Happy Xmas From Prince Charles & Camilla


Before the British Royal Family gets around to celebrating the marriage of Prince William to his fiancee Kate Middleton next Spring, they’ve got a little matter of Xmas to celebrate beforehand. Prince Charles and his wife Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall have released their official Xmas Card for 2010 as a way to say Happy Holidays to all their loyal subjects:

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, took to the slopes to take photos for this year’s royal Christmas card, which depicts the beaming couple atop a snowy mountainside in a winter wonderland. An annual tradition, the Prince of Wales, 62, has often included Princes William and Harry in previous years’ photos. But for this Christmas, it’s all about the future king and his Mrs., who are beaming and bundled up from head to toe.

My guess is that now that Prince William is about to become a married man and Prince Harry is a rugged military man, Charles and Camilla decided that their Xmas card need only depict the two of them together in a loving embrace. I can’t help but be fascinated by the Royal Family, even more so now with the upcoming wedding of Prince William to Kate. While I’ve never been too much of a Prince Charles fan, I can’t help but be charmed by him these days … after all, he will be the next King of England. I suppose the next time Charles and Camilla pose for an official photo, it’ll be for his son’s Royal Wedding in April. But, for now, it’s Xmas greetings all around.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Meghan

    Blech…..can’t stand Charles and Camilla. Charles just comes across as spoiled and cranky. His sons turned out so much better than he!

  • Panti Christ

    All feelings of Charles and Camilla aside – this is a nice picture of them. The scenery is beautiful and they look happy and cheerful. Wish I was on their Christmas card list, oy!

  • Cate

    I love Charles and Camilla! I think the photo is absolutely adorable. :)

  • heather


  • LOL whatever this photo is hilarious. Could it have been more ridiculous? I thinkkk not.

  • Sara

    Damn Charles is lookin old these days. But really, who skis in those stupid outfits?! lol

  • Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    I love the Royal Family too! I should have been a royal but sometimes life doesn’t work out as it should!

  • holly

    The idea of having him as king upsets me greatly. Also why is it never the brits interested in the royal family?

  • Meghan

    @Holly–I think the Brits are bored to tears and rather resentful of the monarchy at times. A lot of their tax dollars go to paying for things associated with the royals. All that pomp and circumstance is expensive!

  • Chris

    The idea of these two fruitcakes being kind & queen is absolutely appalling.

  • PixiesBassline

    Everytime I see him with her, I think “What a bastard.”
    I’ve always wondered why he didn’t just procreate with her instead of Diana, since he was obviously in love with her the entire time. Maybe she can’t have kids…

  • Amelia

    Umm…actually Charles will probably NOT be the next King of England. I’m pretty tight with some Brits, its most likely that Charles will be passed over for William due to his age, and (not really talked about) his lack of popularity with the people. William is a much more likely choice…..
    So @holly and @Chris don’t worry!! All hope is not lost :)

  • Chris

    Thanks Amelia!