Another Photo Of Britney Spears & Jason Trawick In Mexico Surfaces


On Wednesday we got to see the first photo of Britney Spears and Jason Trawick on holiday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last weekend for Britney’s 29th birthday. Today we get to see another photo from their trip newly surfaced on the Interwebs:

I tossed in the pic we saw earlier as well just because Britwick look so good together ;) My guess is that Britney and Jason will continue to enjoy as much romantic downtime as they can for the rest of the year … cuz come January, Britney will be hard at work promoting the release of her next album. Choreographer Brian Friedman has confirmed on his official Facebook profile that he is working with Britney on new stuff … he shares:

Hey everyone… won’t be back from London till the late teens of December. Y’all better get your dancing shoes out cuz it’s time for me to “Hit you baby one more time…” Yes, Britney and I are back in action! Werque!

Werque, indeed! Very, very exciting times ahead … I cannot WAIT! WEE!

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    I still don’t really care for him, but if Britney is happy then I’m happy. However, these pictures are fishy…cute, but fishy. I get that they’re trying to suppress those allegations with cute pictures and stories, but uuuuuuuuuuuuugh.

  • nicole

    @CHASE – i love that your the one to say there fishy…cause i know your a huge brit fan…and you just said what were all thinking…now i dont feel like im being a hater or anything.

  • Debho

    What’s with the fug shoes Brit? It’s the beach, where are your Havianna’s?

  • Katie

    I agree with Chase, it almost seems like they are tying way too hard. All of this stuff seems so staged and over the top. I hope the allegations aren’t true for her sake but it just kinda makes you wonder.

    • @everyone — I don’t see any fishiness at all. They are obvs happy to share a few photos from their vacay with her LEGION of fans in order to drum up hype for her upcoming album.

  • Lily

    How is it over the top? They are actually staying true to their selfs by not groping each other. That would by fake cuz they’ve never done it before in public (maybe a little in Hawaii).

    I’m glad that she’s keeping this relationship as private as possible. She learned her lesson.

    The false allegations were way too serious to let it pass without a little damage control. I see no harm *kanyeshrug*

  • cmc

    @Debho I’m with you on those shoes… hideous! But- much as I love her- our dear Brit doesn’t have the best taste in footwear.

  • Jen

    @Debho – my first thought was those are some fugly shoes. Glad she looks so happy but get some new shoes!

  • krissy

    She’s keeping this relationship as private as possible? By selling pictures to the tabloids? You could have fooled me!

    • @krissy — They’ve kept their relationship private for 2 years now, it looks like they are ready to be a more public couple now.

  • Jstar

    Those shoes are horrible, ever heard of flip flops???

  • Onyx

    Luv her and always will. She seems happy and getting her life on track. Yeah the shoes r ugly, but who cares.

  • Dan

    I don’t see what the big deal with these photos are, they have looked happy together since the start, what is wrong with them staging/releasing a few photo’s to show they are happy?

    It sure beats them sitting back and letting everyone think that they are unhappy and that he beats her.

  • I love it… Britney is truly happy.

  • roxster

    its been 2 years already? wow. . my concept of time has gone to crap….I can’t garee more that while the pics are cute those shoes are horrific! I don’tthink the pics are fishy per se, but they seem a bit staged, are they supposed to be pics they posed for with photographers? or zandids from paparazzi? or their own personal shots? britney seems posed in the second where jason seems more like wtf someones taking a pic? the first one seems really sweet though.

  • Kristel

    They look happy! :)

    Britney’s shoes however should be taken away and burned by some kind person who has her legs’ best interests in mind. Those are beyond ugly!