Alyson Hannigan & Alexis Denisof Take Satyana For Her First Tricycle Ride


At the start of this month, we saw photos of actress/mommy Alyson Hannigan picking up a few Xmas presents for her daughter Satyana. As you may recall, we saw photos of Aly carting home a cute wooden tricycle. Today we get to see photos of Aly and hubby Alexis Denisof taking Saty out for a spin on her new Xmas gift.

Alyson Hannigan and her husband Alexis Denisof took little daughter Satyana out on Boxing Day so she could ride her new bike for the first time. Wearing a little coat and hat, the 20-month-old looked adorable all bundled up against the chilly Los Angeles weather. Wearing Ugg boots, blue jeans and a big grey jumper, 36-year-old Alyson looked her usual low-key casual style. Meanwhile dad Alexis watched proudly on as Satyana rode her little bike, taking pictures to commemorate the event. At one point, the excited toddler even managed to ride off the pavement and right into the grass, to the amusement of her delighted parents.

Earlier this month Alyson shared on her official Twitter profile that Satyana contracted a case of the Chicken Pox after an outing with friends …

What did taking Satyana to mini golf for the first time give us? A cute photo, a great day with friends & CHICKEN POX!!!!!!

… thankfully, the sweet little doll recovered in time to enjoy Xmas … and her new bike! She’s just the cutest little doll … I hope she enjoys her cute little bike for years to come :)

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Queenie

    Um, there is a vaccine for chicken pox.

    • Constance

      That particular vaccine is usually not recommended or given to children this young.

    • Melissa

      Yes it is. It’s given at one year, and then a booster shot at five years.

  • Jessica

    her hat is sooooo cute!!

  • thomas kriggle

    Your Alyson Hannigan obsession boarders on stalking and would be understandable – except – who would want to stalk the most boring couple on the planet? Have you seen her interviewed where she spoke 10 minutes about eating seaweed? Really?

    Buffy was interesting – and since the lesbian love affair Willow hasn’t had much to do… Neil Patrick carries the “how I met your mother” show.

    • @thomas kriggle — LOL. OK :D