Christina Aguilera Introduces Her Son Max Liron To Boyfriend Matt Rutler


Things have taken a turn for the serious in the burgeoning romantic relationship between Christina Aguilera and her new boyfriend Matthew Rutler. As you may recall, the couple spent most of December traversing the globe together on a promo tour for Xtina’s new film Burlesque. But this week, Xtina and Matt were spotted spending quality time with Xtina’s young son Max Liron, lookin’ very much like a happy family. Things must be seriously serious, y’all.

After filing for divorce from her husband earlier this year, she has been adjusting to life as a single mum. But that might not be for too much longer as Christina Aguilera has introduced her new to man to her son Max, which could suggest things are getting serious for the new couple. The 30-year-old Burlesque star enjoyed a day out with her two favourite boys, her two-year-old son Max and new boyfriend Matthew Rutler. The group enjoyed some quality family time together at The Petersen Automotive Museum yesterday. In fact Matthew and Max seemed to hit it off as the group smiled and joked as they made their way home. Christina ditched her trademark raunchy outfits for a comfortable puffa jacket, a skull and cross print tee, black jeans and studded biker boots, topped off with a black and white peaked cap. She also appeared to have abandoned her characteristic heavy make-up even ditching her signature bright red lipstick, opting instead for a cosmetics-free look.

If Xtina is feeling close enough to Matt to let him spend time with her son, then she must really be in it for the long haul … at least, I hope she is. I’m sure it’s always a tricky matter for divorced couples to find the right way to introduce new love interests to their children … especially as young as little Max. Now that Xtina has introduced her new boyfriend to her son, I think we can be sure that she is seriously planning a real relationship with Matt. What do y’all think … is it too soon for Xtina to be bringing new men into her young son’s life when she isn’t even divorced from her husband yet?


  • Chase

    I predict she’s going to get married to him in 2011 and she’s going to release the engagement announcement right before her new album comes out. ; )

  • Ama

    I personally think it is to soon. Children can get attached to people quickly, and if they end up breaking up not only will Christina be hurting, but so will Max.

    • kendra

      I agree 100%..It always worries me when people bring their kids around their new partners..But I’ve also heard that this has been going on way before the divorce was announced..If it’s been a few months, I can see her introducing Max to this guy..I still worry about the kids..I have a friend who has brought her kids around her new man after a week..More than once! And, trust me, her kids need some serious therapy for abandonment issues..

      I’m a single mom myself and it can be hard to balance dating with having a kid, but the kid’s feelings should always come first..

  • Jessica

    i guarentee you max has already met matt since chrissy used to bring her son to the set of burlesque

    • lily

      That’s what I was going to say! Surely Max came on to the Burlesque set at least once and would have met Matt then, if Xtina and Matt were really getting close on the set then I’m sure the three spent time together already.

  • Jerseyhater

    This woman is seriously annoying, and needs to be sterilized so she cannot reproduce again.

  • nicole

    its hard to say if its too soon. to outsiders it might be…but where not living her life, we know they’ve been atleast hanging out for a long time. and odds are Max met him when they in the “just friends” stage on set. do i think its too soon? maybe. but like i said…who knows how long they’ve really been “together”