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Wanna Go In The Locker Room With Cristiano Ronaldo?

Who wants to be an athletic supporter?

A new video, produced by Nike, has made its way to the Internets that follows footballer Cristiano Ronaldo on and off the soccer field … and into the locker room. Here are a few screencaps from this new vid:

Unfortch, there aren’t any scenes of Cristiano wearing only his Emporio Armani Underwear but there a few scenes that show a bit of flesh. Check it out in full after the jump … More »

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‘Twilight’s Xavier Samuel Does ‘Interview’ Magazine

"My hair and my accent are sort of my main assets."

Xavier Samuel, the Aussie actor who is about to break into the world of Twilight adoration as the newest hottie vamp on the block in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (due out in theaters on June 30), is featured in the new issue of Interview magazine. Samuel was interviewed by his Eclipse co-star (and fictional vampire maker) Bryce Dallas Howard (who plays vampire Victoria) and is lookin’ pretty good in this accompanying photospread … behold:

BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD: So now that you’re almost on the other side with Eclipse, how has everything been for you? It’s all been a little wild, right?
XAVIER SAMUEL: Yeah, it has. It’s kind of like being struck by lightning in a way, because it all seems so improbable.

HOWARD: Eclipse is your first American film.
SAMUEL: It is. I’ve been doing American auditions for a while, and it always felt sort of like sending these audition tapes off into the ether. So just hearing anything back from anyone was kind of startling.

HOWARD: When we were shooting Eclipse, it was amazing for me to see how the girls all went berserk over you. These girls were totally losing their minds—and much like everyone else in the cast who experiences those sorts of things, you dealt with it really graciously and wonderfully. Were you at all startled by that?
SAMUEL: I mean, it’s kind of bizarre, isn’t it? Having that kind of attention. I’m not under the microscope in the same fashion that a lot of the other cast members are, so I think I can slide under the radar a little bit more, but getting any attention at all is completely new for me.

HOWARD: Well, it’s been interesting to see how these young women have responded to you and your hair and your accent.
SAMUEL: My hair and my accent are sort of my main assets.

For those of you still interested in what the lad has to say about, well, whatever … you can read the rest of his Interview interview HERE. I, on the other hand, plan to just focus on these photos … despite all the clothing, they are much more interesting to me than the banal back and forth with BDH.


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First Look: Megan Fox For Armani Underwear Fall/Winter 10-11

Her turn

Earlier this week we got our first look at new promo images of Cristiano Ronaldo in the upcoming Fall/Winter 2010-2011 ad campaign for Emporio Armani Underwear and today we get to check out a new image of Megan Fox in her new Armani Underwear Fall/Winter ’10-’11 ad campaign:

Not to be outdone by soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo’s drool-worthy men’s campaign, Megan Fox shows off her own sexy assets in the latest round of sizzling women’s ads for Emporio Armani Underwear. And the newly engaged star’s second campaign with the Italian fashion house is just as hot as the first. Posing in the brand’s lacy lingerie sets with artfully undone hair and a come-hither expression on her face, the 24-year-old bombshell oozes sex appeal. Shot on location in Los Angeles, Fox’s fall/winter 2010-2011 Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans ads will hit billboards around the world beginning in July, to be followed by a commercial starring the steamy siren in September.

Whoa! Megan looks hot in this photo. I much prefer this pic to the ones we saw from the first batch of Emporio Armani Underwear pics she posed for earlier this year. First we see her lookin’ amazing in the pages of Interview magazine, now we see her lookin’ amazing in her underwear … who knew? Wait,I bet Brian Austin Green knew ;) What do y’all think of this hot new photo?


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Zac Efron Attends The 2010 Maui Film Festival

Gets lei'd, gets half nekkid at the beach

Zac Efron, who is featured on the cover and in the pages of People magazine’s 2010 50 Hottest Bodies issue, was honored last night with the Shining Star Award at the 2010 Maui Film Festival in Hawaii. As you may recall, we learned earlier this week that Zac would be receiving this honor (and more importantly, we saw a few amazingly HOT photos of Zac lookin’ all wet and half nekkid at the beach in Maui earlier this week) and last night was his big night. Here are some photos from the Maui Film Festival last night and some excerpts from an interview Zac gave to the Maui News:

Shortly after arriving on Maui earlier this week, young movie star Zac Efron went for a swim in front of his resort. “I was taking a dip. It’s the first thing you do here, right?” said the 22-year-old screen star best known for his roles in the “High School Musical” series on TV and the movies. Except when Zac Efron does it, it winds up on the cover of People magazine. “Hilarious,” said Efron, on the island to accept the Maui Film Festival’s Shooting Star Award, bestowed in an outdoor ceremony Wednesday night in the festival’s signature venue, the Celestial Cinema on the Wailea Golf Course. Efron, whose new drama “Charlie St. Cloud” opens in theaters in a few weeks, accepted the award, which says: “while still in the ascendancy of his career – with many magnetic performances both behind and ahead of him – always generates as much light as heat.” Efron was using the Maui vacation as an opportunity to bond with his younger brother, Dylan, a recent graduate of Arroyo Grande High School on the Central California coast … While his next role goes in a more dramatic direction, depicting a young man grappling with the death of his brother, he takes pride in having helped usher in a new era of musicals on movie and TV screens. “I would never take credit for it, but I would say the resurgence of musicals is such an amazing trend,” he said. “I’m glad to be a part of it. Every time a fan comes up to me and tells me ‘High School Musical’ encouraged me to join my school play, or ‘I didn’t even know I could sing before, but it gave me the courage to try.’ Those are the things you remember. It’s way better than just asking for pictures.”

You know what, congrats and all of that jazz … but let’s get to the important stuff, shall we? The only reason I keep doing these Zac Efron posts is because I’m always looking for another reason to post insanely hot pics of the lad lookin’ half nekkid and wet at the beach. Please join me in gawking at a few more photos like these, after the jump … More »

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Michael C. Hall Talks ‘Dexter’, Shows Up For Work On ‘Dexter’ Set

You'll never guess who was spotted on set with him!

Michael C. Hall, who was spotted on a date with his beautiful wife and co-star Jennifer Carpenter a couple of weeks ago, sat down for a little interview with the LA Times to talk about Dexter right as the 5th season of the show is going into filming production. In this new interview, MCH talks about the delicious darkness that plagues his Dexter character and hints a bit at what’s to come in the upcoming new season … here are a few excerpts:

Why do you think Dexter as a character has connected with audiences, despite his objectionable actions?
I think audiences relish the opportunity to identify with these central, even glaring, flaws. I think all of us have a shadow that we carry around — whether it’s as formidable as one that inspires you to be a serial killer …. But I think there’s something on a metaphorical level that resonates with people.

Aside from the strict code that Dexter lives by, what else keeps him relatable either for you as an actor or for the audience?
For me, it’s always been about what separates him from the rest of the world that makes him interesting: He lacks authenticity. We all struggle with issues of our own relative authenticity or inauthenticity. We all know what it’s like to behave compulsively and just feel like we’re not really in a place of choice when it comes to certain behaviors. The fact that he does take responsibility for his affliction is something that I think is admirable in spite of how it manifests itself.

Is there anything that you’re hoping to explore with Dexter in the next season?
Well, I’m certainly interested in going through the aftermath of the enormous mess that has been made of Dexter’s world at the end of the fourth season. And I think the relationship to the code, to the father, what happened at the end of the fourth season is sort of a revamped version of Dexter’s origin story. But in this case, he has some responsibility for what happened. I don’t know if that’s going to lead to his complete mental collapse — doubt it — or rehabilitation — I doubt that too. But how will he move forward? It’s the question that everybody who watches is probably pretty interested in.

The sociopathic side of Dexter seemed to be pretty in check during the last season with his idyllic suburban life. Do you think he’s progressed?
There is some sort of undeniable development or progression toward humanity, but I think that every step he’s taken on that front has been a pragmatic step, one that he needed to make in order to continue to live a life that allowed him to indulge in his primary compulsion. Yes, I think undeniably Dexter is someone who has taken unique responsibility for his darker impulses, not killing indiscriminately. And does experience what seems to be a genuine connection to at least the children in his world. It has so much to do with the way Dexter frames it. He has to frame that progression and that learning and those different kinds of behaviors within a context that allows him to continue to do what he does without ending up in an insane asylum.

You can read the full text of this interview HERE. But while this new interview is interesting and all, I’m more interested in what’s going on on the SoCal set of Dexter this week! MCH was snapped on set filming a scene with … well, someone you might not expect. So as not to spoil anything for those of you who wish to remain unspoiled, I’ll leave the reveal behind the cut. After the jump, check out the VERY SPOILERY photos that show who Michael C. Hall was filming new Dexter scenes with on set this week … More »

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The One That I Want

The TV Guide

Last night David and I were joined by our friends Emma and Josh (cumulatively the Pink ladies) at a preview screening of the amazing movie musical Grease, the sing-a-long version! Paramount Pictures hosted a fan event at the ArcLight Theater in Hollywood, CA to screen the film privately before it screens at the Hollywood Bowl next week and then opens in theaters across the country next month … and we were among the lucky folks who were able to attend. Grease premiered in theaters for the first time 32 years ago to the day yesterday … and let me tell you, last night’s event was just as fun and exciting as ever!

People … this is the way that Grease was meant to be seen … in hypercolor on the BIG SCREEN! If you’ve not seen Grease in a movie theater, then you haven’t experience the movie properly. This version of the film has been amped up with loads of fun subtitles and clever graphics that just make the beloved film even more of a fun experience. I can’t even tell you how much fun the entire theater had last night … everyone was singing, clapping, hand jiving, dancing in the aisles … it was just A BLAST!! After the jump, check out some sneaky pics I snapped during the preview screening of Grease last night … More »

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Les News, 061710

Harrison & Calista got hitched, Klein sprung from jail, Obama's signature is lewd

Lindsay Lohan SCRAMs & Speaks

"People should just leave me alone ..."

Lindsay Lohan is speaking out in a new interview with Star magazine where she implores that the public “leave [her] alone and let [her] live”. It would seem that the rumors going around about her alleged illegal alcohol-use are getting to her and she wants the world to know that “enough is enough”. Here is a photo of Lindsay out and about yesterday on an ice-cream run here in SoCal and some excerpts from her new chat with Star magazine:

In her first interview since being forced to wear a SCRAM bracelet, and less than two weeks after the booze monitor detected her consumption of a “small amount of alcohol,” Lindsay Lohan speaks out to Star exclusively about leaving her addiction behind and getting her career back on track. “Enough is enough,” the frustrated starlet says in our June 28 issue. “People should just leave me alone and let me live.” The hard-partying star particularly wants to refute any notion that she’s fallen off the wagon since Star broke the news that the SCRAM went off in the early hours of June 7 while she was partying at Katy Perry’s post-MTV Movie Awards bash. “I haven’t touched any alcohol or anything of the sort,” she insists. Adding: “The lies that get created [are] damaging to my career.” Although Lindsay, who is working to get financial backing for her make-or-break role in Inferno playing porn star Linda Lovelace, is adamant that she’s been playing it straight since she was fitted with the bracelet on May 24, she’s certainly put herself in the way of temptation by hitting the Hollywood party scene hard. “It’s a constant struggle for her to stay sober, one that she faces every day,” an insider reveals in the article.

If you are interested, Lindsay‘s full interview with Star magazine will hit newsstands on June 28. I have to say, I don’t really understand why Lindsay is so surprised by all the attention (both good and bad) she receives. She very often welcomes the attention when it suits her and then wants to say “enough is enough” when it does not suit her. I personally feel she is grossly misinformed by what is actually “damaging” to her career. It’s not the “lies that get created” that are doing the damage, it’s the reckless, dangerous and proven illegal behavior that she has been engaging in for the past few years that are destroying what’s left of her career. Until she is honest with herself and is willing to own her mistakes and PAY FOR THEM, she will never learn and will never get her life back on track. I am rooting for her to do well, I honestly am … but she needs to make serious changes in her life before she can achieve success again. Until then, people are going to talk because her behavior gives way too much fodder for discussion. If she truly wants people to leave her alone, then she needs to find new employment out of the public spotlight … but, to be honest, if Lindsay Lohan actually got her wish, if people actually did not pay attention to her I think she would wither up and die.

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

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Christian Bale & Family Do Disneyland

Batman in 'Wonderland'

Earlier this week we learned that Halle Berry and estranged babydaddy Gabriel Aubry reunited in order to take their daughter Nahla Ariela to Disneyland and earlier this month we learned that Heidi Klum and her family spent a day at Disneyland in celebration of her 37th birthday. Today we get to see a few cute photos of Batman star Christian Bale and his family (wife Sibi Blaži? and daughter Emmeline) enjoying part of yesterday at Disneyland:

Fans of Disney may recognize that the family is photographed here on the Alice in Wonderland ride in Fantasyland. It’s always so nice to see families looking so happy together … usually when Christian is spotted in public, he looks kinda glum. I love how happy he looks in these photos. I guess it’s kinda impossible to be pissy at Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth! Seeing these photos reminds me … I’m due for a trip down to Anaheim, CA — soon!

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

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Mariah Carey Releases A New Fragrance Line Called ‘Lollipop Bling’

Who wants to smell like 'Ribbon', 'Honey' and 'Mine Again'?

Last month we learned that Mariah Carey was planning to release a new line of celebrity fragrances called Lollipop Bling and today we get to see the first promo ads for this new line of smells. Due out next month, the Lollipop Bling line was apparently inspired by the diamond encrusted Ring Pop ring that Nick Cannon gave to Mariah Carey at their wedding vow renewal ceremony earlier this year … the 3 fragrances from the line — Ribbon, Honey and Mine Again — have been named for a few of Mimi‘s favorite songs. Are YOU ready to smell like the sweetness of Lollipop Bling?

Mariah Carey’s Lollipop Bling, three fragrances that Elizabeth Arden based on candy flavors and that will appear in stores soon, is the product of a partnership with the Topps Company, which makes Ring Pops. Print advertisements for the perfume in August issues of publications like Cosmopolitan, Elle and People Style Watch will show Ms. Carey wearing three Ring Pops. The fragrances, named after Ms. Carey’s songs “Ribbon,” “Honey” and “Mine Again,” will be introduced by July 1 at department stores including Macy’s and Dillard’s, where with each purchase consumers will get a free Ring Pop. Early next year, before Valentine’s Day, when romantics flock to both the perfume and candy aisles, the fragrances will be available in mass retailers like Wal-Mart and in drug stores. There, stand-alone display racks will feature both the fragrances and Ring Pops, with the candies in a special “Bling Collection” three-pack that promotes the fragrances. Ms. Carey was not available for comment. A one-ounce bottle of the perfume will retail for $35, the 1.5-ounce candy three-pack will cost about $1.50.

UGH … as if the world needs more celebrity fragrances but … I have to say, the idea to team up with Topps to produce and sell this new line of sweet smelling perfumes is ingenuous! My guess is that only young girls will be wanting to smell like candy … but I have no doubt MC is gonna make loads of $$$ from this new product. After the jump, check out one other promo ad photo for Lolllipop BlingMore »

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Prince William Happily Blows His Vuvuzela


Those of you who are actively watching the 2010 World Cup soccer tournament currently taking place in South Africa should be well aware of the sometimes annoying other times festive sounding BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ that is emitted from the thousands of World Cup spectators blowing novelty horns called The Vuvuzela. Today we learn that even Prince William of Wales is a fan of The Vuvuzela … here are photos of Wills listening to and wrapping his lips around the hated/beloved Vuvuzela horn in Botswana this week:

Fans of the World Cup have been driven to despair by its irritating drone during every match. But Prince William yesterday gave the vuvuzela the royal seal of approval. He blew the notorious plastic horn during an official royal tour of southern Africa, and found himself outblasted by an 11-year-old. The prince was in northern Botswana for a football event with more than 250 schoolchildren, while his brother Harry travelled to neighbouring Lesotho where his own charity is based. William was presented with the green trumpet by primary schoolboy Rebaone Badubi, 11. But the prince asked the youngster, who barely topped 4ft, to have a go first. He then blew the vuvuzela himself, declaring his feeble parp ‘embarrassing’. The 27-year-old is apparently not as sensitive to the noise as thousands of British TV viewers, who have called for them to be banned. A royal aide said: ‘He has had a bit of a go with them already.’ British fans could soon be given respite from the trumpets, after it was revealed the BBC is considering offering an option to strip out crowd noise using the red button following hundreds of complaints about their 144-decibel noise. World Cup officials have ruled out a ban because they are ‘part of the culture of South Africa’, while the horns are being sold in British supermarkets at a rate of one every two seconds.

I, for one, do not hate the Vuvuzela … but, then again, I don’t watch enough World Cup soccer matches for the buzzzzzzing sound to have much of an impact on my life. An ardent NY Yankees fan brought a Vuvuzela to a recent baseball game in NYC … and was promptly booted from the stadium. Hmmm, I guess the horn just doesn’t translate well to the Western world. I have to say, I like seeing Prince Wills lookin’ all horny … it’s a good look for him, yes?


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‘People’ Magazine Picks The 50 Hottest Bodies Of 2010

Features Zac Efron's hot bod on the cover

People magazine has published its annual 50 Hottest Bodies issue and has made the very wise decision to feature the insanely hot bod of actor Zac Efron on the cover. As you may recall, a few days ago we got to see HOT photos of Zac lookin’ all shirtless and wet in Maui, HI. Here is our first look at this special double issue of People magazine along with some deets about what can be found inside:

‘PEOPLE’ celebrates the 50 Most Amazing Bodies with Zac Efron and Jennifer Love Hewitt leading the pack in this week’s special double issue featuring 28 pages of celebs, swimsuits, and diet secrets. High School Musical’s Zac Efron, 22, officially graduates (with honors!) to sex symbol status as “Best Chest,” along with Common, Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Phillippe, and Kellan Lutz rounding out PEOPLE’s list of hunks in trunks. Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt, 31, shows off her amazing bikini body in exclusive photos, and reveals the (real) skinny on how she went from “fat” to fabulous with her diet and exercise tricks. “I ordered a string bikini for the first time since I was 16,” the newly trim and toned Hewitt tells PEOPLE, “and I’m rocking it this year!” When asked if she ever contemplated plastic surgery, she admits, “I’ve definitely thought about it. My hips have always been big. I remember thinking at one point, ‘I know: I’ll get my hips lipo-ed off!’ You can’t – it’s bone. It doesn’t work that way. But everybody thinks about it. And anybody who says they don’t is lying.” Regarding how she feels about her body now, she says, “I’m starting to love it. Not in love yet, but I’m falling in love with my body.” PEOPLE’s Top 10 Body Moments of the Year include Jennifer Aniston’s Smart Water ad, the latest print campaign that left women thirsty to have the 41-year-old’s toned and taut figure; Taylor Lautner’s muscle makeover in the Twilight film series, where the 18-year-old shed his shirt to reveal his newly chiseled torso; and Heidi Montag’s extreme plastic surgery, where the 23-year-old Hills star underwent 10 procedures in one day that left her with DDD breasts, a new chin, and feeling “perfect.” In Perfect Pinups, four bathing beauties – Vanessa Minnillo, Gabrielle Union, Audrina Patridge, and Kendra Wilkinson – strip down to their swimsuits and spill their secrets. After giving birth to her son last December, “My curves shocked me big-time,” admits E! reality star Wilkinson, 25. “It was a whole other woman I was looking at in the mirror. I was used to being fit and skinny. I never had to lose weight until now.” LA-based actress Union, 37, tells PEOPLE she has no desire to be “a freak-show double zero.” Instead, the size 6 star does at least 30 minutes of cardio three times a week so her figure remains “fit – but with boobs and a butt!” She adds, “I’ve gotten to the point where I love the skin that I’m in.” From calorie counting to plastic surgery, five stars – Lisa Rinna, Nikki Blonsky, Garcelle Beauvais, Dayna Devon and Whitney Port – hold a Body Summit, where they sound off about what it really takes to look good in Hollywood. “After I had my twins, there’s a race to lose your baby weight,” Beauvais, 43, tells PEOPLE. “We’re putting too much pressure on losing the weight and fitting into skinny jeans.” And if she wasn’t in Hollywood, “I would be 7 lbs. heavier,” admits Devon, 40. Ballroom pros Cheryl Burke and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are featured in Dirty Dancing with the Stars, a unique photo spread where they recreate scenes from four iconic dance movies: “Dirty Dancing,” Footloose,” “Flashdance,” and Grease.” Finally, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino gives new meaning to Body Language when he demonstrates his signature six-pack abdominals-baring move to male residents of a retirement community in Miami, where Jersey Shore recently filmed. For more information and exclusive video from PEOPLE’s “Most Amazing Bodies” photo shoots, visit

I have to say … I honestly love this annual issue of People magazine cuz I totally see it for what it is … a reason gawk gratuitously at hot bodies … like Zac‘s. And so, just because I love y’all … check out one more photo of Zac Efron‘s hot bod as featured in the pages of People magazine, after the jump … More »

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Eminem Shows His Support For Marriage Equality

"I think if two people love each other, then what the hell?"

In a new interview with The New York Times, the oftentimes controversial Detroit rapper Eminem (nee Marshall Mathers) offers his support for same-sex marriage equality. Previously, Em has been accused (and rightly so) of championing homophobic language in his multi-platinum selling music but at 37, Eminem appears to be showing a more tolerant side of himself. Here are the relevant excerpts from his new interview with The New York Times:

Do you regret having written so many songs that refer to women as “bitches” and “hos” who exist solely for your pleasure?
Anything I’ve ever said, I certainly was feeling at the time. But I think I’ve calmed down a bit. My overall look on things is a lot more mature than it used to be.

You’ve been accused of writing gay-bashing lyrics in the past. Would you like to see gay marriage approved in Michigan, where you live?
I think if two people love each other, then what the hell? I think that everyone should have the chance to be equally miserable, if they want.

Is this the new, 37-year-old tolerant you?
It’s the new tolerant me!

While I wouldn’t necessarily call this a ringing endorsement, I think in his own way Eminem is honestly offering his support for marriage equality. There is no way in HELL I endorse the outrageously violent and hateful speech that he has profited off in the past but a part of me has always known that that controversial Slim Shady persona exists merely for show. Still, I was never on board with the “showy” sentiments of hate speech that he has promoted in the past. I do believe, tho, that someone like Eminem is capable of maturation and I take him at his word when he says, “What the hell?” Whether or not his fans will support him on this matter is beside the point … I am happy to champion this sort of speech and language from the notorious Eminem. What do y’all think of Eminem‘s comments in this interview?

Click HERE to read Eminem‘s full interview with The New York Times.


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‘The Smurfs’ Release A First Teaser Movie Trailer

"Prepare yourself ..."

Yesterday we got our first official look at the new CGI 3D version of the Smurfs as they will appear in next year’s big screen adaptation of the classic 2D 80′s cartoon The Smurfs … and today we get our first look at the just released teaser movie trailer for the film. This new teaser trailer doesn’t so very much of the actual film itself but it does give us a bit more of the Smurfs than we got to see in yesterday’s first promo image:

Click HERE to watch the trailer on You Tube. So … yeah … no. I realize I’m basing my early opinion on not much information but these movie studios release this sort of stuff way early so that audiences can decide if they want to see these films when they hit theaters. Sometimes the excitement is there early on, other times the excitement is not there. I am not excited. This CGI Smurfs movie looks like it will be way too much like the shitty Marmaduke movie that is in theaters right now. Thankfully, I was never a Marmaduke fan to begin with so I don’t care if the movie version sucks. I have a strong love for The Smurfs that I’ve had since I was a very young child. The little boy wearing a Pac-Man t-shirt and holding a PVC Smurfette toy with his cousins in this photo would love to see a Smurfs movie featuring the 2D characters …

… but he is SO not feeling the new GCI 3D Smurfs in this new movie. Meh, I suppose time will tell if my opinion will change … I’m just not really loving these new Smurfs at all right now. What do y’all think of this teaser trailer? Are you excited to see The Smurfs?


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