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‘Scream 4’ Is Rumored To Undergo A Killer Mask Upgrade

Will the iconic mask be revamped?

The Scream movie franchise managed to take a $4.99 Halloween mask (which I know was the cost of the thing cuz I had a hard time selling them at Halloween when I worked at Rite Aid Pharmacy back home in Michigan in the years before Scream came out) and turn it into an iconic piece of pop culture lore. According to new rumors going around based on Twitter chatter, it’s possible that Scream 4 will either change the killer mask used in the film or will introduce a second mask into the fray … read on:

It seems that “Scream 4″ will not only see new faces but also new mask. Fan site Scream-Trilogy has found tweets from RJ Torbert of Funworld, the manufacturer of the Ghostface halloween mask featured in “Scream” trilogy, who revealed that two different masks will be used in the upcoming film. “I expect there to be 2 diff masks, however I will say this, things changing very often – difficult to say without giving it away,” so RJ wrote on his Twitter as quoted by Scream-Trilogy, before adding “Sent out additional GHOSTFACE to the SET today, a very interesting opening scene.” Giving another info, RJ wrote, “Lets just say, the town of Woodsboro, has an obsession. There is your hint.” “Scream 4″ has just kicked off production this June in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Wes Craven who directed the previous three “Scream” films returns for the same duty, with Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette reprising their roles as Sidney Prescott, Gale and Dewey respectively. Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere, meanwhile, are among young stars added to the cast ensemble of the thriller, which is slated to come out on April 15, 2011 in the U.S.

As you may recall, we got our first look at Neve Campbell on the Michigan set of Scream 4 earlier this week when the movie officially began filming production … and now we are hearing that basic parts of the franchise we all know and love may be tweaked a bit. I trust Wes Craven knows what he is doing … I trust these changes will work well in Scream 4. Ugh, I’m just dying to see how it all works out in the end. We’ve got a looooong as time to wait before August 15, 2011 arrives.


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The ‘Material Girl’ Clothing Line Releases A First Commercial

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Madonna world

First we saw the sketches, then we saw the first promo ad, then we saw Lourdes Maria modeling the clothes and today we get to see the first TV commercial for Madonna‘s new juniors clothing line called Material Girl. But, before we check out the commercial, let’s check out a few photos of her Madgesty herself overlooking the design process for Material Girl:

International Icon and world renowned Material Girl Madonna has teamed up with her daughter Lola to create a new fast-fashion junior collection “Material Girl” which is exclusively available at Macy’s just in time for back-to-school season and will be in-store on August 3rd. Madonna commented, “Lola’s influences, you know, watching films, watching music videos – she pays attention to what’s going on in the street and what people are wearing, and she’s much more fashion forward and savvy than I am at this point!” A teaser ad campaign will break on June 29, 2010 and will offer a hint of the celebrity muse for the launch of “Material Girl.” Madonna and Lola picked the muse who will appear in the multi-platform marketing campaign launching the first week of August, Material Girl mixes hard and soft elements, like a tutu dress and studded combat boots, or an oversized boyfriend sweatshirt with a floral print mini skirt. Inspired and designed by the duo, “Material Girl” will also launch in multiple categories including footwear, handbags and jewelry and will be available exclusively in approximately 200 Macy’s stores and online at “We mix and match textures and fabrics and elements that are both masculine and feminine. It’s not complicated. It’s dressing in layers. It’s not looking like you took too much time thinking about what you’re wearing,” says Madonna. Visit or the “Material Girl” Facebook and Twitter pages to see more exciting imagery and behind the scenes videos featuring our Material Girl, along with Lola’s blog on what’s hot in fashion and a sweepstakes for a chance to meet Madonna at Macy’s Herald Square in September.

After the jump, check out the first video commercial for Material GirlMore »

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Lindsay Lohan SCRAMs With A New Friend

Just another day

Here are a few photos of Miss Lindsay Lohan making a late night run to Rite Aid Pharmacy this week with court-ordered SCRAM alcohol-monitoring bracelet and new BFF named Jenni Dawn Muro attached. No matter what sort of woes Lindsay must endure, she always seems to find new friends to keep her company on her merry way:

Incidentally, Lindsay appeared on the Bravo TV show Double Exposure last night and as much as she looked like a bit of a wrecked mess, she was the most interesting thing about that dreadful show. Sure, she didn’t come off looking too great but I’ve seen her look worse and I honestly found her entertaining. While the thought of her mother getting a new reality TV show deal nauseates me, I think I might be tempted to tune in if Lindsay appears on the show. I know … I hate myself for it but … I can’t help it.

[Photo credit: X17]

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Jake Shears Does ‘The Advocate’ Magazine


Jake Shears, front man for Scissor Sisters who has recently graced the covers of Têtu and Attitude magazines and bared more than his soul for, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the upcoming issue of The Advocate magazine. Here is our first look at Jake‘s Advocate cover:

The Scissor Sisters are back with their first album in four years, Night Work,and lead singer Jake Shears has never looked better. Check out a few of his pictures from his photo shoot for the August issue of The Advocate. Come back to July 12 for more photos and the complete issue.

Scissor Sisters released their new album Nightwork yesterday and I have been LOVING it to death. I’m also loving all the promo that Jake has been doing for the album’s release. After the jump, check out a couple more photos from his Advocate photoshoot cuz I think you might like the promo too … More »

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‘Jersey Shore’ Season 2 Releases A First Video Trailer

"The 'Jersey Shore' people are here and we're ready to ... destroy this place"

Earlier this month we got to watch the first 13 minutes of the upcoming second season of MTV‘s reality TV series Jersey Shore and right now we get our first look at the official trailer for the upcoming season … whoopee! But, before we get to the awesome trailer, let’s take a gander at a couple of new promo photos of the cast which have also been released today:

LOL! I can’t look at these fools and not literally laugh out loud. And, like it or not, they are coming our way with a whole new season of their brand of hijinx. Lord have mercy on us all. While the preview video we saw before was longer, this new video trailer gives a better overview of the entire season. Curious? Check it out in full after the jump … More »

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Adventures In Barnes & Noble

The TV Guide

Last night Darion and I met up for a nice sushi dinner together before we made our way to the Barnes & Noble inside the Westside Pavilion to grab some coffee and run amok the bookshelves looking for ways to entertain ourselves. Fortunately, we both found books that we hope will make for AWESOME Summer reading:

I’m telling you, we can’t WAIT to read our new books. Well, no … just kidding, actually. We were just in the mood to take silly pics. I love hanging out with D, he and I always have the best time together.

Again, no big plans for tonight … but I do have some shopping to do for a fun event I’ve got coming up. I’m not ready to reveal just yet but I shall … in due time :D


Les News, 063010

Zoe engaged, Williams wants to be The Riddler, Bateman is sorry

First Look: Prince, ‘20TEN’

The new album will be released for free in publications all across Europe

Last week we heard the great news that Prince will be releasing his next album, titled 20TEN, in the August issue of German Rolling Stone magazine and today we learn that the album will in fact be released for free in various publications all over Europe. France is the first country to release the album in the July 8th issue of Courrier International to be followed by releases in the UK, Germany and Belgium. Here is our first look at the album artwork for 20TEN and some deets about the album’s release:

Pop star Prince will be giving away his new album “20Ten” with newspapers in Europe. The “Purple Rain” singer, who released his 2007 album “Planet Earth” as a free CD with Britain’s Mail on Sunday newspaper, has teamed up with a handful of European publications to expand the idea in July – to coincide with planned concerts on the continent. Prince has joined forces with the publishers of the Daily Mirror and Daily Record in Britain for the CD giveaway, and more than 2.5 million copies of the album will be distributed. The German edition of Rolling Stone will also include “20Ten”, as well as Het Nieuwblad in Belgium. Each of the publications will also feature an extensive interview with the reclusive star.

I love that Prince is so wealthy that he doesn’t need to sell albums anymore, he just gives them away. I’m certain this album will be available for sale here in the US at some point but I am really looking forward to gettin’ my mitts on a copy when I get to Paris, France in a few weeks. At this point, we have no idea what any of the music on 20TEN will sound like but at least now we know for sure what the album art looks like. I’m excited … are you?


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Landon Donovan Does ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’

Hail the (almost) conquering hero

US Soccer stud Landon Donovan, who did everything he could to keep the US Soccer Team alive in the 2010 World Cup, made his way back to the US to make an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. Letterman and Donovan made their way to the streets of NYC during the show to kick around the ol’ soccer ball, much to the delight of fans … Landon also shared with Dave his views on how things should be officiated at the World Cup in the future:

Landon Donovan told David Letterman soccer needs either more referees or video replay. The U.S. soccer star appeared on the “Late Show” on CBS on Tuesday night after returning from the World Cup, where the Americans won their group for the first time in 80 years. Team USA was the victim of officiating blunders that have plagued the tournament, as two Americans’ goals were disallowed. Donovan told Letterman “for us it’s difficult because we know how fast the game is, and as a referee, you can’t see everything.” Donovan said it’s frustrating “to put that much into something you’re doing and all of a sudden, it’s taken away from you.”

I 1000% agree that the way World Cup tournaments get refereed needs to be changed. There were so many bad calls in this World Cup alone that FIFA had to issue an apology for them. Despite all the crap calls that were made against the US team, our boys did a fantastic job. I’m so glad that Landon Donovan is getting the attention he deserves … tho, I fear it will be fleeting, at least here in the US. Enjoy it while you can, Lando!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

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William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy Together Again

The greatest bromance in Sci-Fi history

BFFs and former co-stars William Shatner (who played the iconic Star Trek character Captain James Tiberius Kirk) and Leonard Nimoy (who played the iconic Trek character Spock) were spotted together at an airport in Vancouver, British Columbia this week lookin’ like the best bromance buds that they are after they appeared at a Star Trek Convention in Canada over the weekend. Here is a pic of the buds in Vancouver together:

Their characters Captain Kirk and Spock infamously teamed up to explore strange new worlds on Star Trek. But William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy are rarely spotted together these days and spend much of their time sparring through their Twitter accounts. So it was a treat for sci-fi fans to see the actors in each other’s company at Vancouver airport this weekend, after appearing at a Star Trek convention. At 79-years-old, the actors looked a far cry from the intrepid space explorers of their youth as they walked through the Canadian airport after the fan event. Both were casually dressed, with Shatner sporting sunglasses and a cream trilby and a tired-looking Nimoy wearing a baseball cap and specs. Although the actors are now good friends, they weren’t always so pally when the Star Trek TV show first started in the 1960s. Shatner admitted in his 2008 autobiography Up Till Now, that ‘Leonard and I didn’t get along.’ However, in later years, the pair’s relationship changed, with Nimoy telling the Los Angeles Times: ‘We’ve always been like two competitive siblings.’ The actors regularly use their Twitter accounts to make digs at each other.

I’m very pleased to know that the guys are friendly at last as they move into their golden years. The mere sight of these two hanging out just thrills my geek heart. And how much do I LOVE that Willy is wearing his boarding pass and travel documents in a layarded pouch around his neck … so cute! I’m not sure if we’ll be getting to see these two hanging out much in the future so THESE pics of the buds chillin’ and traveling together are just precious.


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