Adventures In Barnes & Noble


Last night Darion and I met up for a nice sushi dinner together before we made our way to the Barnes & Noble inside the Westside Pavilion to grab some coffee and run amok the bookshelves looking for ways to entertain ourselves. Fortunately, we both found books that we hope will make for AWESOME ...

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Les News, 063010


People magazine takes you inside Sandra Bullock's divorce. Zoe Saldana is gettin' hitched! A Twilight producer "confirms" that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are "together". Robin Williams wants to play The Riddler in the next Batman film. Lord Gaga. THIS guy looks like a fancy pirate. Old Spice unleashes a new commercial. Eminem really knows how to sell albums. Europe really knows how ...

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First Look: Prince, ‘20TEN’


Last week we heard the great news that Prince will be releasing his next album, titled 20TEN, in the August issue of German Rolling Stone magazine and today we learn that the album will in fact be released for free in various publications all over Europe. France is the first country to release the ...