Hugh Jackman & Kids Run Out For Xmas Supplies


In the past week or so, we’ve seen photos of the freshly injured Hugh Jackman running out for beer and running out for gardening supplies (both on different occasions). Today we see photos of Hugh and his children Oscar Maximilian and Ava Eliot running errands around town in Australia picking up a few last minute things for their Xmas celebration this weekend.

In addition to Hugh and the kids picking up Xmas things (I spy a fake Xmas tree, a tree stand and some garland), Hugh also took some time out of his bizzy schedule to hit the gym:

My guess is that live Xmas trees aren’t really all that prevalent in the dead of Summer in Oz so … a fake tree for the Jackmans it is! To be honest, there is nothing wrong with artificial trees … I had one growing up and David and I have one this year, so good for them. As for the gym photos, it took me a minute to figure out who Hugh reminded me of in these photos … and then it hit me. Doesn’t he look a bit like a cartoon sailor with a squinty eye and big arm muscles?

You put this man in a proper sailor suit and he could literally become Popeye the Sailor Man! Trust me, I’m not happy that Hugh injured his eye in that failed stunt on The Oprah Winfrey Show last week but … the squintiness helps with the Popeye look, no?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Mark

    Please note the typical facial expression of a man bored beyond all limits by stalkers paparazzis…

  • criss

    he looks hot as usual! But I really need to see him shirtless in the beach!!!!! Please Santa please!!!!!

  • Debho

    Oscar is wearing Crocs! Why do celebrities insist on their children wearing these goddamned awful shoes?
    How cool though to run into Hugh at your local Bunnings?

  • lisakle

    LOVE LOVE Hugh updates… and you prob know that by now, Trent =P