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Blonde Britney Spears Has More Fun

Happy Days are here again!

The newly (and once-again) blonde Britney Spears ventured out onto the streets of SoCal yesterday to do a bit of shopping and from the looks of the photos below, she was having the time of her life!! Look at that smile, y’all!

I totally credit her brand new blonde locks for her much sunnier disposition! She looks like the Britney that we all know and love :) Gah!! I love it when she looks happy and bright. I hope this is a sign of things to come … this year could be Britney Spears best year yet! She sure looks ready to take on the world … and I wish her every success in the world! Woot!!

[Photo credit: X17]


Prince Harry Lends Support To Charity Bike Ride

Lending a Royal hand

Prince Harry made a public appearance at a stop over of England Ruby star Lawrence Dallaglio‘s quest to bike ride across Europe to raise money for charity. Dallaglio and others are attempting to raise £1 million for Sport Relief, a charity that funds other charities like Cancer Research, DebRA, Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, Help For Heroes and RPA Benevolent Fund. While Harry did not partake in the bike ride, he did show up to lend his public support of the endeavor to help raise awareness with his Royal hotness:

Prince Harry met former England rugby union captain Lawrence Dallaglio as he took a break from a 2,800km charity bike ride. The group of cyclists, led by the former rugby hero, are pedalling across Europe on a trek that aims to raise £1 million. They arrived at London’s Twickenham stadium this afternoon after completing around half of their gruelling journey. Harry, vice-patron of England Rugby Football Union, shared some banter with a group of riders when Dallaglio introduced the royal to the fundraisers. The riders are taking part in the Dallaglio Cycle Slam to raise £1 million for charity. The former rugby star and friends are riding to all the stadiums featured in the RBS Six Nations championship, having started in Rome earlier this month and also visited Paris. Money raised will be donated to Sport Relief and the newly-formed Dallaglio Foundation, whose beneficiaries are Cancer Research, DebRA, Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, Help For Heroes and RPA Benevolent Fund. Dallaglio said: ”It’s been an amazing journey so far. It’s great that Harry is here to support us.” A St James’ Palace spokeswoman said the prince was keen to support the fundraising efforts of Dallaglio and all those taking part in the bike ride

Even tho Harry isn’t biking himself, I still applaud him for showing up to lend his support in an attempt to raise awareness so that the bikers’ endeavor is a successful one. Sure, I’d love to see Prince Harry all decked out and squeezed into a spandex biking outfit just like anyone else but … well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be this time around. I don’t mind the young ginger prince in his nifty shirt and tie … not one bit :) Kudos and good luck to all the riders on this very important journey for charity!!

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin; Source]

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Moon Lighting

The TV Guide

Yesterday was a fairly pretty day … while it rained off and on all day long, the bursts of sunlight we got in between were really rejuvenating. I did spend most of the day indoors reading (I finally finished the entire Sandman series) but I did venture out last night to run a few errands. The moon was full last night so it was such a treat to drive around in the moonlight:

February’s full moon is called the Ice Moon but it was far from icy here in SoCal :) Today is a gloriously sunny day … perfect for a trip down to Disneyland!! We have a friend visiting from NYC this week and he wants to go to Disney so David and I postponed the trip we were gonna make earlier this week ’til today so we could all enjoy Disney together. I haven’t been to Disney since it was all decked out in Xmas decorations so … I’m excited!! I’ll see about taking some fun photos to share tomorrow ;) Happy Sunday!!


Les News, 022810

Canada vs. USA, Round 2, Batman debut sells for $1 million, Olympic sore losers

Hot Dude Of The Week: Tanner Tillung

Weekend Hotness

It is time, once again, to say hello to the Hot Dude of the Week!! Wee!! Today, we’ve got a blonde, nice-lookin’ chap photographed by Rick Day … say hello to Tanner Tillung:

It would appear that Tanner here is, very likely, taking off his tube socks after a vigorous work-out or something to that effect. I believe the intent of a photograph like this is to inspire the viewer to imagine what the lad will be taking off next after the socks have been removed. As a viewer, myself, I have to admit that if this is the intent of the photograph then mission: accomplished! It’s really surprising how sexy a photograph can be even tho it’s not really a very explicit photo. If you’re lookin’ for more Tanner Tillung, you can see other photos from this particular photoshoot at YVY Mag … but be warned, some of the photos may be considered NSFW. Enjoy!!

[Photo credit: Rick Day; Source]

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The Roof Caves In On The ‘Jersey Shore’

Never fear, Snooki is still alive

So … last night, in NYC, two castmembers from MTV‘s hit show Jersey Shore almost met their end when the glass ceiling overhead came crashing down on their heads. Vinny Guadagnino, Nicole Snooki Polizzi and her boyfriend Emilio Masella (who is not a castmember on Jersey Shore despite his sad attempt to look like he is a castmember on Jersey Shore) were partying at an event called Masks & Mayhem in celebration of the Jewish holiday of Purin at a place called Solo when the glass ceiling broke and fell upon them very nearly KILLING THEM IN THE PROCESS:

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! OK, no it isn’t — but part of a glass atrium at a Purim party in Manhattan shattered Saturday night … and Chris Noth and several “Jersey Shore” peeps were in attendance. Oy vey! NYC police sources tell TMZ ice fell through a glass plate in the lobby area of a restaurant called Solo, sending shards of glass everywhere. We’re told only minor injuries were incurred.

UPDATE: Whew!!! Snooki is OK — she just tweeted [a] photo and this message: “Its okay Vin and I are still alive … Omg roof just collapsed at the purim event! We thought the dj was beatin the beat hardcore but nope,the roof couldn’t handle snooki and vin …” We’re told Noth, Snooki, Vinny and a few others were covered in glass and escorted to a private room — but the party is still going on strong. Vinny, not one of the Chosen People, just tweeted: “Roof just collapsed at Purim event…. I think me and @sn00ki felt the wrath for not being Jewish.”

Dagnabit! It seems clear to me that the vengeful Lord of the Chosen was tryin’ to rid our existence of the foul plague of the Jersey Shore … it’s a shame the ceiling wasn’t made of razorwire and acid, huh? I’m thinkin’ Snooki owes her life to her hair poof and the Bumpits she wears to ensure her poof’s maximum density. It looks like the Jersey Shore kids will live on to annoy us for at least another day.

[Photo credit: Wireimage; Source]

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Jon Voight Lunches With A Mysterious Child

NOT one of his grandsons

Recently we learned that actor Jon Voight mended fences with his formerly estranged daughter Angelina Jolie and he was finally able to spend time with Ange and all of his grandchildren in Venice, Italy. Well, good ol’ Jon is back home in SoCal and he was spotted making his way out of Beverly Glen Deli in Beverly Hills, CA yesterday morning with a young ethnic child that was NOT one of his grandchildren …

… HMMM. I fear that Voight‘s advanced age, coupled with the minimal time spent in the close company of his grandchildren has got him a wee bit confused. How much do you wanna bet he grabbed this kid off the street, thinking it was one of Ange‘s little tykes, and decided to spend some bonding time with his “grandson”? Tsk tsk. Poor thing. Ah well, at least the kid got a free meal out of this confusing mess … tho, I hope he managed to escape Jon Voight and successfully made his way home at some point.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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Whitney Houston Hastily Departs From Sydney, Australia

Gettin' out of Dodge

After getting quite a bit of bad press while touring Australia this week, Whitney Houston dismissed her critics and soldiered on with her Nothing But Love World Tour and played her shows in Sydney. But, almost as soon as she was finished in Sydney, she packed her shizz and got to the airport as quickly as possible so that she could fly out on her way to Melbourne. I suppose she was trying to avoid the angry Sydney folks who were thinkin’ about chasing her out of town with torches and pitchforks:

It would appear that her eagerly-awaited return to music has proved to be all too much for Whitney Houston. After a week in which the singer was slated for her disappointing comeback concerts in Australia, she flew out of Sydney this morning looking more than a little worse for wear. She stopped to pose for pictures with fans, who posted the snaps on Twitter this morning, but she looked distracted, her smile seeming fake as she hid behind brown sunglasses. The 46-year-old singer is currently on tour in in the country playing a number of dates in various cities for the first time in 22 years. But her great comeback proved to be a huge flop for her Aussie fans, who have been left disgruntled with her performances after spending hundreds of dollars on tickets. There have been reports of complaints, fans walking out and hundreds demanding refunds on their tickets, some of whom had paid up to AUS$699 (£410) to see the legendary diva in action … Last night she played the Hope Estate Winery in Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley near Sydney to a 12,000-strong crowd and today she jetted off to Melbourne … She wraps up her Australian tour in Perth on March 7 and heads to France and Britain in April.

Yes … it looks like this sort of criticism, whether fair or not, will dog her for the duration of her tour. Even if she were to perform perfectly stellar shows from here on out, her critics will still do their best to drag her down. While I’m sure it is very difficult for her to hear these nasty reports (again, whether fair or not), I do commend her for pressing ahead, undaunted. In the end, Whitney Houston does have a lot to prove. There is no way she will ever be able to please everyone, no way at all. She needs to stay focused on what she can accomplish, perform to the best of her ability and strive to be even better each night of her tour. That’s all she really can do … and I’m thinkin’ she knows that. Keep on keepin’ on, Whitney!! I can’t wait to see you here in the US :D

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

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Mariah Carey Celebrates The End Of ‘The Angels Advocate Tour’

Vegas baby!

Last night Mariah Carey played the final performance of her Angels Advocate Tour at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace (a show I was very fortunate to see for myself last Tuesday night here in LA) and Mimi celebrated her tour’s end with a little soirée thrown in her honor at Haze Nightclub inside the new CityCenter Entertainment Complex on the strip in Las Vegas, NV afterward. Here are a few photos of Mimi whooping it up last night:

And with that, Mariah Carey puts another successful concert tour to bed. You might say she Peaced the Spork Out her Angels Advocate Tour and then used that spork to dig into the massive cake gifted to her by the fine folks at Haze. I don’t believe that hubby Nick Cannon was at her party last night … which is curious, since he was M.I.A. at her concert stop here in LA, too. I hope everything’s alright between Mr. & Mrs. Cannon. In any event … Mimi is done with her tour. I can’t wait to see what endeavor she takes up next!

[Photo credit: Wireimage]

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Jennifer Lopez Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’


Yesterday we saw a couple of promos for Jennifer Lopez‘s gig as host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live last night … and today, we’re gonna take another look at how she did on the show. Here are some of J. Lo‘s SNL promo photos from last night’s ep:

I understand J. Lo last hosted SNL 10 years ago and while I don’t necessarily recall that episode, I have to believe it was funnier than last night’s ep was. Let’s get the musical guest portion out of the way first … terrible! The two new songs she performed are tracks that I’ve never heard before and, very honestly, never want to hear again. They were bland, forgettable and just … bad. OY! Further proof that her recording career is in dire, dire straits. The skits … yeah, those were pretty bad, too. I kinda chuckled during the We Are The World skit and I actually laughed out loud during the New Car Horns skits but … that was it. The first and the last skit were humorous … the in-between was horrible. After the jump, if you dare, check out some of the skits from last night’s ep of SNL to judge (or re-judge) for yourselves … More »

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