Hugh Jackman Goes On A Beer Run


When last we saw Hugh Jackman, he was flying around trying to impress Oprah Winfrey and he almost lost an eye in the process. Today we get to see new photos of the chap lookin’ much better, with two arms full of bottled beer for a good ol’ fashioned Aussie BBQ. Someone else must’ve been in charge of gettin’ the shrimp for the barbie cuz Hugh was in charge of the suds:

I can’t tell if Hugh is just squinting in the sunlight or if his eye is still givin’ him a bit of trouble but … I guess he looks alright. I can’t even tell you how jealous I am that it looks so gloriously warm in Australia this time of the year. While they are enjoying Summer BBQs, many of us are freezing our buns off as Winter just gets started. I hope Hugh throws back a couple beers for us cold and suffering Yankees back here in the States … wouldn’t that be so nice?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Tahlee

    It’s funny Trent you’re jealous of the warm Christmas we have in Australia but my whole life I’ve wished for a white Christmas. My family and I are so happy right now in Canberra (The capital of Australia) because Christmas day is going to be raining and a top temperature of 24 degrees (I think 75 or so Fahrenheit). My mums angry she doesn’t have Christmas jumpers for us to wear! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, maybe one year we can swap places you can have a warm Aussie Christmas and I’ll get my white Christmas.


    He’s been looking extremely rough lately, even before the eye incident.

  • I live in Melbourne and it is freezing at the moment! its about 15 degrees celsius, so like 60 fahrenheit. so much so summer…

  • Katrina

    Trust me, it may look really nice in the picture but the weather here in Sydney has been atrocious.

  • Debho

    I live near the Whitsundays in Queensland and it’s been over 100′ every day for a week. Over the heat.

  • Debho

    Oh..and he has crap taste in beer. Every Aussie knows that xxxx is the only beer. lol

  • lisakle

    Still hot to me!

  • Lexy

    Hahah Debho is obviously from Blacktown….

    Pure Blonde is lovely beer! VB is disgusting though

    Haha i love that expression ‘shrimp’… we do not have shrimp. We call them prawns :o)

    I love summery Christmas’. Family and friends come round and we can all go for a swim and play pool cricket and stay outside til the wee hours of the morning drinking and laughing!!

  • Debho

    @Lexy. No way mate, I’m a Queenslander.

  • Lexy

    Haha one and the same

    • Debho

      No clue then have you.