Personal Photos Of Christina Aguilera Leak To The Internets


Personal and sometimes racy photos of Christina Aguilera made their way to the Internets yesterday after, it is being claimed, they were obtained by a mysterious hacker and released online. According to Aguilera herself, the photos were stolen from the computer of Xtina’s personal stylist. While I have not seen any nekkid photos, per se, some of the pics are somewhat risqué … and Xtina is not happy about the leak. Here are a couple of the more benign photos and the full text of Xtina’s official statement on the photo leak:

“The photos of Christina Aguilera being leaked to the press were illegally obtained by a hacker who tapped into Christina’s personal stylist’s account. The photos were taken in the privacy of Ms. Aguilera’s home and were used only in a personal exchange between the star and her stylist. We are attempting to determine the identity of the hackers and will pursue them aggressively. Their conduct is reprehensible.”

While I can totally understand the outrage at being violated in this way (i.e. having one’s personal property stolen and then disseminated online), the photos are not as provocative as some official photos of Xtina that I have seen in years past. NOT that I am condoning the theft of these photos … I’m just saying it could’ve been a lot worse. Something tells me that Xtina prolly does have other racier photos on her computer somewhere … hopefully she’ll put those babies on lockdown.

In other Xtina news, she and her new boyfriend Matthew Rutler returned home to SoCal jetted off to Madrid, Spain this week after the pair jetted off to Japan at the end of last week so that she could do some promo work for her new film Burlesque. After the jump, check out a couple photos of the pair’s arrival in Madrid …

It’s unclear if Xtina’s “racy” photos had already leaked online by the time she and Matt arrived back home in SoCal but I’m certain she was none-too-pleased to have to deal with the brouhaha after her quick trip to Japan. Then again, as the old adage says, there’s no such thing as bad press … mebbe she’s not personally as upset as her official statement suggests. At least she is home again … and hopefully there’ll be no more leaking of personal photos to be had.


  • Vicky

    Racy? These photos are some of the tamest I have ever seen of Christina.

  • Vanessa

    All I can say is…. I want her closet!

  • Kayla

    these are the better two out of the bunch, theres others

  • Ashley

    Doesn’t she look like she has a tiny baby bump in the first photo? She is beautiful!!!!

  • canaussiegirl

    Mid way through promotion on Burlesque and photo’s that are totally innocent are conveniently “leaked”….. I smell a publicist!

  • jadedkitten
  • Leah

    Someone’s publicist will be getting a nice Christmas bonus this year…

  • nicole

    those werent the only photos that were out. but the werent “racy” they were from around the time the Not Myself Tonight video was being done – she was in that white outfit with the pasties. and there was one more with the robe. anyways her closet is heaven.

  • nicole

    @canaussiegirl – the move is doing just fine, she wouldnt need this to help it out. maybe if this happened around the time of Bionic then sure…but with a movie doing great…and a soundtrack doing even better….nah she doesnt need this.

  • canaussiegirl

    @nicole…. IMO any additional press is a good thing…… she may not “need” it, but that’s not to say she does not want it…..

    And considering that Burlesque has barely covered half of it’s production costs yet, I would hardly call that “doing great”

  • Jessica

    @canaussiegirl, It’s only been two weeks and considering they expected it to only make around $30 million total, plus it’s only been released in north america I consider it to be be doing quite well. It’ll do better in europe and asia since she has a bigger fan base there.

    @Ashley, that is a baby bump in the robe picture, she was pregger with max then.

  • Amanda G

    So where are these other “racy” photos? Not seeing what’s racy about those two.

  • scoopaddict

    I’m so confused. Why is it when a couple says they are divorcing and then the husband is seen w/ a female costar…i.e. Brand and Angelina….everyone jumps all over him for cheating, and her for being a homewrecker? Yet, the same appears to have happened here and no one says a thing? There is no proof Brad or Chirstina cheated. But if Brad and Angelina got railed for it, why not Christina? From some of her comments it’s like she is at least admitting to an emotional affair. I just don’t understand.

  • There are photos of her with some sparkled tassels over her nipples and a bejeweled g-string, but nothing SUPER racy….

  • nicole

    @scoopaddict – where have you been? people have been all over christina calling her every name under the sun…

  • JT

    uh no…people did not jump all over Brad because of what happened between him and Angelina. They (and still) call Angelina the homewrecker and whore. Nothing negative is said about Brad because he is a man. The same goes for Chris and her boyfriend. No one is saying jack all about this guy in a negative manner, just her. The extent of this double standard is disgusting! And what is the most disgusting part about it is that women are fueling this hate. Men could care less about this shit, its only women that seem to be consumed with hating on their own sex.

  • Daphne

    As Vicky pointed out… these pics are preeeetty tame. Who cares? What I want are her SHOES!