Even MORE Nekkid Photos Of Clay Aiken’s Boyfriend Have Hit The Internets


On Thursday we got to feast our eyes on a few nekkid photos of Clay Aiken’s new boyfriend Jeff Walters that he posted on Grindr … and then made their way to the Internets. As you may recall, there was one photo in particular that showed off Jeff’s ample … er, abilities. Today, a new batch of Grindr photos that feature Jeff Walters in all his nekkid glory have made their way online … which aren’t really appropriate for Xmas but, well, I was never one to look a gifthorse in the mouth.

It’s clear that Jeff is very happy to share as much of his talents as he can with the men on Grindr. I suppose it’s possible that even more photos may come to light at some point. I imagine that Clay will have himself a grand ol’ time unwrapping this Xmas gift this year. Merry XXXmas from Jeff Walters!!

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  • i need classes with clay aiken so i can get hot men like him.

    • mike

      seriously, how the hell does he do it? i don’t get it!!

  • Mitchell

    Karma is about to strike back … Again!

    • Hillary

      Mitchell what do you mean, “Karma is about to strike back…Again.” Confused.

  • Carole

    Sillyness. These are pics when this guy was a late teen taken by himself in the mirror w/a cell phone. Who really cares except Clay and Jeff.

    I don’t get the Karma comment either.

  • testington

    his face is not cute

  • Pete

    Poor Clay. If he thinks this is the kinda guy who’s gonna settle down with him, he has another thing coming. It will all end in (Clay’s) tears.

    • Raul

      Well if Clay is the bottom he is already in tears.

    • Whaddya *IF* Clay is the bottom?

    • @Kent — ;)

  • Jay

    Good on him. If I had that body and that fab cock, I’d move somewhere I could walk around nekkid all day. If you’ve got it flaunt it. It’s unlikely Jeff will run for President, and anyway, if he does, by that time everyone he’s running against will also have nekkid pictures on the internets. Sign of the times, dontcha know. It is simply impossible to resist the urge to self-market.

  • Aaron

    Yeah, uh…. this guy is way too good for Clay Aiken (a person who makes me want to spew my entrails out via my nose)

  • Nicola

    Holy crap. Wow.

  • Chris in Irvine

    This guy is totally hot! I don’t get it…why Clay? He must have other “abilities” I can see this guy ending up with Lance Bass in the near future

  • Daez

    I was more than happy to be prepared to be happy for Clay. I actually believe this guy wasn’t after Clay’s fame or money. However, the amount of pictures that keep coming out makes one tend to think that this guy has been trolling guys and possibly even working for pay for a long time and Clay is just his newest mark.

  • Jo

    hmm they need to release Grindr for android now!

  • roxster

    Hmm….so did we decide we think the last pic is actually him? The guy in the last pic looks like chiseled then in the ones of him above.

  • Danny

    Maybe he is just sharing cupcake recipes lol

  • North TX Phil

    WOW!!! I have talked to him on grindr and traded pics with him!!! I feel a little more special! :D

  • Marky Mpls

    Who gives a shit if the guy has a profile on Grindr. Those who sanctimoniously judge everyone for being on there are exactly the ones with the headless pics hookin’ up behind their boyfriends backs. And to say the guy has probably been doing this for a “long time” needs to realize how long Grindr has been around. Couple years maybe. And since when does using Grindr suggest you’re some sort of slime ball? For most Grindr is no different than playing Angry Birds or iPhone Scrabble. Time/boredom killer. No need to judge.

  • Meg

    Brett Favre eat your heart out. This is a man who’s number would definately NOT be 4!!