The 2011 Golden Globe Nominations Have Been Announced


The nominations for the 2011 Golden Globe Awards have been announced, which annually signal to the world the official start of the Hollywood awards season. The noms have only been out a few hours and they’ve already got many folks buzzing … first, about the films who scored nominations (Red?! The Tourist?! ALICE IN WONDERLAND?!?!) and the films and actors who did NOT receive nominations (True Grit was completely shut out of the big film categories). Here’s a run down of who was nominated for what — and who wasn’t — for the 2011 Golden Globe Awards:

A proper British story. A gritty gym-rat drama. A Showgirls-esque opus starring Cher and Christina Aguilera. We cannot wait to see the seating arrangements at the Beverly Hilton … The King’s Speech, the critically acclaimed historical drama about King George VI, cemented its reputation as the film to beat at the Oscars with a Globes-best seven nominations. The Fighter, the Mark Wahlberg-produced boxing biopic, and The Social Network, the Facebook movie, earned six nods each. Burlesque, the “dishwater dull,” “crockpot-stew of leftovers” backstage dance movie, received two more nominations than Toy Story 3, including one big one for Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical. Angelina Jolie’s and Johnny Depp’s even more critically dismissed The Tourist had an equally good day, likewise picking up three nods, and likewise competing for Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical. The television categories were led by Glee, which glided right past any perceived second-season storyline woes with five nominations. As expected, The King’s Speech will vie for Best Motion Picture Drama against The Social Network, The Fighter, Inception and Black Swan. If you had faith that the star-worshipping Hollywood Foreign Press would not disappoint with a “crazy” nomination (or two), then you were not at all surprised that Burlesque and The Tourist will compete for Motion Picture Comedy or Musical opposite Alice in Wonderland, The Kids Are All Right and the oldester action flick Red. Of those films, only The Kids Are All Right is considered legit Oscar material.

There is a lot of craziness in this year’s Golden Globe nominations. Except for the True Grit omission, the Best Drama Film category is pretty spot on (The King’s Speech, The Social Network, The Fighter, Inception and Black Swan). The Best Comedy or Musical category is complete idiocy! Except for The Kids are Alright, none of the other films IMHO is worthy of the nomination. From what I understand (because I did not see the film), The Tourist is neither a comedy nor a musical … and yet, it got a nomination (as did both Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in the acting categories). Alice In Wonderland, while a cute movie, is simply not nearly good enough to be considered an award contender. To be honest, some of the noms read more like they came from the MTV Movie Awards rather than the second biggest film awards show of the year. Thankfully, the big important films (The Social Network, Black Swan, The King’s Speech) got noms … but they stand alongside the worst films of the year for awards … it makes no sense. Click HERE for a full run-down of just-announced Golden Globe nominations and make sure you tune in on January 16 to find out who gets to go home with awards this year. What do y’all think of this year’s nominations? Do you agree with me that members of the Hollywood Foreign Press were smokin’ Salvia when they came up with some of this year’s noms?


  • Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    I agree very strange picks but for the most part they were spot on. There were some really good movies this year but my pull is 100% for Black Swan! I am sorry but that movie had an extreme visceral reaction on me. It was crazy and amazing and I loved it! I really hope that sweeps the house!

  • Panti Christ


  • Panti Christ


  • Meghan

    Really want to see Black Swan and The King’s Speech. Black Swan will be in theaters near me next week and I am so excited! Can’t wait to see Geoffrey Rush in The King’s Speech. He is always fantastic in period films!

  • Joanna

    Where the EFF was Justin Timberlake’s nom? If he wants to be taken seriously and get an Oscar nom he needs to get one for the Golden Globes. These people were definately high on SOMETHING when they choose these actors, shows, and films.

  • Meghan

    @Joanna–As unfair as it is, I think it might take some time for Justin to earn some serious acting cred. These academy’s often take there time accepting musicians/actors. Took Mark Walberg awhile to get to this point. Seriously, though, The Tourist??

  • Diana

    Justin Timberlake? Are you guys kidding me?

  • Tim S.

    While I disagree with all of the Tourist nominations, I think Johnny Depp deserved one for his portrayal of the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. The performance was great and the amount of historical knowledge he added into the role is fantastic. But as for the Tourist, I didn’t see it, but from what I’ve heard….ugh!

  • blaqfury

    I didn’t expect the Tourist to get any noms at any serious award shows, but i will admit, my friend and i did laugh quite a bit. It was a good movie all around, nothing earth shattering, but i didn’t leave feeling like i was owed a refund, definitely not as bad as critics are making it out to be.

    Rootin’ for “the fighter” and “modern family”

  • AJ

    ok even though i enjoyed these movies and had a great time.. Emma Stone for Easy A? Burlesque? I mean wow it really seems like they are trying to reach out to younger crowds or something. Im fine with it though lol like I said i had a fun time in these movies so bring it on :) lol

  • krissy

    I think AFI’s list of the top 10 films this year is far more reflective of where the quality is at. This seems like a list of who they want to ATTEND the award show (Depp, Jolie, Cher).

    • @krissy — I completely agree on both counts.

  • tiffany

    That list is total crap. Come on Piper Paraboo as best actress! It really is a sad let down from previous years. Really expected True Blood to have a nomination somewhere, last season had some good moments worth a nod.

  • nicole

    i cant lie….the christina & cher fan inside me is happy that burlesque got some love. will it win….probably not. but people made that movie sound like a write off and now here it is already getting noms.

  • Kelsey

    I agree too, Krissy. The fact that Leonardo Dicaprio was shut out for Best Actor in “Inception” and Ben Affleck as Director for “The Town” really is a big letdown for me….especially “The Town”.

  • Dana

    Happy for the cast of Burlesque…They were unfairly compared to Glitter,Showgirls and Coyote Ugly before the movie was finish..The Movie is what it is a fun Musical.

  • gayana

    It’s nominees, not nominess…

  • nicole

    and im pullin for Boardwalk Empire to win…that show was pretty damn good.

  • robbie

    i actually loved burlesque, not gonna lie. however the biggest surprise for me was the tourist. i love both johnnie and angelina and the movie wasn’t that bad, but i definitely didn’t think it was worthy of a nomination.

  • ryan

    The Tourist was definitely a joke but the others are worthy, imo. ‘Kids’ was a given, Red was a fun ride, ‘Alice’ was visually stunning and Burlesque is the epitome of what a fun, entertaining musical film is all about. Not every film needs to be thought provoking, which is what critics fail to realize. Plus given the context of this category (musical/comedy) those nominees are more than deserving. Congrats to Xtina & Cher on their song nominations as well. Xtina can finally be called a Golden Globe nominee. :)

  • Xadax

    Burlesque! period

  • lily

    Trent I LOLed when you said this sounds like MTV Noms, not Golden Globes. well done and I completely agree

  • I almost died when I saw Red, The Tourist, Burlesque, and a few other noms on this year’s list! Although quite a few of the expected made it on the list, there are def a lot of “odd” ones….. Def not typical Golden Globe noms

  • Debho

    Happy to see some Aussies amongst the nominations.

  • ella

    lol @ smoking salvia!

  • Harold Handfuls

    My money’s on Christian Bale for Supporting Actor…. bitch lost a tonne of weight and looked a mess for the role, now THAT’S dedication!


    LMFAO @ some of y’all thinking Justin Timberlake should have been nominated! I almost died. Srsly. Justin Timberlake’s uncooked Top Ramen-like hair won’t receive a nomination… He was good, yes, but nothing outstanding. LEGENDTINA ALL THE WAY!

  • kransyi


  • Beth

    I’m super excited about Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ nomination for Original Score for their Social Network soundtrack (which is awesome, BTW). Hope they win!

  • robina

    THE WALKING DEAD. Andrew Lincoln should’ve gotten a lil nom himself, but I’ll take Best Drama, kthx. Ian McShane could go for another GG, too, I’m sure. :)