Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Will Drop IN A Ball On New Year’s Eve . . . In The Jersey Shore


Earlier this month we learned the odd news that MTV Jersey Shore star <strong>Nicole Snooki Polizzi would be dropped in a ball of her very own in Times Square, NYC as the final seconds of 2010 ticked away (in the same way that the larger, more famous Times Square Ball drops every New Year’s Eve) … but today we learn that those plans have been nixed completely. Due to the poor timing and impracticality of the stunt, Snooki’s Ball Drop will NOT take place in Times Square. Instead, Snooki’s Ball Drop will take place in the Jersey Shore.

2010 will not end with the sight of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi dropping out of a ball on New Year’s Eve in Times Square. The co-producers of Times Square New Year’s Eve said in a statement obtained by The Hollywood Reporter that the Jersey Shore star’s year-ending idea had been denied. The request “came too late and was too impractical to fit in to our outdoor events,” the statement reads. The co-producers were clear that the Snooki ball would not have been “the actual New Year’s ball in Times Square” made famous in the annual New Year’s countdown. But even “the request to have her in a separate ball on a set-back roof” was not allowed.

TMZ scored the photos above of the infamous Snooki Ball as it was being assembled for dropping tomorrow night in Seaside Heights, NJ. In all honesty, the idea of Snooki’s Ball Drop happening in NYC seemed so wrong (on so many levels) to me … but this idea to have the event take place in the Jersey Shore makes total sense. What happens on Jersey Shore should STAY in the Jersey Shore.

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  • Jennifer

    I actually really like this idea, but only for Jersey. Messing with the Times Square ball drop just seems sacrilegous.

    • @Jennifer — Yes, I totally agree.

  • SuzieB

    oooh she’s gonna freeze her leopard printed a$$ off in Seaside on NYE!! It’s always crazy windy & cold there – not to mention is beyond dead in the winter! They shoulda done this in AC, not Seaside.

  • bleh!

    are they trying to start a new tradition of ‘watching the troll drop’?