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Lennon's last interview, X Factor judges? The Bank Robber Mom
  1. Panti Christ

    If I may *ahem* “Peace The Spork Out, Elizabeth Edwards!” I last saw her in her Oprah special interview. I have been a fan since. RIP

  2. krib

    omg i love the hipster pug!

  3. Ama

    Sadly, that is not the first report I have seen that someone would rob a bank/another place just to pay rent/put food on the table for their family. It just shows how rough it is for people, especially around this time.

  4. Panti Christ

    also, I LOVE Paris and wish I could be there to see that snow! Crazy!!

  5. Dana

    WOW, love the snow in Paris pics!!! I’m going in February!!! I hope I get the chance to have snow when I’m there!!!

  6. Zozzo

    I really thought that you would do a post on Elizabeth Edwards. I was looking forward to reading what you would write. RIP Elizabeth.

  7. amanda

    daamn, nice brows, O

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