Jordan Bratman & Max Liron Bond In Venice, CA


While mommy/soon-to-be ex-wife Christina Aguilera is traveling the world with her new boyfriend Matthew Rutler while she promotes her new film Burlesque, daddy Jordan Bratman is holding down the fort at home back in SoCal with his son Max Liron. Jordy and Max spent part of their weekend chillin’ together in Venice, CA … and it looked like they had a fantastic time together:

It is very clear that Jordy loves his son very much and he looks like a very attentive, very loving father. I sincerely hope that things don’t get nasty in his divorce with Xtina because it would be a travesty if Max, for whatever reason, was not allowed to spend as much time as possible with his father. Things seem kosher now because Xtina is bizzy with work, flying all around the world … but once she’s settled back at home, I hope Jordan and Max are able to hang out whenever they want to. I’ve always liked Jordan Bratman … he seems like a very good man.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    These are really cute pictures…he does seem like a loving dad!!

  • timetowaste

    i’ve been saying for years that aguilera is a waste of space. she is vile and disgusting. and FUGLY. butterface!

    jordan bratman is fugly too, but he looks like a fantastic dad. a nice jewish boy with his cutie son. that’s the only good thing that xtina will ever produce.

  • Sara

    That last picture is so adorable!!

  • Dot

    Although every star hates paparazzi you have to admit that sometimes they can capture really cute family moments like the one in the last picture. It’s just adorable :)

  • nicole

    the pictures are adorable!
    and i dunno my gut tells me that when it comes to Max, things wont be nasty. she doesnt seem like the type who would keep thier child away from thier father for no good reason.

  • Amanda G

    I would hardly say Christina is a butterface. Too much makeup? Yes. Ugly? No. Anyway, I’ve always liked Jordy and I’m glad he’s spending time with his son during this tough time.

    • @Amanda G — I agree. Xtina is BEAUTIFUL but she ruins it usually with all that caked on make-up and HORRID red lipstick :/

  • Audrey

    I liked this guy, too! Hopefully, things will be okay during the divorces. I’m more concerned if Jordan wouldn’t let Xtina see Max as much, because she cheated on him…I mean, if she did cheat on him..

  • Audrey

    Divorce. Not divorces, haha!

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  • Nicole

    I feel badly for Jordy. It’s clear that Xtina had an affair and it seems as if she’s going through some quarter life crisis. I feel strongly that Jordy is the better parent.