Prince Charles Attacked By British Student Protesters


Things got very scary for Prince Charles and Camilla the Duchess of Wales in London, England last night when their chauffeured car (complete with police escort) was attacked by student protesters. Chanting things like, CHOP OFF THEIR HEADS!, the protesters hurled rocks and paint at the royal limousine … very obviously scaring Prince Charles and Camilla:

Things turned ugly Thursday as the Rolls-Royce carrying England’s future king Prince Charles and his wife Camilla drove into a group of protestors. CBS News … reports that some of the student demonstrators shouted “off with their heads,” smashed a window, and splattered the royals’ car with paint. The prince’s police escort quickly came to the rescue and the couple – unharmed, but clearly shocked – arrived safely at a gala variety show in central London. Charles and Camilla put a brave face on as they emerged from the car, quickly picking up their ceremonial duties and shaking hands with a few well wishers before heading into the theater. “They were whisked right through to hospitality where Camilla had a rather stiff brandy to calm her nerves,” reveals CBS News contributor Neil Sean, who reports frequently on the royal family and attended the Royal Variety Show. Police say the prince’s car, and his security detail, were caught off guard by a fast-moving group of protesters who converged on the area of the theater at short notice. Regardless of where they came from and how long they had been there, the violent group’s ability to come within inches of the man next in line to sit on the throne will doubtless prompt a review of security plans for the wedding of Charles’ son, Prince William, being planned for this summer … Earlier Thursday, thousands of students demonstrated in central London against a government move to enable the country’s universities to triple tuition fees – to 14,000 dollars per year. Sporadic pushing and shoving with the police gradually escalated, with officers on horseback brought in to break up the crowds. As night fell, it turned violent. Some demonstrators lit fires, others attacked government buildings. But it’s the attack on the royal car that’s grabbing the headlines this morning.

Wow! These student protests have been going on in London for some time now … but only recently have they started to turn violent. This successful attack on members of the Royal Family are very shocking to me. It is unfathomable that they British police force let the next King of England get that close to such violence. While I do not believe the lives of Charles and Camilla were in any actual danger, the violent nature of the attack on their car is pretty stunning. After the jump, check out some photos of Charles and Camilla’s damaged Rolls Royce and find out how they spent the remainder of their evening after this attack …

Undaunted by the attack on their car, Prince Charles and Camilla made their way to The Royal Variety Performance at The Palladium where Charles got to hang out for a bit with Pop Queen Kylie Minogue:

If anyone could help a man laugh off his blues, then surely Kylie Minogue is the woman for the job. The pop star certainly helped put a smile back on Prince Charles’s face as she greeted him at the Royal Variety Performance last night just moments after his car was attacked by a mob of anarchists. His Royal Highness looked like Miss Minogue was just the tonic he needed after the attack in which he and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall were surrounded by a baying mob just yards away from The Palladium. As the Prince walked into The Palladium theatre in central London, he came face-to-face with the Australian superstar, who looked just as delighted to see him. And they appeared to share a joke as they shook hands and greeted each other warmly at the annual concert. Her choice of outfit surely didn’t go unnoticed either as she stood out from everyone else in a tiny red leather dress with rather kinky matching lace-up, thigh-high, stiletto heeled peep-toed boots that had a hint of fetish club to them.

Well, if I was to be attacked by a mob of angry people throwing things at me, I think the sight of Kylie Minogue in her hot red leather outfit would cheer me up considerably. I must confess, I do not know enough about the reason for the student protests in England to make a comment about whether they are right or wrong but I personally do feel bad for Charles and Camilla. Just yesterday we got to see the couple’s happy Xmas card photo … the sight of Camilla looking so fearful is a real bum out.

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  • Meghan

    Bad idea to drive into protest about the tripling cost of education in a Rolls Royce wearing jewels! It’s a shame that it has turned violent, but I completely understand the anger of those protesting. Love the caption, Trent!

  • DJ Vegas

    Kylie to the rescue! YAAAY! She has saved me on more than one occasion.

  • Panti Christ

    There is no reason to treat anyone like this. Being violent and scaring other persons is a pussy way out to vent and deal with frustrations. I don’t even care for these two, seriously, but I’m kinda upset.

  • Jane

    As a university student in England, I can’t even begin to express how disappointed I am in those who acted so barbarically. It ashens the reputations of students everywhere and brings shame to our country. The anarchic behaviour was unnecessary and just simply embarrassing. If the students as a collective wanted their opinion taken seriously then they should have been mature in their behaviour, to encourage politicians to believe that they are mature enough in their attitute to even have a worthy opinion. They ruined things for themselves.

    On another note, Kylie looks great!

  • Panti Christ

    Go Jane! Well said!!!

  • Missy

    I agree with Jane. I never understand why people feel that throwing tantrums like little toddlers is going to help their cause.

  • Well what do they expect?!

    I totally agree with the students! They should not be tripling tuition! If they want people to be educated and help the country they should lower it! University is already too expensive for a lot of people. I agree the driver of the ROLLS ROYCE should have taken another block but it must have come off that the royals were flaunting their riches… I mean they’ll never have to worry about their education or anything.

  • Eff that!

    Luckily I’m a college student in the US, but if I, as a student in England, had to witness the government letting my tuition triple just like that, when money is insanely tight, and then witness the Prince drive around in that RR, with the money that’s also coming out of my pocket to have to pay for him and his family to live like “royalty,” I would probably be a little fucking upset. I don’t think I would seek to attack them, because that’s stupid, but don’t go out and show off your wealth in the streets right before all the kids that are going crazy trying to figure out how the hell they’re going to pay for their educations.

  • rossy

    Their frustrations are understandable but violence begets violence… not solutions. What this has done will paint “ALL” those affected as radicals & NOT to be taken seriously. Those who were acting with dignity – writing emails, protesting quietly (carrying signs, etc.) will lose BIG time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Parliament doesn’t order an even HIGHER cost of tuition or ban all protests or be arrested.

    If I’m not mistaken there might even be laws stating that “attacks against members of the Royal Family are acts of treason.” – Perhaps those were changed?

  • Aislin

    England is under a new government that we didn’t vote in, the Lib-Dems were forced to back down so the coalition betrayed their promises to cut student fees and have trebled the tuition to rates that simply can’t be afforded anymore.

    I don’t agree with the violence BUT I see why they did it: it got publicity didn’t it? The students are pissed at the government not the royals, but their message is now worldwide. Conservatives are crippling the one ‘Great’ Britain. Everybody has their place, unless they are poor or disabled, then the government simply does not care.

    I’m with the students on this one.

  • Holly

    well if im going to have to pay 18 thousand alone in tuition fees with no financial benefits because my parents actually work for a living… well someone higher up needs to get some of the shit for it.