‘Love And Other Drugs’ Premieres In Australia


Yesterday we saw photos of co-stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway promoting their new film Love and Other Drugs in in Walsh Bay, Sydney and today we get to see cute pics of the pair on the red carpet at George St. Cinemas in Sydney, Australia last night for their big premiere down under … behold:

Despite the fact that I was not really expecting much from this movie before I saw it, I ended up enjoying it a great deal and I’m certain that many Aussies will agree with me that the film is entertaining, cute and very sexy. Jake and Anne’s on-screen chemistry really make the movie worth seeing (er, that and all of the nekkid scenes that feature both Jake and Anne). I would like to reiterate and put out into the universe, again, that I would LOVE to see Jakey poo and Annie pie couple up romantically. I’m not sure that these friends will ever truly find love love together but … well, I still would like to see it happen. Cupid, do my bidding, please.

[Photo credit: Wireimage]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I Still haven’t seen this movie yet, I am such a bad boyfriend!! Damn, I got to go and see it before he gets home:)

    • @Mr. Gyllenhaal — You are a bad boyfriend. Jake is naked, dude. GO NOW.

  • Mariah

    Anne looks so fantastic!

  • Loriannakim

    I’ve always wanted these two together! I’ve seen interviews of them 2 gether and they’re so cute, it’s unreal! Glad that u think like me, Trent!

  • Lisa

    That second photo of them is perfection!

  • holly

    If Jake took up his character from highway again and got intouch with jared leto so they could pretend their Pilot and Jack again and we get rid of the girl in the film … hehehe that would make a happy person.

  • anne

    i thought they had chemistry way back when they did brokeback! i’m super stoked to see this movie. jake = golden. anne = golden. jake AND anne = amaze balls.

  • Truthyisalways

    Whoa there, we *did* see them together before–they played husband and wife in Brokeback Mountain, remember? This is the only reason I can fathom that my best gay says he’s weeping a thousand tears about Jake and Taylor. I honestly think that this is a situation where Anne is too much grown up woman, and also the kind that likes a big strong man, and Jake is like a boy who wants a nurturer.

  • Tracy

    These two are so cute together. I think they would be a good couple at least on the surface anyway.

  • Blanca