Vanessa Hudgens Hides Her Face In Shame


A couple of weeks ago we learned the sad news that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens broke up after they had been going steady as boyfriend/girlfriend for the past, like, forever. Since then, we’ve learned that Zac went and shaved off all of his beautiful hair for his new film The Lucky One. Today we get to check in on Vanessa as she made her way out of a dentist’s office here in SoCal yesterday afternoon. I’m not sure what exactly the dentist did to her mouth but she most deff did NOT want anyone to see it.

Now, there are a number of possibilities as to why Vanessa was so careful not to show off her mouth as she made her way out of the dentist’s office. Mebbe she was still feeling the effects of Novocaine and she was drooling uncontrollably. Perhaps she endured a bit of mouth surgery and tried to hide the bleeding. OR … mebbe she had some other kind of procedure done to her mouth area that she was trying to keep under-wraps. I’ve heard of some dentists who offer a range of procedures that have nothing to do with oral health care … as I understand it, some dentists also do lip injections and other cosmetic-type procedures. It’s impossible to know for sure why Vanessa was being so shy … but my guess is that we should be on the look out for plumper lips. What do YOU think she had done to her mouth?

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    If she had something done to her teeth she could just shut her mouth! I think it is something else! I really hope she didn’t hop on the over inflated lip trend! That is the worst plastic surgery procedure anyone can get.

  • If she did her lips, that’s kinda bonkers– she already has nice full lips.

  • Ama

    It kind of looks like she is smiling in the first picture(under her hand). I have no clue what she could have gotten done. Hm…

  • Kammie

    I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. I got my teeth cleaned once, and maybe my dentist learned from Dr. Mengele, but I came out looking like I’d gotten punched in the mouth, bruised and swollen lips and all.

  • Monique

    If she got something as simple as a few cavities filled, she’s probably waiting for the Novocain to wear off.. My dentist gave me so much at one time that my mouth was swollen and the unevenness in the which muscles were numbed made me look absolutely crazy when i formed any sort a facial expression. It was funny, but i definitely would not have wanted anyone to see my face.

  • Tracy

    I agree with Monique…the same thing happen to me…it did not matter if I just close my mouth and didn’t smile. I was looking crazy until that stuff finally wore off. I looked so damn funny I could not stand to look at myself so I took a nap until the Novocain wore off….TERRIBLE!