Nekkid Photos Of Clay Aiken’s New Boyfriend Have Hit The Internets


Last Saturday we got our first look at photos of Clay Aiken and his new love interest Jeff Walters as the couple canoodled together at a Winter festival in Dallas, TX (where Walters lives). Today we get to see a few photos, one that is very NSFW, of Clay’s new man in all his nekkid glory. As I understand it, Walters posted sexy/nude photos on Grindr (the “social networking” mobile phone app for gay men) to hook up with dudes before he met Clay … and some of those photos are now circulating on the Internets.

You may recall that we got to see a few hot photos from Walters’s portfolio where he was modeling sexy underwear for 2(x)ist … but none of those photos gave any clue as to what Jeff was hiding inside those undies:

It should be noted that the totally nekkid photo does NOT feature Jeff Walters’s face so it is in the realm of possibility that it is not him … but with an endowment, shall we say, such as this … well, I can’t see why he wouldn’t want to claim the photo as his. To be honest, I thought Clay was very lucky to have scored such a hottie when the previous photos came out … with these new photos, well, all I can say is … Well done, Clay!!

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  • rjp3

    Poor Clay he can and should do beter than a guy who flashes his privates online.

    Narcissitic Personality Disorder is running unchecked in the gay community.

    • @rjp3 — But if I know my gay dudes, this is prolly how Clay hooked up with Jeff in the first place. Let’s not forget, Clay has been known to post his own risque photos online in an attempt to hook up with dudes.

    • billyc

      judge much RJP3? shuddup.

    • Harlan

      That is a rumor though. No pictures ever surfaced.

    • @Harlan — I’m pretty sure I remember the photos made the rounds … but, oy, they are not photos I would like to see. UPDATE: Here are the photos that hit the Internets: Yes there is no nudity but my point remains, Clay was chattin’ up and posting photos of himself online to hook up with dudes.

    • Harlan

      Yeah but the headless one isn’t him and who knows what the real context was for the fully dressed pictures. He could be talking to someone discussing cupcake recipes for all we know. I’m not a clay mate but I do have a healthy skepticism when it comes to tabloids and gossip.

    • @Harlan — He was discussing cupcake recipes on Grindr? LMAOOOOOOOO!! Hee hee, ok :)

    • Harlan

      The pictures of the guy from the old link you posted are not from Grindr, Trent. 3 of them might be Clay but he isn’t doing anything sexual so he might be discussing cupcake recipes, the 4th one has no head and is too fat to be Clay circa 2005 so its not even in the running.

    • @Harlan — Oh, the photos of Clay. Gothcha. Well, we are all free to believe what we like. As I said, I know how some gay men hook up and find one another so … yeah.

    • Cam

      you seem to have forgotten that Clay sent out naked pics of himself to that former Marine who outed him to the Enquier. So if flashing your privates online makes you a bad person then according to you Aiken is just as bad.

    • Harlan

      Pictures or it didn’t happen.

    • Oh Nekkid!

      Rjp3 if you think only gay people are narcissists then you must have missed how Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Pamela and Tommy all had their lucky breaks!

      Because internet sex tapes and showing off are universal my dear.

    • hf2hvit

      Runs rampant in the Palin family as well…

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Good for clay! It is going to be a very MERRY and PAINFUL Christmas this year!!!

    • @Mr. Gyllenhaal — OMG, LOL!!!

    • Sara

      well said, well said

    • HA!

    • Kells

      OMG Mr Gyllenhaal!!! You made me spit my diet coke out everywhere! I was just thinking the same thing!! “you want to put that WHERE!?!?!?!” comes to mind! lol lol lol

  • Shawn

    poppers and 420 should do the trick on this one, Clay! and booze, lots of it.

    • HA! Love it :-)))

  • Xtincta

    Meh rjp3 is probably a Claymate. They’re as crazy as they are delusional.

  • Monica


  • Jack

    well at least he has a nice cock

  • Mitchell

    That is a classy topic! Watch out for Karma …

  • Jo

    wow fame really does get you everything. I mean not to be mean, Clay Aiken is cute, but hes def not “hott.”

    oh well, lucky him!

  • Cam

    It must be sad knowing deep down that the only reason somebody is with you is because of fame or money.

  • kendra

    Is it strange to be jealous of Clay? Cuz I am..Wooooey!

  • Jaspar

    Gives new meaning to: Clay Achin’.

    • Barb


  • JK ROFLin’

    Oh my heck 8)- lucky Clay!

  • Aaron

    Now I know, if I want guys like this, all I have to do is get famous and have lots of money.

  • clay is one lucky bitch

  • Danny

    Who cares if Clay hooked up with him b/c of his sexy photos? Like most gay men don’t want to see nude photos of other guys before they meet them, it happens all the time. Seriously naive, Harlan, cupcake recipes my butt! Clay should be glad anyone is willing to go out with him, he is seriously ugly and looks like a demented Keebler elf on crack.

    • Harlan

      Let me guess, you are not a fan. Its OK because the more famous you are the more haters you attract.

  • Miguel

    Damn Clay. Lucky bitch.