Paris Hilton Unveils Her Very Own MotoGP Racing Team


Back in September we got to check out a cheesy-as-Hell music video made by Paris Hilton for SuperMartxé and today we learn that she has taken her collaboration with them one step further. Paris made an appearance in Madrid, Spain today to officially unveil and launch her own MotoGP racing team — called SuperMartxé VIP by Paris Hilton, of course:

As reported by over a dozen Europen sites, bombshell Paris Hilton is scheduled to present her 2011 MotoGP Team – SuperMartxe VIP by Paris Hilton – that will compete in the 2011 FIM Motorcycling Championship 2011 in the 125cc class. The announcement is scheduled for Dec. 18, 2010 at the ME Hotel in Madrid Spain, which will be the first press conference for the MotoGP Team … The Supermartxe VIP Bikes Team by Paris Hilton has the ambition of becoming the World Champions in the MotoGP 125cc displacement class before the new Moto3 single-cylinder four-stroke 250cc rules take effect in 2012. The 125cc racing team is joined the technical mastery of Christian Lundberg and Rossano Brazzi, who combined with the talented motorcycle riders should make for a highly competitive team. The entire motorcycle racing world and MotoGP might find an even larger spotlight due to the main stream notoriety. If Paris actual shows for a motorcycle race or two (I can’t image her dog trackside) and brings all the paparazzi, things could get interesting for other main stream advertisers.

Yeah, I don’t even know what to say. Nothing about Paris Hilton immediately screams to me MotoGP spokesmodel but … there you have it. I imagine it may be seen as a boon by the SuperMartxé to have Paris in their corner but … I think it’s all just really silly. LMAO!!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Sara

    This is idiotic. Also, the poor girl tries so hard to actually have cleavage. Not happening!

  • Juneh

    WTF @ those boobs, jeesh!

  • Lyss

    @Sara She could definitely get a boob job if she really wanted.. but she hasn’t. I respect that about her (one of the fewww things lol).

  • Jenny

    I think my favorite thing about these pictures is that you can see how she used spray-on tanning to try and enhance her cleav and the “shadows” don’t match with up when they’re all smashed up like that! Classy, girl!

  • Dana

    For someone who said Kim K. curves were ugly really tries hard to look like she has them to.

  • Tiffani

    I love her weird eyes ( bottom left pic)

    • @Tiffani — We call them wonky eyes.

  • Nicola

    Someone poke that eye out!
    I too like the fact she hasn’t gone for fake boobs, but that’s one small thing against what I dislike about her :P

    • @Nicola — LMAO!!

  • b

    i always thought it was just bad angles that made her eye go wonky, but there it is, straight on, in your face.

  • Ama

    I’m not a Paris Hilton fan, by any means. However, I can’t really saying anything bad about her right now, since the good thing that she did earlier this week is still on my mind whenever I see anything about her(So when I see her, I think of that instead of the other stuff)

    But I do have to give her credit for not fixing her ‘flaws’. She could have gotten her eye fixed, and as other comments stated, she could have gotten her breasts enhanced(Which I don’t really see as a flaw, but some people do) however, she didn’t.

    Anyways, the cleavage in these photos is a much for me.

  • Ama

    Say* not saying.ack.

  • danielle

    @ Ama, I dunno, it’ll be pretty impossible to fix an eye that wonky.

  • Lisa

    The picture of her on the bike reminds me of that red carpet she did a few years back, I forget where with Rod Stewart’s daughter, and one of them crashed their bike on the red carpet, I forget if it was Paris or the other girl. Either way, tee hee.

  • Lacey

    Are her and the Kardashians having a war about who can promote the most ridiculous things? Can’t wait to see what Kim K. slings next in response to this.

  • jacqui

    oh girl. no to that outfit. wonkey eyes, wonkey boobs.

  • Liz


  • biggyfries

    I predict this venture is going to make money–I think she has already made quite a bit of money on her own, so some of the criticism here may be jealousy? I say she is pretty ‘hot’, even if she’s a bit vapid, but as she matures and fills out a little more she will be excellent AND stinkin rich. Too bad for you critics.