Hugh Hefner’s Fiancée Shows Off Her Engagement Ring


Last weekend we learned the happy news that 84 year old Hugh Hefner got engaged to his 24 year old girlfriend Crystal Harris and today we get to see the ring! Crystal shared a photo of her new rock on her official Twitter profile, right around the time that Hugh confirmed to E! News that he is making his bride-to-be sign a pre-nuptial agreement before the couple says their I Dos.

For those of you who have been asking to see my ring here it is… My engagement ring from my love @hughhefner

Oh yeah, that’s a damn nice ring. I know she will love it forever … especially since it’s one of the things she’ll get to keep should the couple’s marriage not last. Hugh Hefner confirmed that there will be a pre-nup in place before the couple get married next year:

Hefner proposed on Christmas Eve with a diamond ring tucked inside a Little Mermaid music box. “She burst into tears,” he said. “It was a very lovely, romantic moment.” As the 24-year-old Harris first told me this morning, they’re planning for a summer wedding at the Playboy Mansion. Hefner’s younger brother, Keith (he turns 82 on Jan. 5), will likely serve as best man. And yes, Hef said, “I expect a prenup will be in the picture.”

Aww … the Little Mermaid music box is cute … the ring is phat … and Hef is smart to cover his buns with a pre-nup. Here’s to a long and happy marriage for Hugh and Crystal.

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  • Stephanie

    What exactly is your definition of a long and happy marriage?
    The guy is 84 years old.

  • Brittany

    Makes me sad for Holly Madison, on the girls next door, it really seemed like she wanted him to marry her, and he always said he didnt want to be married again.

    • Jenny

      I thought the same thing. Poor Holly. He was her Puffin.

    • Allie

      I couldn’t agree more!

  • Val 2.0

    I think this one will last. She could be the one he spends *the rest of his life* with.

  • Chase

    He could live until he’s 100, which is 16 years of marriage, which is a long marriage and if it’s happy, then it’s a long and happy marriage. ; 0 )

  • Prince Jorge

    I want him back with Holly…!

  • Nicola

    I’m 23, and there is no way I’d marry or even get close to an 84 yr old. Ew.

    • Amanda G

      Agreed. Not even for money.

  • AW

    awww :( goes to Holly! What happened to not wanting to get married again and Holly was waiting for him for so long.

  • Linda

    What a cheap slut.