‘Jersey Shore’ Season 3 Releases A New Cast Photo


Last week we got our first look at the first promo pics released for Jersey Shore season 3. Today we get our first look at a new JS3 promo photo of the entire cast … and from the looks on their faces, they seem about as bored with the show as I am:

It is becoming increasingly clear that pretty much everyone is already over Jersey Shore … including the Jersey Shore cast themselves. My guess is that the cast is trying to look “serious” in this photo but they, instead, all look like they could give two shits about anything. If I’m bored with the show and the JS cast is bored with the show … what is my incentive to watch season 3? Anyone?


  • nicole

    i have no reason/interest to watch the 3rd season..but lets face it…i will.

    • @nicole — LOL, me too.

    • BooBoo

      I think Jersey Shore is a bunch of Bull, this makes no sense. Why can’t people leave Sammi and Ronie the Hell alone and let shit stay in the past. As for the rest of the cast, they stuntin. They just there to be on tv especially the new chic

    • boo boo is bull not jersey shore she is probly eww sam is so pretty f ron and its boo bear

  • Panti Christ

    Sammi looks like a Minnie Mouse with fake boob ears!!!

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  • Harold Handfuls

    I wanna see Snooki AND Ronnie getting arrested, plus Round 2 of the Sammi and Jenni catfight…

    c’mon…you cant MAKE this shit up!!

  • Sara

    I’m with Harold – the stuff they’ll get into is just too ridiculous to even imagine, so I must watch to find out! lol. But really, I do hope they stop after Season 3.

  • SuzieB

    @nicole – you took the words right outta my mouth! Plus I’m from Jersey and regardless what people say – some people from Jersey love the show cause they KNOW people like this really exist in Seaside…. for real.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I too am over this show! I wouldn’t mind a new cast. That is the fun of the show…getting to know new people and how they behave! Even thou a love show with JWOW and SNOOKIE looking for men could be pretty funny!

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  • Amanda J

    I too will definitely watch… these people are so crazy, you just can’t not watch!

  • Christie

    I SO agree. I’m over it, but will still watch!! I am most excited to hear Pauly do more of his hilarious yelling

  • Chris

    Can’t get enough of this show. I don’t think it would work with a new cast. It just wouldn’t have that originality factor to it. They could make a show using a totally different type or group of people though.

  • Sally

    Look how self entitled they look!!!

  • Blaire

    Looking forward to a new season!!

  • Erin

    What was the point to watching season 1 and 2 of this show??? Come on this show is ridiculous!!!

  • Shan

    @Christie…. Paulie D’s yelling is the best! LOL oh yeahhhh cabs are here yeahhhh. I will def. watch this season, but I also agree that it should prob. be the last one, at least w/ this cast.

  • Amanda G

    I think this season will be better now that it’s back in Jersey where it should have always been. Now if they could just cut out Ronnie and Sammi…

  • mtw

    Yes, Its time for Sam & Ron to go!

  • p w

    It is all very irrelevant especially when one considers the fact that Judgment Day will begin May 21, 2011.

  • JB


  • This show is a disgrase of all the decent women in New Jersey. What they should have done was put Teresea from the real housewives on the show. Now that would have been better than watching sammi and ronny fight for 3 seasons! Why didn’t the producers step in and make one of them leave. I couldn’t watch the show with all the drinking low class bar happing sex, I was waiting to hear that one of them had a disease or got pregnant or some girl pregnant. What the heck is wrong with all their parents? Aren’t they embarrassed with how their kids act? Shame on them. Shame on mtv for this show and 16 and pregnant. Discusting.