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Watch: The First 13 Minutes Of ‘Jersey Shore’ Season 2

"I need to get ma ass to Miami"

Just a few weeks ago we learned that production on the second season of Jersey Shore wrapped in Miami Beach, FL and today we get to see the first 13 minutes of the upcoming second season of the show. Yes, believe it or not, the folks at MTV have managed to piece together the first footage to be seen from Jersey Shore season 2 which was filmed in Miami Beach … check it out right here:

The biggest shock for me from watching this footage was hearing Nicole Snooki Polizzi pontificate on political matters like taxes on tanning. I mean … yeah. Didn’t get enough GTL goodness from the first season of Jersey Shore? Well, worry not … as you can see from this footage, there’s gonna be a whole lotta the same stuff we saw last season in the upcoming new season. Jersey Shore season 2 premieres on July 29, who’s excited … and don’t lie!


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‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Releases A Final Batch Of Movie Stills

Vamps! Wolves! Teen Angst!

We are just about 3 weeks away from the release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and in celebration a new batch of movie stills have been released to the Internets. I believe this is the last batch of promo photos that we will get to see from Eclipse before the film opens on June 30 … so you better enjoy them!

Yes, y’all … the gang’s all here … including that sexy bunch of shirtless werewolf boys. But what? What’s that you say? You want to see MORE promo photos from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse? Well, fine — check ‘em out, after the jump … More »

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‘Showgirls: Exposed’ Releases A Second Movie Trailer

Not to be confused with 'Showgirl', the other planned 'Showgirls' sequel film

Remember back in February we learned that director Marc Vorlander was planning to release a sequel to the 1995 NC-17 rated box-office-bomb-turned-cult-classic film Showgirls entitled Showgirls: Exposed? You may recall that we got to see a very confusing, partially NSFW trailer for Showgirls 2 … and then just a few days later we got to see another trailer for another planned sequel to Showgirls entitled Showgirl which stars original Showgirls actress Rena Riffel. Yes, it’s all confusing, I know. Well, today we get to see a second NSFW trailer for Vorlander‘s Showgirls 2 … which, I’m sorry to say, is even worse than the first trailer we saw:

For as long as I can recall, the world has been clamoring for a sequel to Paul Verhoeven’s 1995 lap-dancing epic, Showgirls. It’s been fifteen long years, but filmmaker Marc Vorlander is ready to make our dreams a reality with his newest project, Showgirls: Exposed, and we’ve got the four minute promo clip to prove it. Hopefully you have some eye rinse handy, because you’re gonna need it after watching this thing. Trying to catalogue all of the Boll-esque hilarity contained in this trailer would be impossible. Do you talk about the wonky title cards? What exactly is a “photoplay” and who thought “Disturbing. Provoking. Completely Shaved.” was a good tagline? Do you focus on the cheesy song that plays over the whole thing or the hilariously awful CGI gunshot to the head effect? The options are endless … We don’t learn much about Showgirls: Exposed’s story from the preview, but you have to wonder if it even matters. For a teaser filled with naked women dancing and grinding on each other, it may be the most un-erotic thing I’ve ever seen — and yet, I feel almost compelled to seek out the full version when it releases sometime “soon.” Well played, Marc Vorlander, well played.

No, I’m sorry … this movie looks like complete and utter crap. As much as I’d love to see a sequel to Showgirls, which has just been re-released in celebration of its 15th anniversary, I really DO NOT want to watch this garbage. I’m much more interested in seeing Rena Riffel‘s sequel Showgirl instead. This movie just looks beyond bad … like, for serious. What do y’all think … would YOU see this movie?


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Prince William Plays Polo For Charity

Light on top

Last month we learned the sad news that Princes William and Harry of Wales lost a beloved pony after it suffered a fatal heart attack during a polo match … but this weekend, Wills was back up on another horse as he participated in another polo match to raise funds for his favorite charities. Here are photos of Prince Wills (who really seems to be thinning out a lot on top) at this weekend’s polo match:

The prince, a keen player, helped his team Umbogo beat Cirencester Park four to three-and-half. Several hundred spectators watched the Prince, 27, play an “excellent” game at the Cirencester Park polo club, Glos., on Sunday. Organisers said the teams helped raise an undisclosed amount of money for two of his charities, Centrepoint and Mountain Rescue, which he is patrons of. “He did very well,” the game’s umpire Jason Dixon, the former England polo captain told The Daily Telegraph. “He was very reliable, very effective and very accurate. I believe he enjoyed it. He won it and it was a very fast and fair game. “We only blew the whistle four times, which is incredible.” Organisers said Kate Middleton, his 28 year-old girlfriend, did not attend the game after speculation the pair would announce their engagement last week fizzled. Prince William was earlier photographed arriving at the game wearing his spectacles while driving his Audi A5. The game comes after Prince Harry’s favourite pony, Drizzle, last month collapsed and died of a heart attack after he had been riding the animal at a charity polo match at Coworth Park in Ascot, Berkshire. The prince was said to be “very upset” at the death of the 10-year-old brown and white mare that was also ridden by Prince William and the Prince of Wales. Drizzle was one of a number of polo ponies stabled close to the Prince of Wales’s Highgrove estate near Tetbury in Glos.

Well, it’s a good sign that Wills isn’t letting the sad death of his horse deter him from playing one of his favorite sports. The fact that he participated and helped raise so much money for his fave charities makes this story all the sweeter. I just love it when the rich and famous do whatever they can to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate, don’t you?

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

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Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM Bracelet Goes Off During An Afterparty

She's got some 'splainin' to do

Uh oh … it looks like all that good behavior that Lindsay Lohan has been exhibiting since she was forced to wear a court-ordered SCRAM alcohol-monitoring bracelet a couple of weeks ago might all be for naught. As you may recall, Lindsay made an appearance at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night … but she also made a few appearances at a few afterparties later Sunday night/early Monday morning. It was during one of those afterparties that Lindsay‘s SCRAM bracelet was mysteriously triggered … and now she’ll have to explain why to the judge overseeing her probation case:

Lindsay Lohan has some explaining to do. Her court-ordered alcohol-monitoring bracelet, called a SCRAM device, was trigged Sunday evening during an MTV Music Awards afterparty, according to a source close to the case. It remains unclear whether alcohol was detected in her system or if the device was tampered with. Either one would alert authorities. Lohan, 23, could face jail time if the judge in her case rules that the actress violated the conditions of her bail – which include abstaining from alcohol and submitting to random drug testing. Judge Marsha Revel is expected to receive the SCRAM report soon, the source says, and could order Lohan in for an immediate bail revocation hearing. Lohan’s attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, wasn’t immediately available for comment. The SCRAM checks for traces of alcohol in the wearer’s perspiration. The device must be worn at all times.

Ah but the very clever L. Lo immediately posted messages on her official Twitter profile hoping to deflect attention from the flashing SCRAM bracelet on her ankle. THIS is how she explained the lights flashing on her SCRAM bracelet on Twitter yesterday:

Haha! Last night-My friend Johnny put a light up bracelet on my boots and someone asked me if my SCRAM was lighting up RED…. / Well it was a light up bracelet from the bathroom-regardless..paparazzi now see through black suede fringe Christian Louboutin boots? Wow!

Niiiiiiice try, Linds. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the judge has to say about her convenient little explanation. You know, I was starting to actually be proud of Lindsay and her good behavior … but it’s startin’ to look like she may have fallen off the wagon. What do y’all think … did Lindsay really get busted by her SCRAM bracelet or do you think this is merely a mistake?

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

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Happy 33rd Birthday, Adriana

The TV Guide

Birthday lurve goes out to my dear friend Adriana who is today celebrating the big 3-3!

David and I will be happily joining her in celebration tonight for a late dinner with friends … because it’s been far too long since we’ve seen her, we are both very excited for tonight. I hope you will do me a huge favor and send all your Birthday Lurve to Adriana today … I mean, if Justin Bieber can wish her a Happy Birthday

Can’t you?


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Heidi files for separation, Oprah's lookin' for the next Oprah, 'Glee' finales tonight

‘Make Me A Supermodel’s Ronnie Kroell Does ‘Playgirl’ Magazine

Who's in the mood for a little P33N?

Back in March we learned that Ronnie Kroell from season 1 of Bravo TV‘s Make Me a Supermodel (a show that many of you very likely did not watch) posed for Playgirl magazine, ready to show the world what his mama gave him. Kroell‘s Playgirl shoot was getting some buzz because it was reported that he would be “erect” in the photospread (hey, I’m only passing along the info here). In fact, Playgirl hadn’t enjoyed as much attention for one of their photospreads since Levi Johnston appeared disappointingly P33Nless within their publication back in November and then again this past February. As you might expect, Ronnie‘s totally nekkid photos have made their way to the Internets for our viewing pleasure:

Now, of course, you’re going to have to pick up a print copy of Playgirl magazine (on newsstands now) to see this first batch of nekkid photos of Ronnie Kroell and find out the hard truth about whether or not he is featured as was promised but a subscription to will not only get you this first batch of photos but also the promise of MORE nudie pics in the weeks to come. After the jump, check out a sneak peek of what Ronnie looks like in his new issue of Playgirl magazine … More »

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Jennifer Lopez Releases Her 16th Celebrity Fragrance

'Love and Glamour' promises Lights, Camera, Passion!

The ceaseless onslaught of celebrity fragrances continues to plague us as we learn that Jennifer Lopez is ready to release her 16th (!!!) celebrity fragrance onto the already over-saturated market. J. Lo‘s latest offering will be called Love and Glamour … here is the first promo photo for the smell:

Lights, Camera, Passion! Jennifer Lopez dominates the fragrance counter once again as she releases her 16th fragrance this Fall 2010 aimed toward vintage Hollywood glamour. Designed to be “a modern expression of femininity,” JLo introduces Love and Glamour perfume for women! This careful blend of fruit and exotic blossoms address red carpet allure as it blends decadently with sensual musk. Having one of the highest selling celebrity fragrance lines, her fragrances are staged to sell for a whopping $150 million this year alone. Lopez says, “I am very competitive, but I don’t look at it [as a competition]. I’ve always thought that authenticity, at the end of the day, wins, and the cream always rises to the top. I really don’t worry about other people, because I’m in competition with myself.” She added, “I feel like a lot of people get into it just for money — it’s like, ‘Here, I can create another business.’ For me, whenever I get involved with something, I get really involved. Every business that I do get involved with is something that is super close to my heart.” Love and Glamours sexy top notes begin with delicious Italian mandarin, guava and nectarine pulp that fall into a breathtaking heart of water lily, coconut orchid, jasmine petals and orange flower absolute. Its dry down entails sandalwood, amber and sensual musk which exhibit a traditional smell, one that captures the invigorating heart of Jennifer Lopez herself. “I drive [Coty] a little bit crazy because it’s always not signature enough,” says the actress/singer. “I go back and say things like, ‘Can we push the sandalwood a little bit more, can we make a tiny bit more sexy?’ To translate that into actual chemistry is a difficult thing. Then they go back and say, ‘What does she mean by sexy?’ And I’m like, ‘You know if you [take] that little piece that smells a little bit like wood but has a little bit of musk? But I just want you to add a little bit of sweetness. Can you do that for me?’ And then I think we are in the right direction. And then they come with one or two variations and I say, ‘No, that’s not it.’ It’s a long process.”

Top: Italian Mandarin, Guava, Nectarine Pulp
Middle: Jasmine Petals, Water Lily, Coconut Orchid, Orange Flower Absolute
Bottom: Sandalwood, Amber, Musk

JLo’s Love and Glamour will be available this Fall in a lovely eau de parfum spray. It’s bottle design represents “a woman in an evening gown attending a glamorous red carpet event.” Jennifer Lopez is, and always has been, the advertising face for her own campaigns. This time, she’s all dolled up, displaying the rare golden age of 1940′s Hollywood glamour. The Jennifer Lopez complete fragrance collection includes Glow, Glow After Dark, Blue Glow, Glow Sunkissed, Deseo for men and women, Deseo Forever, Live, Live Luxe, Live Platinum, Love at First Glow, Miami Glow, My Glow, and Still.

Damn … 16 smells. I thought Paris Hilton was bad with her 10 fragrances but … yeah, J. Lo takes the cake. I can’t really speak to how any of J. Lo‘s many odors smell but she must be doing something right if she’s up to #16. Does Love and Glamour sound like something YOU’D like to smell like?


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Revealed: The Reported Logo For ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’

The real deal?

Last Friday we got our first look at the title logo that will reportedly be used in next year’s Marvel Comics film Thor and on Sunday we got our first look at the official title logo for next year’s DC Comics film Green Lantern. Today we get to see the title logo that is purported to be used in next year’s other Marvel Comics film Captain America: The First Avenger:

The Captain America movie officially begins filming this month in London, England and Manhattan Beach, CA, with an already confirmed cast of Chris Evans (Steve Rogers/Captain America), Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes), Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter), Hugo Weaving (Johann Schmidt/Red Skull) and Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury). Today, courtesy of another reliable source that goes by the name RealIrOnMaN, we have what may possibly be the official logo for the film, which is slated to hit theaters July 22nd, 2011. As opposed to the tentative THOR movie logo … there isn’t anything stellar about this teaser as it fits the Captain America theme fans expect.

While I must admit this title logo isn’t early as interesting or exciting as the official concept art that we saw last week of the new Captain America costume, I am posting it here for the sake of completion. I’m pretty surprised by how much information we are seeing from Thor, Green Lantern and Captain America so far in advance of their releases in theaters next year. I suppose with San Diego Comic Con just over a month away, the movie studios have to come up with exciting stuff to share with eager fans to ensure their loyalty to these movies that haven’t even been filmed yet. I, for one, am not complaining at all … I love all of these characters and I cannot wait to see them come to life on the big screen. I am happy to pass along any tiny bit of new info that comes along. I’m telling you, the year is going to fly by … it will not be long at all before we will actually be able to see these films in theaters.


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