‘Thor’ Officially Releases A Movie Trailer


Back in July an almost 6-minute long teaser trailer for the Marvel Comics film Thor was leaked to the Internets, straight from 2010 San Diego Comic Con. Today, we get our first look at the official release of the first Thor movie trailer … which features many scenes from the leaked trailer and is 2 1/2 minutes shorter:

The clip is still very cool and I really loved it … when I saw it 5 months ago. But, for those of you who missed seeing it when it was released back in July, you can check out the shorter yet official Thor teaser trailer, after the jump …

I do love the clip but much like the recycled image used in the first Thor teaser poster which was released earlier this week, I feel kinda cheated … since I’ve already seen it all before. Still, I am very much looking forward to the film’s release in May. Thor cometh, and I can’t waiteth.