My Top Albums Of 2010


It is that time of the year when I compile my list of favorite albums of the year … and what a diverse year of music it was. To be honest, I really wasn’t wowed by the music of 2010 until pretty late in the year. Some albums snuck up on me as one of the year’s faves, others surprised me entirely … and, of course, some were surefire loves as soon as they were released. Here is my list of the 10 Best Albums of 2010.

Number 10Amanda Palmer, Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on her Magical Ukulele:

Altho this is technically an EP of coversongs, Amanda Palmer (of The Dresden Dolls and her new side project Evelyn Evelyn) truly makes these Radiohead songs her own. I don’t know many rock stars who can use a ukulele as expertly as Amanda can but she seems to have the gift. You don’t get to hear much whimsy and frivolity in rock music these days, which is why Amanda’s Radiohead EP is such a breath of fresh air. I was lucky enough to see Amanda Palmer perform live at South by Southwest a couple of years ago and I was completely blown away by her talent. This Radiohead EP (available exclusively from her official website HERE) was one of the most fun releases of 2010. I highly recommend you check it out … even if you’re not a big Radiohead fan, I think Amanda Palmer will charm the Hell out of you with this disc.

  • Elizabeth

    Amanda Palmer love! Yay; she was truly my music obsession this year. Looking forward to your other lists. Gosh, I love this blog so much Trent.

    • bloodyneptune

      You have LOVED the new MCR album.

  • Diana

    Agh.. Trent. This is my first time voicing my opinion on the blog. I’ve been more quite than usual the last 4 months. Everything I’ve thought has pretty much already been said, but this post especially is bothering me.. I don’t like having to click next and waiting for the page to re-load every single time to see a new album pop up. Very annoying and time consuming. Your reviews are always great as usual. Just please change some of the practicalities of the new layout. It is much of a nuisance to have to click “continue” for every single post. I use to read every single post, really, now I skip through most of them because I hate having to wait for a page to re-load and jumping from tab to tab on my screen.

    • B

      I completely agree. I am so bummed about the new formatting that I am afraid I am looking around for a new blog to frequent. I hate it because I used to look at this multiple times a day (for the past 4 years)…however, now it is so time consuming to peruse that it feels like work rather than fun! I, too, am skipping most of the posts because many times I will click on one only to find that there are only a few sentences more and it just took forever to load. Then I have to click back and that takes forever to load. I don’t know if it is all the extra large pictures on the side or what, but it is so much slower…Please make it easier so I can still call this my favorite celebrity blog!

    • kendra

      Man..You guys are crazy! Is it really that time consuming to make one click?? You guys must have busy lives!! ;) I was scared of the change at first, but really like the format..This way you can get to the posts you are interested in faster than before..I get the gist of some and don’t bother clicking continue if I don’t want to read them..It’s much more efficient for me..But my opinion is mine alone as are yours..

      I would hope that you wouldn’t give up on Trent’s blog just because it’s a little different than before..He’s such a great blogger and always so positive..I like that he’s shaking things up! It takes balls and he obviously has them! Don’t believe me? Ask David! Heyooo! ;)

    • Eli


    • DJ Vegas

      I completely agree with you. Unfortunately. :(

  • kendra

    Nice list, Trent! I love Eminem’s new record! I would never be able to do this because I get confused as to what year certain albums were released..I really love the Gorillaz’s Plastic Beach..That was released this year, right?

    • @kendra — Yes, I loved Gorillaz’s ‘Plastic Beach’ too … it just didn’t make the Top 10 cut.

  • Helsing

    What?! No Bionic?!

    • Mike

      Yeah I agree too, no Bionic? It was one of my favourite albums of 2010. Such a shame it was swept so quickly under the rug, it was so underrated.
      Also no body talk? That album is probably my overall favourite album of the year this year, better than Kelis’s album anyway..

    • Helsing

      @Mike, yeah I was wondering why Kelis’s album is on that list. Body Talk had better music than her’s. Honestly, I got bored even after her 1st single, “Acapella”. Bionic is completely underrated – esp. the deluxe edition where you can hear the Ladytron collab. songs w/c I think are the BEST compared to her Sia collab.

    • @Mike — Bionic is good, no question, but I did not love it as much as I loved these albums. And as I explained in my Kelis write-up, Robyn just doesn’t do anything for me. Kelis’s Flesh Tone is perfection from beginning to end.

    • @Helsing — Nope, no Bionic. I really liked the album but not more than these 10 discs. To be honest, Bionic would deff be in my Top 15 for sure.

    • Helsing

      @Trent I understand. Thank you BTW for sharing new music information like Salem’s Album. I might wanna check it out.

  • Maggss

    Cosign to most of your pics! I just downloaded the Salem album based on your list. I’m excited to hear it! :)

  • Ha ha, I’m listening to it on YouTube. It’s really interesting…!

  • Meghan

    Totally agree with your number one, Trent! Salem is my favorite album of the year. They are awesome! However, I have caught some of their live performances on You Tube and I definitely wouldn’t want to see them live. They need to do some major work on their live performances.

  • brady

    For the first time i completely disagree with ur whole list.

    • @brady — May I ask, what albums made your list?

  • roxster

    Trent Ingrid Michaelson can rock a ukele fairly well too. And she does a beautiful cover of Creep at most of her shoes. Def worth checking it out on youtube

    • @roxster — I will check her out for sure, thanks!!

  • blaqfury

    Thanks for putting your annual list together, I always look forward to your year end reviews. But I have to say, love or hate him, Kanye’s Dark Twisted Fantasy is one of the best albums of 2010. I’m not even a huge rap fan, but I cannot get enough of this album. Just thought I’d give my two cents.

    • @blaqfury — Yes, I agree. Kanye just missed the Top 10. ‘My Dark, Twisted Fantasy’ is my #11 album of the year.

  • Snorri

    I am shocked and dismayed to hear that Robyn does nothing for you, Trent. You’re missing out. She ruled 2010 for me.

    • @Snorri — I mean, I like some of her songs but overall, I just don’t get the hype. I saw her on tour with Kelis and was blown away by Kelis … Robyn is very talented, tho, and I understand why people love her so much.

    • Snorri

      In that case, I’m afraid we can’t be secret boyfriends anymore!

  • Josh

    If you like Salem, you should also give White Ring a listen:

    They’re from New York and make witch rape horror electro gaze noise music on par with Salem.

    Also, this is what a Salem concert looks like:

    • @Josh — Ooh, I like them. Thanks!!

  • DCMAxQueen

    A haha, my number 1 album was, SURPRISE! Cardiology. Then MCR, A7X, Linkin Park…

  • Amanda G

    The only album I bought this year was Eminem’s. Actually, that was the first album I’ve bought in probably 2 years. It was fabulous! I loved the aggression, passion, growth and wisdom he displayed.

  • ;))

  • THANK YOU!! Finally some Kelis appreciation.
    Flesh Tone is the best album ever made. Every song is flawless and it will forever be the soundtrack to my summer of 2010.