Christina Aguilera & Matt Rutler Make Their Way To London


Last week Christina Aguilera and her new boyfriend Matthew Rutler made their way to Japan and then earlier this week, amid the Internet leaking of Xtina’s racy personal photos, the couple passed thru Spain on the Burlesque promo tour. Today we learn that Xtina and Matt traveled on to London, England so that she could perform on the UK competitive reality TV series The X Factor. Here are a couple photos of the pair as they made their way out of their London hotel this weekend:

It would certainly appear that Xtina and Matt are enjoying their world tour together. But, this visit to London is work for Ms. Xtina … she was one of the big performers on this weekend’s finale episode of The X Factor. After the jump, check out photos and video from Xtina’s appearance/performance on The X Factor

It’s one of the biggest TV events of the year, watched by around a third of the British population. But as the X Factor final kicked off last night, the talent show was accused of straying somewhat from its family viewing credentials as Christina Aguilera and Rihanna put on two extremely provocative pre-watershed performances. Aguilera wore an extremely low-cut black dress as she cavorted with an army of lingerie-clad dancers while Rihanna thrust her way through her solo performance in pants and strapless bra. The superstars jetted in … to appear on the show, with Aguilera duetting with Rebecca Ferguson and Rihanna supporting Matt Cardle. But it was as they took to the stage for their second respective performances of the night – before the 9pm watershed – that they raised eyebrows, leading to Twitter and internet forums being flooded with comments from outraged viewers. Christina’s rendition of Express from her new film Burlesque caused the most upset, with viewer left shocked as she did the bump and grind with her female dancers. ‘Is it me, or is anyone else shocked at the raunchy performance from Christina Aguilera, being shown before the watershed?’ tweeted Sallywoodings?. LottieLovesEwe? was similarly taken aback:’Rihanna not so bad but Christina’s was just wrong for 8.30 TV!! seriously inappropriate.’ Predicting scores of complaints another Twitter user, WhatsAboutTown, posted the message: ‘OMG Christina Aguilera shocking……….how many complaints will ITV get about #xfactor tonight’ … On popular online TV forum Digital Spy, there was a lot of unease about the explicit nature of the performances on a family show. Georgiecats said: ‘It isn’t suitable before 9pm when small children watch this show. I’m no prude but it’s too early in the evening for that type of slutty performance.’ Smartie33 agreed, saying: ‘Christina and Rhianna – it’s just disgusting. It’s meant to be a family show.’

Oh my … these performances sure seems to have sparked the ire of a few viewers … which, I’m sure, the producers of The X Factor are wholly pleased about. Controversy sells and the fact that so many people are buzzing about the performances, both good and bad, is a boon for the popular reality TV series. Here is video of Xtina’s performance of Express for you to be entertained/offended by:

I don’t, personally, see what all the hubbub is about but … there you have it. What do y’all think of Xtina’s performance? Are you impressed?

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Jessica

    I love how they say she was bumping and grinding with her “female dancers” would opinions change if it were with her male dancers. I see nothing wrong with the performance but maybe I’m biased since I’m a chrissy fan.

  • Cali

    That was HOT! I agree with Jess. They wouldn’t have said anything if she was bumping and grinding with male dancers. I didn’t think it was that raunchy. I’ve seen raunchier so this was kinda tame.


    Either the UK is extremely sensitive or something because her performance wasn’t even that bad as far as raunchiness goes! Why can’t Christina get a break? I don’t see nothing wrong with the performance except for that fugly outfit and that nasty ass makeup, but that’s it.

  • Mariah

    ‘Express’ my least favorite song from the album. I think it showcases her amazing vocals the least, but nevertheless she can still sing a billion times better than most other people in the industry.

  • nicole

    and they say were prude over here in north america? there was nothing wrong with it there was nothing shocking or raunchy about it…?

  • Amanda G

    It was the same routine she did at the AMA’s. Not seeing how it’s racy at all…but I also didn’t get why people thought those photos were racy either. P.S. that weave is just terrible.

  • Uh, why wasn’t she at the Nic/Joel wedding? :(

  • Chimera

    I don’t see that it’s racier than is the norm these days.
    I love her and was so glad to have 8 new songs on the soundtrack – especially songs that took advantage of her insane voice again. I just wish her style, hair and makeup choices were different but I love her no matter what.

  • Bethany

    I’m going to feel really stupid if this is something I should already know, but is Christina pregnant again? She’s looking a bit puffy in the face and that outfit almost looks like there’s a bump going on in the stomach area – she really reminds me of how she looked when she was pregnant with her son. Of course, it could be just breakup eating, but this just kind of screams “preggo” to me.

  • J

    Trent she also sung a duet with one of the finalists – you should check out that vid! Rebecca Ferguson is gonna be a star I tell ya and she has just as much soul as Xtina with her taste in music.
    Her voice will give you goosebumps, I will assure you that!
    It’s a shame she didnt win it but I can tell Simon will make sure she secures a recording contract. I prefer her much more than Leona Lewis thats for sure!

  • Dana

    Don’t they have photos of Topless Girls in there Morning Papers??

  • ali

    Xtina was tame and Rihanna was hot! I was less worried about xtinas bump and grind than her bloated face….