Britney Spears Decks The Halls With Xmas Decorations


We are just about 1 week away from Xmas but it would seem that Xmas has come early for Britney Spears and her family. Britney’s home is already decked out from top to bottom in festive holiday lights … signaling to Santa Claus that her children Sean Preston and Jayden James are anxiously awaiting his arrival this year!

The pop superstar has gone to town on her outdoor festive lighting in the same way excitable Clark did in 1989 comedy National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The Toxic singer has caked her sprawling Calabasas, California, property in miles of fairy lights, glowing rooftop angels, Santas, little drummer boys, baubles, stars and an illuminated Father Christmas. Even Britney-knockers must agree she’s created a magical setting for her two young sons SEAN PRESTON and JAYDEN JAMES this Yuletide. However, presumably Britney wasn’t as hands-on in the decorative process as CHEVY CHASE’S alter-ego was.

Yeah, I doubt that Britney was crawling all over her sprawling manse tacking up Xmas lights … but I could see how Brit’s beau Jason Trawick might’ve gotten drafted for the job ;) Our family never got into the habit of hanging Xmas lights on our home but we certainly appreciate the efforts of others who annually decorate their homes in such a festive manner. Even the homes that look a bit tacky seem to put a smile on people’s faces. To be honest, I don’t think Britney over did the decorations on her home … sure, there are a lot of lights but it deffo gives off a festive vibe. Happy Holidays and Merry Britmas, y’all!!


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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    This brought a smile to my face! It looks good but not over the top! Well done BS!!! My neighbors look like Clark Griswald and it is obnoxious!

  • Panti Christ

    When there are kids around – there’s no such thing as too much lighting! Let them enjoy the magic while the can

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I guess. At least from 6 on I can have all lights in my house off because there is “natural lighting” from next store! So I guess he is saving me money:)

  • Ama

    I love Christmas lights/decorations. I’d say they did a good job with decorating the house!

    Honestly the only Christmas lights that I find tacky and don’t like at all, are the multi colored ones. I like the purple/blue/white ones better(not all at once just individual, but they do look good together too~)

    My family is to lazy to decorate the outside of our house with Christmas lights/decorations(laughs) but our neighbors put plastic figurines of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in their front yard and gah, those things startle me every morning when I take my puppy out(and the first time she saw them she was barking and growling at them and would not go near them at all-It was kind of amusing)

    They had this special show on TLC about people who just deck out their houses with Christmas lights and it’s amazing to see what people do for lighting/decorating. Really pretty, but some people start decorating their house five to four months before December, which is kind of crazy XD

  • Jax

    Very cute. :D

  • Panti Christ

    @Mr. Gyllenhaal – Oh – I didn’t mean about your neighbors LOL Sorry! I just meant Britney’s house and her boys! I am sure her neighbors are far enough away in their huge sprawling homes….

  • Denise

    Brit has the money to hire people to hang lights for her, so I doubt Jason had to do any of it. I love the way it looks – so festive! No such thing as too many lights (no matter what color they are), but I do think those plastic figurines some people put out are tacky. Still, to each his own, and at least they’re in the spirit of the season.

  • Hannah

    I love houses with Christmas lights. I will drive around just to find the best ones in the neighbourhood. What I don’t like is the inflatable decorations, in my mind those are tacky, but if thats what gets people in the christmas spirit then go for it.

  • Kells

    Her house looks so nice! I love all the lights, I agree w/ Panti Christ, more is more when it comes to the lights! though I did get a good giggle in at the mental image of Brit Brit with a tool belt on standing on a ladder w/ her man telling him the lights aren’t straight or something!!!! Priceless. I’m so glad she’s doing better….


    Living Legend, Christmasney, the best house ever, etc.

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