Watch: Kanye West, ‘Monster’


An unfinished version of Kanye West’s latest music video for his new single Monster has leaked its way to the Internets. The clip, which is making the rounds today, features guest appearances by Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj … and a slew of dead models. Because the clip is unfinished, there are still scenes in the clip that need to be edited … but this leaked work in progress gives us a good understanding of what Kanye is going for in the music video.

This video in its final version will most definitely be cleaned up considerably and the explicit language will surely be edited out (at least in the broadcast version of the clip). Monster is actually one of my fave tracks on Kanye’s excellent new album My Beautiful Dark, Twisted Fantasy. I understand he is also readying the release of a music video for his song All Of The Lights (which is, hands down, my fave track on the album) but for now … we have to make do with this unedited, unfinished version of the Monster music video:

Honestly, I could do without the hanging models … but the clip is kinda cool in a creepy way. I’m not sure if the disturbing sight of all of those dead models is meant to portray a message about beauty or just women in general but the sight of all of those dead (and sometimes decapitated) women is sure to rile up some folks. What do y’all think if Kanye’s music video for Monster? Do you like/loathe?


  • krissy

    I can’t see the video now…but dead hanging models is kind of interesting coming from Kanye. Let’s not forget his mother died from complications from a beauty procedure. Women are literally killing themselves for beauty, and no one knows this more than Kanye.

  • the most disturbing part for me was the shirtless Kanye. he looks hot…… really sexy. okey, there have been occasions that i told myself that he’s alright but in this video he looks like really hot, like never before.

    about the dead models. it’s disturbing, but it’s the intention. to be scary and not quiet “on the right way”. i know people are gonna talk about, but hey, that’s normal. i like it.

  • J

    My face track is the last. I really like acapella with the auto-tune beginning. But all of the lights is great aswell! Overrall fantastic album! Been waiting for this clip for some time – runaway is still better though!

    IMO Trent – Fergie’s verse on AOTL is outta this world. I’m in love with rihannas voice and she is the perfect fit for such songs (live your life & run this town for example) but when I heard the complete version and fergie’s part, I fell more in love with the song!

  • Vanessa

    This video really bothered me. All I could see was men overpowering women as a species. I love the Kanye album, it is amazing and I play it over and over. But this type of imagery needs to go. Kanye was on the right track with the runaway video, which was beautiful, but this is crap. The only good part was Nikki Minaj’s in my opinion. (And I really can’t stand her)