Hugh Jackman Gets Hit In The Balls With A Cricket Ball


Ugh! Calamity struck again for poor Hugh Jackman over the weekend as the Aussie got beaned in the crotch by a cricket ball that was hurled at him by Australian sports star Shane Warne. As you may recall, Hugh almost lost his eye in a failed stunt on The Oprah Winfrey Show a couple of weeks ago and then this weekend, disaster struck again … right in the balls.

It was less than two weeks ago that Hugh Jackman required stitches for his now infamous zip-lining episode on the Oprah show. And now the seemingly accident-prone Australian actor has been injured once again. This time Hugh received one from Australia’s finest ever leg-spin bowler, Shane Warne. The incident took place during a segment on a local TV station’s broadcast of the The Ashes Test cricket series. The sportsman and the actor were battling it out in a spot of cricket. As Hugh went in to bat, spinner Shane made what is called a wrong’un – when the ball spins the opposite way to a leg-spinner. The wayward ball proceeded to hit the Aussie actor’s groin. Seemingly in pain and doubled over, Hugh pulled himself together and carried on playing after a bit of friendly banter from his opponent. ‘I didn’t pick it,’ Jackman said to Shane. ‘Don’t rub ‘em, count ‘em,’ Warne responded. The injury could may well have been much worse if it wasn’t for Hugh’s protective cricket cup, a requirement for all players of the sport. The latest incidence comes after he had already warned Warne about his injured eye. ‘Watch the eye, mate,’ he told him earlier.

Naturally, there is video footage of Hugh gettin’ balled in the nuts (complete with slow motion instant replay) … behold:

OUCH! Poor Hugh … I know from personal experience, gettin’ socked in the gonads is not fun AT ALL. Here’s hopin’ homie’s twig and berries managed to avoid permanent damage … it’d be a shame if Hugh lost functionality down there. Let’s also hope that Hugh won’t get injured anywhere else on his person … the poor guy is running out of places to get hurt.

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  • Brogen

    Shane Warne has a habit of upsetting people with the way he bowls…

    • @Brogen — I must confess, I have no idea what is going on in this video. We don’t play much Cricket here in the US :/

    • Alissa

      The animation is about Shane’s bowl of the century, this is what actually happened:

      and is the reason why Aussie’s everywhere love him no matter what he does.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    That is HILARIOUS!!!!! I feel bad for him but what a good laugh!

  • Hank

    Ouch! But boy howdy do I enjoy watching Hugh rubbin’ his privates………..

  • Debho

    Too bad it wasn’t the reverse. I hate Shane Warne.

  • lisakle

    Hahaha @Hank. Wonder if Hugh needs someone to make him feel better….

    • @lisakle — Can you imagine the line of people who would LOVE to sign up for the job of rubbing Hugh’s ouchie?

  • Balito

    Oh My!!! I just kept repeating second 46…. Le sigh!!! :)

  • Lana

    Shane Warne is such a tool. Creeping around with Liz Hurley and now hurting my precious Hugh Jackman. Bastard.

    P.S. @Trent cricket balls are pretty solid. Seriously people have literally died getting hit by them.

  • Lexy

    It’s all good – he was wearing a cup!!!
    He keeps rubbing his crotch coz he’s got boxers on and cricket boxes don’t stay put in boxers!!!

    This wasn’t actually part of the game.. they were doing a comedy type celebrity bit – bowled a few balls to a celebrity and see how many ‘runs’ they could get while the real cricketers were on their lunch break