Zac Efron Shaves Off All Of His Beautiful Hair For His Latest Movie


Last month we got to see a few hawt photos of beefed up actor Zac Efron, newly broken-up with his longtime girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, on the set of his new film The Lucky One (which is adapted from the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name). In the photos we saw last month, beefy Zac had himself a full head of hair … but, alas, all that hair is no more. Zac buzzed it all off for the film role … yep, all of that luxurious and always perfectly coiffed hair … gone.

Principal filming production has wrapped on The Lucky One so Zac made his way back home to rainy/chilly LA and was forced to keep his buzzed head wrapped warmly in a knit cap:

But his hair — his beautiful, beautiful hair — had to be shaved off for the flashback scenes of this film where he plays a young military man. A photo of Zac in full costume — with head buzzed — made its way to Twitter … behold:

When crew members heard “cut” on set of the Zac Efron drama “The Lucky One,” which wrapped a 10-week New Orleans shoot on Tuesday (Dec. 21), they took it to heart. And so as actor-heartthrob Efron heads home for the holidays, he is leaving behind a much balder crew base than that which he found while adding cash to the coffers of a New Orleans charity. Clearly, an explanation is in order: Efron’s character in the Warner Bros. film — based on the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name, but reset from North Carolina to Louisiana — is a Marine fresh from his third tour of duty in Iraq. While overseas, he finds a photo of a mysterious woman that ends up becoming his good-luck charm. Once back home, he sets out on a quest to find her and thank her for watching over him. And if romance should blossom in the process? Well, this is a Nicholas Sparks story, after all. In addition to visiting the gym regularly to bulk up for the role and growing a dashing chin of stubble, Efron had his hair trimmed in a military-style buzzcut. That got him thinking: Why should he be the only one making tonsorial sacrifices for the film? So he made a deal with the crew last week: For every crew member who also shaved his or her head, Efron would donate cash to Kingsley House. By the time the shears had stopped, some 30 crew members had put themselves on the chopping block, including two women whose lengthy castoffs were donated to Locks of Love, the national organization that makes wigs for sick children. Just as importantly, Efron was on the hook for thousands of dollars, although his Los Angeles-based publicist, Gina Hoffman, declined to provide an exact figure. “He likes doing things for charity — two Make-A-Wish kids came a visit to the set while he was there — and he felt like he wanted to do something for a New Orleans charity since he had such a nice time shooting there,” Hoffman said Tuesday afternoon.

I guess I never realized how much forehead Zac has … prolly because it is usually covered by ALL OF HIS BEAUTIFUL HAIR! Blah. Well, at least we know it’ll grow back … and fast. And, at least Zac raised money for charity in the process of buzzing his hair. I guess we can look forward to photos of Zac and his cute short hair’dos as the weeks and months progress. What do ya’ll think of his buzzed ‘do … does it work for you? Do you like?

[Photo credit: X17; Source, Source]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I think it looks good! To be honest thou, I would hit that with blue, red or pink hair!

  • Vicky

    I really like it! He looks more manly – a bit tougher. He is a beautiful, beautiful man :)

  • erin

    No bueno!

  • april

    He looks a little bit like Jared Leto!

    • Ashley

      Yes! I was sitting here trying to place who he looked like. Jared Leto’s mini-me!

  • Erica

    i love it. my husband is in the military, so i love the short hair.

  • April

    @Ashley- Yes! Great minds think alike haha! It took me at least 10 minutes to figure it out!

  • WebHybrid

    Efron. Gay. Leto. Gay.
    Gay gay gay gay gay.

  • nicole

    ummm he looks so hot now. before he was a little to pretty for me…but now…he looks kinda….manly. i like.

  • brady james

    OMG he looks like he is mourning the loss of that BEAUTIFUL head of hair… as am I!

  • Lauri

    I think it makes him look a LOT older. Wish he would’ve rocked something more like this for Charlie St. Cloud.

  • Julia

    ARGH!!!! That looks terrible. so much of his hotness was in his hair!! :(

  • bob

    He looks more manly and every bit as handsome. I’d like to see him with a buzz cut and his beard.

  • gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay! he is not sexy anymore!!