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Katherine Heigl Shows Off The Worst.Hair’do.Ever.


Pink reader Adriana gave me the head’s up of a batch of photos of actress Katherine Heigl at the London premiere of her new movie Killers where homegirl is rockin’ THE worst hair’do known to woman. Adriana thinks that Katherine here looks like Julia Roberts‘s character Shelby from the film Steel Magnolias, I think Katherine just looks plain scared … behold:

No, girl … just … no. I dunno why anyone would let her walk onto the red carpet in front of so many cameras with this terribly outdated look but … yeesh, it’s bad. What do y’all think … am I exaggerating or do you agree that this is the’do.ever?

[Photo credit: Wireimage, thanks Adriana]

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Kristin Cavallari Does ‘Dirrty Glam’ Magazine

The 'Dirrty' girl is planning to write a book

Kristin Cavallari, star of MTV‘s The Hills, is featured in the new issue of Dirrty Glam magazine lookin’ about as hawt as I’ve ever seen her look before. Here is our first look at photos from her latest magazine spread:

Throwing her head back in apparent ecstasy, it looks like Kristin Cavallari hasn’t a care in the world. The Hills star showed off her impressive figure in a shoot by photographer Elias Tahan for French fashion magazine Dirrty. But while she obviously enjoys her fame, Kristin is apparently tiring of her role on the fake reality TV show, rebelling against being asked to create ever more dramatic scenes. Recently she refused to follow directors orders to kiss a gay man at a bar, in order to provoke a fight with boyfriend Brody Jenner. ‘She totally lost it,’ a source told U.S. magazine Life & Style. ‘She screamed that she’s sick of being made to look like an idiot.’ The 23-year-old is already planning for life after she leaves the show, after making her first TV appearances in the original Laguna Beach when she was a junior in high school. She wants to out the people behind the show for trying to create fake drama for the cast. Internet rumours claim The Hill’s executives have been plying the cast with alcohol, paying them to spread gossip about each other and even encouraging them to make sex tapes to leak to the press. ‘Some producers are definitely manipulative and dishonest,’ cast member Alex Jervy Smith told Intouch magazine. And despite making a living from the show, Kristin plans to expose all the dirty secrets once the final episode has aired. ‘After The Hills I plan to work on many business opportunities,’ she said. ‘I have always wanted to write a tell all book.’ She will be following in the footsteps of her ex co-star Lauren Conrad who wrote LA Candy shortly after she quit. The novel is loosely based on her own life and hit the New York best-sellers list shortly after it was released.

You know what, Kristin rules! I’ve been a fan of hers for years, I’m still a big fan. The only reason I watch The Hills anymore is because she is the lead protagonist (and, well, because Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are no longer featured on the show). I love her … and I love this Dirrty Glam photospread. Check out a few more pics from this issue after the jump … More »

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Jennifer Lopez Wants You To ‘Be Extraordinary’

J. Lo teams up with the Boys and Girls Club of America

Jennifer Lopez, Ms. Jenny from the Block herself, was on hand to make an in-person appearance in Times Square, NY today to unveil her new billboard as part of the Be Extraordinary campaign for The Boys and Girls Club of America. Because J. Lo benefited from the Bronx chapter of The Boys and Girls Club when she was just a young’n, she was happy to be part of this new campaign … check it out:

Jennifer Lopez had some help getting into the entertainment industry. An alum of the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club in the Bronx, Lopez credits the club’s “K company” performing arts program with teaching her to sing and dance. “When I started going there, it was the first time I sang, danced and performed in front of an audience. I wanted to be there every day,” Lopez said Thursday at the Times Square unveiling of a Boys and Girls Club billboard featuring a throwback picture of her as a child. “They taught me how to be disciplined and be perseverant and to believe in my God-given talents. They encouraged me to be great in whatever I decided to do. And they taught me that I could do whatever I wanted.” Her billboard message says it all: “Be Extraordinary.” And, she told PEOPLE, she may even bring her twins back to the Boys and Girls Club in the Bronx. “I think it’s really, really important to work hard … Being able to accomplish something with dedication and hard work and commitment. That is something I would like them to learn as well,” she said. Lopez is among 25 celebrities, including Denzel Washington, Ashanti, and Mario Lopez, participating in the BGCA’s youth advocacy campaign. “When Denzel asked me to participate, I had to say yes. I am honored and delighted to be part of the campaign,” she said. “Please join us in helping all kids be great.”

OMG, how much do I LOVE this pic of J. Lo as a wee little girl. Wanna see it close-up? Check it out, along with a newer promo pic for the Boys and Girls Club, after the jump … More »

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Amber Benson Talks To

"I played a lesbian on the show and [my grandparents] had no clue"

The amazing actress/author Amber Benson sat down with the website AfterEllen to talk about playing a lesbian on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well as her love of acting in pretty much every project that comes her way. As a HUGE fan of Amber‘s work myself, I am happy to read and pass along any interview she participates in … read on: How much did you know about the character, Tara before you auditioned for the part on Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
Amber Benson: Nothing. I knew absolutely nothing. Tara was just supposed to be a friend to Alyson Hannigan’s character, Willow, and it was only going to be, like, two episodes. And then it sort of spiraled into this whole other thing. Everyone else seemed to know it was going to become a lesbian relationship but I didn’t. I was totally oblivious and so was Alyson. It wasn’t until everyone on the crew was like, “You guys have a lot of chemistry” that we were like, “What do you mean ‘a lot of chemistry’?” And then Joss [Whedon] took us aside and said, “By the way, you guys are going to be lady friends now,” and we were like “OK,” but it was not expected. We were not told anything in any way shape or form beforehand, so it kind of came out of left field a little bit.

AE: When you got the role on Buffy and they decided that you were going to have a lesbian relationship, how did your parents react?
AB: Well, my parents are very liberal — more power to ya, you know? My grandparents back in Alabama did not know because they were very religious. So, just the fact that I was on some show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer was way more information then they needed.

AE: They never knew? They still don’t know?
AB: No, no — I played a lesbian on the show and they had no clue. You know, you can’t change people. They are what they are, especially older, very religious people. They are great people — salt of the earth, would give you the shirt off their back, but to them it’s a big deal. We just kept that to ourselves. You know, “Amber plays a witch on TV? Oh no, it’s the end of the world.” Add lesbian witch to that scenario and it would’ve probably given them a heart attack.We were done at “witch.”

AE: There was an interview with you back in 2007 on in which you said Tara opened some doors for you and closed other doors. What exactly did you mean by that? What were those doors? Do you still feel like there are certain doors closed to you?
AB: I think it’s better now. That was the beginning of having lesbian relationships on television. Before us, Ellen had a kiss on The Ellen Show, which my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama did not air. They were one of the only places that did not air it, but it was long after I’d moved away.

AE: How did you feel about that?
AB: Well, you know, it’s the South. It’s just a different mindset. And that’s part of why I live in California now. I want to live in a place where it’s OK to be who you are. I can’t imagine being a gay person and living in the South right now or the Midwest, even. It’s really tough, you know.

AE: Did you know, when you were doing it that you were doing something important?
AB: Yes, absolutely. I felt like we were presenting this relationship on TV and we were saying it’s OK to be gay. We were saying that this was a viable relationship, that these people love each other and it doesn’t matter that they happen to be two women. They get along, they are respectful of each other — heck, they basically raised Buffy’s sister, Dawn, on the show. So I felt like we were sort of breaking through the glass ceiling.

I just love Amber so much, she is too awesome for words. You’re gonna hafta head over to AfterEllen HERE to read the rest of her interview. At the site you’ll also find a bunch of amazing photos of Amber lookin’ hawt as all heck! She is one of my fave people in the world, you’ve gotta read her interview :D


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Jay-Z Does ‘Rolling Stone’ Magazine

"[Beyoncé]'s a magnificent A&R ... So I defer to her on those sort of questions."

Jay-Z, arguably the biggest rapper in the world right now, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Jay talks about how he became the biggest rapper in the game and also shares a tiny bit of his personal life with his wife Beyoncé. Here is the Jigga‘s RS coverphoto and a sneak peek at his coverstory interview:

He’s had more Number One albums than Elvis Presley. He hangs with Barack Obama at the White House. And he’s riding high after leaving his longtime label Def Jam to work a $150 million deal with Live Nation, delivering some of his best live performances ever. At the age of 40, Jay-Z qualifies as an elder statesman of hip-hop, a fact that’s more remarkable considering other rap peers have hung up the mike to pursue careers in Hollywood. So how does he run the game? In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, contributing editor Mark Binelli goes one-on-one with the New York legend, watching Jay-Z try on a new suit in his sprawling Manhattan office and tagging along to the Four Seasons, where the rapper goofs by mispronouncing actor Kelsey Grammer’s name at a watch auction (after calling the Frasier star “Chelsea,” he asks Binelli how to spell “faux pas”). It seems the man who made his name rhyming about hustling and hos in Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects is actually more comfortable around an unlikely new crowd: indie rockers. “I love the energy coming out indie rock right now,” he says, name-checking Grizzly Bear. “It has this rebellion thing that hip-hop is missing now, the thing that made hip-hop hip-hop.”

“Sometimes on creative stuff, one of us will ask, ‘Do you think this is cool?’ ” the rapper, 40, tells Rolling Stone, which for its latest issue features the publication’s first ever peel-off cover. “She’s a magnificent A&R, if she ever decides to do that, for things like pitch. So I defer to her on those sort of questions.” But while he might occasionally depend on his wife of two years for input in his work, Jay-Z says the two tend to “pretty much stay out of each other’s business.” Case in point: The hip-hop star, 40, raves about Beyoncé’s appearance in Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” music video but says that was a decision she made on her own – and he never advised her on whether or not she should participate in it …One thing the couple does agree on: Their love of music, specifically watching other artists perform and getting to experience the same thrill their fans enjoy when they’re on stage.

Stars don’t get much bigger than Jay-Z, he is SO the man. Couple with wifey Beyoncé, they are truly the first family of music. After the jump, check out the alternate Jay-Z coverphoto for this issue of Rolling Stone magazine … More »

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Ollie Rulz!

The TV Guide

Last night David and I met up with our good friends Ollie and Caleb to celebrate Ollie’s birthday at dinner downtown at Bottega Louie. It was our first visit to the eatery and we were really impressed … the food, the drink, the desserts … all amazing! Here is a cute tiny Polaroid photo of me with the beautiful birthday girl and a Polaroid of Ols, Caleb and David posing with their delish macaroons:

While we were eating, I noticed a woman waving at me asking me from across the room for a photo … it took me a couple of seconds until I realized that it was the Countess LuAnn de Lesseps from The Real Housewives of NYC. Naturally, I ran over to snap the pic — check it out, after the jump … More »

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Les News, 061010

Heigl wants to adopt again, Drake was used by Rihanna, Russel Crowe lives

First Look: ‘Tangled’, Disney’s Version Of ‘Rapunzel’

Disney's 50th animated feature film

Back in March we learned that Disney decided to change the title of its 50th animated feature film based on the classic story of Rapunzel to the more “boy-friendly” title Tangled. As you may recall, Disney thinks their animated films will have a better chance at box office success if they cater more to boys than to girls … hence, Tangled will be a more swash-buckling story rather than the usually romantic Rapunzel story. Today we get our first look at Tangled as a new promo video makes its way to the Internets:

Here is your first sneak peek at the trailer for Disney’s upcoming animated feature “Tangled”. A comedy/adventure/romance based on the story of Rapunzel, the girl with the 50 foot long hair. The full trailer will premiere on The Disney Channel this sunday at 8! After that it will also become available on facebook on monday, as was announced by Disney in several facebook groups. Originally titled Rapunzel, Disney Animation’s “Tangled” marks the studio’s 50th full-length animated feature. Directed by Byron Howard (Bolt) and Nathan Greno, the film centers on bandit Flynn Rider (voice of Zachary Levi) who hides out in a mysterious tower only to be taken hostage by Rapunzel (voice of Mandy Moore), a beautiful and feisty tower-bound teen with 70 feet of magical, golden hair. Flynn’s curious captor, who’s looking for her ticket out of the tower where she’s been locked away for years, strikes a deal with the handsome thief and the unlikely duo sets off on an action-packed escapade, complete with a super-cop horse, an over-protective chameleon and a gruff gang of pub thugs. Along with Levi and Moore, the film features the voices of Donna Murphy, Ron Perlman, M.C. Gainey, Jeffrey Tambor, Brad Garrett and Paul F. Tompkins and is set for a November 12 limited release (expanding nationwide on Nov. 24).

While I personally still think it’s silly for Disney to think catering to boys will bring more box office bucks, I’m glad they are moving forward with the release of this 50th animated film. I’m certain boys and girls will want to see any animated movie released by Disney … and I’d be willing to wager that girls will still be more interested in seeing Tangled than boys, even if it has a more swash-buckling tone. After all, little girls can be swash-buckling adventurers, too … just ask Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt.


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School’s Out For Sean Preston & Jayden James

Still stylin'

Late last month we saw photos of Britney Spears‘s young sons Sean Preston and Jayden James lookin’ like mini-style mavens as they got picked up from preschool … and today we get to see a few more pics of the stylish little dudes gettin’ picked up again:

As you can see, Summer is in full swing here in SoCal and Sean P. and JJ are dressed perfectly for the warm weather. I can’t even stand how CUTE these little guys are. They are going into such adorable little kids … aren’t they just the cutest?

[Photo credit: X17]

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Plans Are In The Works To Bring ‘The Flash’ To The Big Screen

Also, 'Green Lantern 2' is already in the works

As many of you are aware, Green Lantern — the big screen adaptation of the DC Comics comic book series — is currently being produced as a major motion picture film set for release next year. Hoping to capitalize on Green Lantern‘s success at the movies, Warner Bros. has decided to move forward with plans to bring The Flash, another DC Comics superhero, to the big screen. And get this … they are also already working on the sequel to Green Lantern while the first film is still being produced!

“Green Lantern” is a year away from release, but Warner Bros. already is starting development on a sequel. The studio has hired Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim, all of whom worked on the “Lantern” screenplay, to write a treatment for the second installment. The trio has also been tapped to pen the treatment for the silver-screen incarnation of “The Flash.” Under the deal, they would then go on to write the screenplay for one of the two projects, though which one has not been determined. “Lantern” is shooting in New Orleans under the direction of Martin Campbell with Ryan Reynolds starring as the emerald ring-wielding DC Comics superhero who is part of an intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps. Development on a second installment this far out from a movie’s release date is rare, signaling the studio’s confidence in what it sees so far. It also appears to be the first moves the studio is making under its newly configured relationship with DC … With new Batman and Superman films in the writing stages and “Lantern” filming, the team thought “Flash” was the next logical hero to tackle. Development on a feature version of the scarlet speedster has gone through several false starts over the years, but the character is close to Johns’ heart. The writer recently brought back to prominence one version of the character not seen since the mid-1980s and is working on a relaunch of the series. The “Flash” film will take inspiration from Johns’ recent work and will feature the Barry Allen incarnation of the character. (In comics lore, several names have wielded the Flash mantle, though Allen, created in 1956, remains by far the most popular.) Berlanti, creator of “Everwood,” recently directed the feature “Life as We Know it,” starring Katherine Heigl, and is an exec producer on ABC’s “Brothers and Sisters.” He co-created “Eli Stone” with Guggenheim, who is exec producing ABC’s upcoming superhero drama “No Ordinary Family.” Berlanti co-created “Family,” which stars Michael Chiklis. Green worked with Berlanti on “Everwood” and created NBC’s “Kings.”

Dang!! I mean … the news about The Flash isn’t all that surprsing … I think we can expect that many more DC Comics superheros will be brought to the big screen (I understand that Jennifer Love Hewitt is desperate to star in a Wonder Woman movie). I am pretty surprised that Green Lantern 2 is already being worked on … that being said, I have no doubt that the first Green Lantern film (due out next year) will be a big enough hit to warrant the production of a sequel. We’ve got lots of superhero movies coming our way … as much as I would LOVE all of them to be awesome, I fear that that may not be the case. I love these characters so much, I want their movies to be awesome. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. What do y’all think … excited for a Flash movie? Do you think it’s too soon to be working on Green Lantern 2 when Green Lantern hasn’t even been completed yet?


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Heidi Klum Does German ‘GQ’ Magazine . . . Again

'Aber Heidi!'

Heidi Klum, who appeared all nekkid on the cover of German GQ magazine back in early 2009, is featured — not entirely nekkid — on the cover and in the pages of the latest issue of German GQ. Here is her new GQ coverphoto:

As you may recall, Heidi (who just celebrated her 37th birthday at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA with her family) first showed off this shorter new hair’do back in April … so it looks like she thought it wise to pose as nekkid as possible to draw attention away from her new ‘do. After the jump, check out a few photos from Heidi‘s sexy new GQ photospread … More »

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Christoph Waltz Joins Robert Pattinson On The Set Of ‘Water For Elephants’

Just like a circus

Last month we saw photos of Robert Pattinson and his co-star Reese Witherspoon on the SoCal set of their new film Water for Elephants and today we get to see a few more photos from the set of the film … but in these photos, R. Pattz is shooting scenes with a different co-star — Academy Award winning actor Christoph Waltz:

Considering how deliciously evil Waltz performed in his film Inglorious Basterds, I have the sneaking suspicion that he will play just as vile a character in Water for Elephants. I was so taken by Waltz‘s performance in Basterds that I truly loathed the man with every fiber of my being … that is how amazing an actor he is. Now that I know that Christoph Waltz will appear in Water for Elephants, my interest level in the film has gone up significantly. Have any of y’all read the book Water for Elephants which this film is based on? Does Waltz‘s casting make you want to see this film?

[Photo credit: X17]

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Ricky Martin & Twins Do ‘People En Español’ Magazine . . . Again

Covers the Father's Day Issue, Confirms that he is in a relationship

Ricky Martin (who came out of the closet as a gay man back in March) and his twin sons Matteo and Valentino (who were born via surrogate back in August of 2008) are featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of People En Español magazine. As you may recall, Ricky and his boys were featured on the cover of People En Español back in December of 2008 but this latest appearance in the mag is significant because it is the Father’s Day Issue. The coverstory article talks about Ricky as a father and reveals that he is happily attached to a Puerto Rican man:

The Father’s Day issue of People en Español features Ricky Martin and his two sons on the cover. The popular magazine is read by more than 6 million people internationally. The issue includes interviews with several people who are close to Martin and who share intimate details about his romantic and family life. Among those interviewed is Martin’s brother Eric Martin, who tells People en Español: “My nephews have the best father.” He adds, “The whole family loves him very much and we support him in everything. If he’s happy, we are too.” The magazine confirms that Martin has been in a relationship with his partner, a friend from childhood in Puerto Rico, for over a year. “Who better than Ricky Martin to grace the cover of the People en Español issue dedicated to Father’s Day? Ricky is an artist in every sense of the word,” editor Armando Correa told GLAAD. “It’s great that we now know his sexual orientation. But more important is who he is as a human being, a philanthropist, a man adored by millions of fans and even more important still, that he’s a great father.” The issue features other Latin American celebrity parents, and is now on newsstands.

Two months after coming out gay, Ricky Martin is speaking up about his boyfriend. In a cover story for the Father’s Day issue of People en Espanol, Martin talks about his twin sons, Valentino and Matteo, and the man he’s sharing his life with … Ricky Martin says he’s involved with a Puerto Rican man. He told People that his love is a childhood friend. The pair lost touch but became reacquainted over a year ago in Miami. The investment analyst also helps with raising the children. “I found strength as a couple and having a family is what was missing,” Martin said. Matteo and Valentino, who’ll turn 2 in August, are the center of his life, the 38-year-old dad says: “I feel comfortable taking care of them. There is a paternal instinct that is beautiful” … The entertainer, who had previously denied his sexual orientation, said writing his memoir had prompted him to come out of the closet: “Writing this account of my life, I got very close to my truth. And this is something worth celebrating.”

This is FANTASTIC! I have to commend People En Español for deciding to put gay dad Ricky Martin on the cover of their Father’s Day Issue particularly because homosexuality is not widely accepted in the Latino community … so the magazine is making an important statement by giving Ricky and his sons the cover. I am just elated that Ricky finally found the courage to come out because he can truly inspire Latino gay youths to follow his example. I’m also very happy to know that Ricky is happily attached to a partner … he’s too hot a man to be rollin’ single ;)

OH and remember that photo we saw of Ricky Martin in NYC last month? It turns out that he has just signed on to play the role of Che Guevara in the Broadway revival of Evita! Evita is one of my fave musicals, I think he’ll be amazing as Che. It really sounds like Ricky Martin is in a good, happy place right now … I couldn’t be more thrilled for him. Happy early Father’s Day, Ricky!!

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The Go-Go’s Cancel Comeback Tour


I’ve got very bummer news to pass along to fans of The Go-Go’s (like me) who were very much looking forward to seeing them on tour this summer on their Happily Ever After Farewell Tour which was announced back in March … the band has issued a statement announcing that the entire tour has been canceled due to injury. Here is the full text of the band’s official cancellation statement:

“It is with great regret that the Go-Go’s announce today the cancelation of Happily Ever After, their summer farewell tour. The tour was scheduled to kick off July 7 at Lilith Fair San Diego, and conclude in Austin, TX on July 27. The band will also be unable to perform live on Good Morning America, scheduled for July 16 in New York’s Central Park. The news comes as a result of guitarist Jane Wiedlin injuring herself after a 20-foot fall while hiking near her home in Northern California a couple of weeks ago. Jane is scheduled for ACL replacement surgery for her knee in the coming weeks, with a prognosis of up to a year recovery time. The band is heartbroken and hopes their fans will send best wishes for Jane’s speedy recovery. In the meantime, tickets can be refunded at point of purchase”.

I am SOOOOOO bummed! I managed to get kickass seats to see The Go-Go’s perform in concert here in LA next month and was really excited to see them all together because I’ve never seen The Go-Go’s in concert. This is just heartbreaking news. I hope Jane is able to recover from her injury, ACL surgery is very serious business. The way that this statement from the band is worded, it seems unlikely that the tour will be rescheduled. Maybe the band will give it one more try next year? It’s impossible to know right now. All we do know is that no one will be seeing The Go-Go’s on tour this Summer … which totally sucks ;(


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