EPIC 3-day Hallowe’en weekend and David and I spent the whole day with our BFF Darion. As you can see from the following photo, I was dressed up as Super Mario all day long:

And David was dressed up as Luigi:

And in costume, we made our way to the movies to see SAW 3D:

Speaking of SAW 3D, I have to say … it was pretty good. While the film’s storyline wasn’t the best (I mean — that fact, you prolly already knew), I have to say that seeing the death scenes in 3D was pretty rad. We all enjoyed the film very much:

It was very disconcerting to have the traps come out of the screen and into your face as if YOU were the one being tortured in the film. The SAW movies have been pretty much the same cringe-worthy fare for years but adding the 3D element and putting the viewer in the hot seat was a convention that worked very well. Again, the story is kind of a throw-away (tho, I did love the surprise revelation at the end) but overall, I think it was the best SAW film since the first one. We had a blast.

After the movies, we went to dinner at Pink Taco (still in full costume) and then made our way to a too fabulous Masquerade Party in the Hollywood Hills. Check out some of the fun photos we snapped last night, after the jump … More »

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Ziering to spawn, Swift likes to "dominate", Bon Jovi's bored with life

Hot Dude Of The Week: Daniel Garofali

Weekend Hotness

It is time, yet again, to meet the Hot Dude of the Week and today — in honor of the sacred holiday of Hallowe’en — we’ve got a Hot Dude, photographed by Cowan Whitfield, who is not letting the costume fun get in the way of his insane hawtness. Say hello to Daniel Garofali:

Just because Hallowe’en is the time to wear costumes and masks, that doesn’t mean that one necessarily needs to hide one’s hotness … just look at Daniel here … keep the mask, ditch the costume and voila! Tonight is the night when goblins and ghouls come out to play and, I gotta admit, I wouldn’t mind playing with a furry werewolf like this should I encounter one at some point. Have a happy, safe and FUN Hallow’s eve, y’all!

[Photo credit: Cowan Whitfield; Source]

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A Teaser Poster For ‘Transformers: The Dark Of The Moon’ Has Surfaced

Shockwave rises

On Friday we not only got to see a few photos of high-flying Shia LaBeouf on the SoCal set of the next Transformers film but we also learned that said film has finally been subtitled as Transformers: The Dark of the Moon. Today we get our first look at a new teaser poster purported to be for Dark Side … as you can see, it looks like the Decepticon villain Shockwave will be prominently featured in Transformers 3:

Thanks to Bru No, we have what appears to be a poster for the third and final installment of the giant robot series for Director Michael Bay and company, Transformers: The Dark of the Moon. The poster shows off the iconic head of Shockwave peeking over the moon, which has the Decepticon symbol visible on the surface. The bottom of the poster reads, “Be Afraid of the Dark,” with the release date of the film July 1, 2011 underneath the tagline. While we cannot independently verify the authenticity of this poster, this poster is very similar to the teaser poster for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which depicted just The Fallen with the tagline, “Revenge is Coming.” The text for the tagline and date is also very similar in both posters. The poster was sighted on an easel and what looks like a conference room within a hotel building.

While it is true that some fans have the ability to put together very convincing fake movie posters, I’d bet good money that this poster is the real deal. There are too many things about the poster that look very similar to previous Transformers posters. I will admit that the tagline “Be Afraid of the Dark” is kinda lame, I wouldn’t put it past Michael Bay to OK a lame tagline like that. Shockwave is one of my fave Transformers characters, I’m just hoping that Transformers: The Dark of the Moon is more like the first Transformers film (i.e. good) and nothing at all like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (i.e. shitty).


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Ryan Gosling & Carey Mulligan Get Really Friendly On The Set Of Their New Film

Is lurve in the air?

Last month we saw the first photos of new co-stars Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan on the SoCal set of their new film Drive. Today we get to see new photos of the couple on set … and these photos look a bit friendlier than the first photos we saw. As you may know, Carey is freshly separated from her last romantic affiliation with ex-co-star Shia LaBeouf … does this mean she is makin’ a play for our dear Gosling?

She’s been moping around all over town since her split from Shia LeBouf, but today Carey Mulligan couldn’t stop smiling thanks to her handsome co-star Ryan Gosling. The 25-year-old flashed a flirtatious grin to the actor as they chatted between takes on the set of their new movie Drive in LA. At one point the 29-year-old even scooped the actress into his arms and swung her around, much to her delight. The pair are currently working on the indie film, about a Hollywood stuntman, with along with Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks.

Oh yeah, upgrade for sure. While Carey and Shia were cute together I think Ryan Gosling would make a much better boyfriend, don’t you? I mean, we don’t know for sure that anything romantic is going on at all between these two … but they sure seem to enjoy one another’s company. Naturally, when two people work together on a film, they sometimes end up hooking up … which is exactly how Shia and Carey got together (on the set of Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps). But, once the movie is wrapped and the actors move on to their next projects, the love affair fizzles. If Carey Mulligan is smart, she will capitalize on the time she gets to spend with Ryan Gosling and will, er, indulge in the bounty.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

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Watch: SNL Digital Short, ‘Shy Ronnie And Clyde’

"Boner Alert!"

Last December, Rihanna was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live (with Blake Lively hosting) and last night she appeared as the SNL musical guest again (this time with Jon Hamm hosting). As you may recall, Ri Ri featured in an SN Digital Short with Andy Samberg that introduced the character Shy Ronnie to the world (which you can watch again HERE). As you can guess (or may have seen if you watched SNL last night), Rihanna and Andy teamed up again for a new Shy Ronnie video on last night’s ep:

While this video isn’t as funny as the first one (mainly because the first one was original and new), it’s not bad. I’ll admit it, I laughed a couple of times. In case you missed seeing it last night, you can check it out in full after the jump … More »

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Ricky Martin Shares His Life As A Single Father On ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’

Daddy Diaries

Ricky Martin, newly openly gay pop star and father of twin boys he named Matteo and Valentino, will make an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Tuesday November 2 to be interviewed publicly for the first time about his decision to come out of the closet as well as his life as a single father of two. Here are a couple preview screencaps from Ricky‘s upcoming appearance on Oprah:

He was guarded about his sexuality for years and reserved about his new adventure as a family man – now Ricky Martin is sharing his joy of becoming a father via a surrogate mother on the Oprah Winfrey show. Ricky welcomed cameras to his home for a candid portrait of his happy family home life for his interview with Oprah, in which he talks about his sons and his sexuality for the first time. The 39-year-old Puerto Rican megastar quietly became father of twin boys, called Matteo and Valentino, in August 2008. Previously, the star has only released occasional pictures of himself with the two gorgeous children via his official Twitter account, then ‘came out’ on his website in March this year. The singer said at the time : ‘I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.’ But he has never before opened up about becoming father or finally going public with his sexuality … Ricky is on the chatshow conveyor belt to plug his new autobiography. Titled ‘Me’, it details his life, career and journey to officially come out. The book hits shops in the US next week. Meanwhile, the singer’s first new material in six years is due out before the end of the year. ‘The Best Thing About Me Is You’ is a described as an emotional duet featuring Ricky and Joss Stone and is the first track from a new studio album, due out next year.

Aww … look at Ricky‘s boys … they’re so big already. Despite the fact that we know that Oprah will not press Ricky on any tough questions, her show is the perfect platform for him to open up about his life now that he is out of the closet. After the jump, check out the preview video trailer for Ricky‘s upcoming appearance on The Oprah Winfrey ShowMore »

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Celebs Get Into The Hallowe’en Spirit

This is Hallowe'en

It’s Hallowe’en weekend here in the US and since Friday night, a plethora of celebs have been gettin’ themselves all dressed up in fun costumes to celebrate one of the most fun holidays of the year. From NYC to LA (and everywhere in between), folks like Janet Jackson, Kathy Griffin, Gwen Stefani and more indulged their inner child and dressed up for various Hallowe’en events … here are a few photos from this weekend’s fun (thus far):

Last week we saw photos of Paris Hilton picking out her sailor costume at Trashy Lingerie and now we get to see it in action … it’s actually pretty tame, to be honest. Gwen as a sexy Batgirl looks pretty good, as does Kathy Griffin in a sailor costume of her own. Tori Spelling and her family (Dean McDermott, Liam Aaron and Stella Doreen) look really cute together. Hallowe’en is actually today, as you are well aware, but I’m guessing that the biggest Hallowe’en parties took place last night. Hopefully YOU’LL indulge your inner child and will get out there today/tonight to enjoy the fun of Hallowe’en!

[Photo credit: X17, Splash News]

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Jude Law Pays A Visit To ‘Sesame Street’

Cling for a Day

Earlier this month we got to see a cute (if a bit odd) video of Colin Farrell on Sesame Street and today we get to check out a new vid of hottie Jude Law on Sesame Street. Jude and some Muppet friends teach kiddies about the word “cling” in this cute new video:

Jude Law acquired a new set of friends when he made a guest appearance on Sesame Street. The 38-year-old actor met a monkey, a mouse and an octopus as he taught viewers of the kids TV show the word ‘cling’. ‘The word “cling” means to stick to. I’d love to show you “cling” but I have nothing here that I can cling to,’ Law said as he appeared on screen. Right on cue a yellow monkey arrived and clung to the Alfie star’s right leg, a blue mouse grabbed his right leg and a purple octopus appeared over his shoulder. ‘Why are you all clinging to me?’ he asked. ‘Because we love you Jude Law,’ the trio said in unison.

OMG … so cute. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind clinging to Jude either ;) After the jump, check out video of Jude Law‘s appearance on Sesame Street in full … More »

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