Christina Aguilera Does ‘Sukkiri TV’ In Japan


On Saturday we learned that Christina Aguilera and her new boyfriend Matthew Rutler made their way to Japan in order for Xtina to do some promo work for her new film Burlesque and today we get to watch short video of Xtina’s appearance on a morning television program called Sukkiri TV:

Altho the clip is pretty short, you get a good feel for the tone of the frantic morning TV show. I’ve never been fortunate enough to watch Japanese television programs in person but I have seen quite a few clips online that lead me to believe that most if not all Japanese television programming is just the coolest effing shizz you’ll ever seen with your own eyeballs IN YOUR LIFE. After the jump, check out a couple clips of Xtina making an appearance on Japanese TV earlier this morning …

Yeah, I have absolutely no idea what the heck is going on … all I know is that I really effing love Japanese TV. Morning TV programs here in the US aren’t nearly as entertaining and/or exciting. It’s unclear if Xtina actually enjoys appearing on Japanese TV or not considering how out of it she looks but she’s a real sport for going on the air. Isn’t Japanese television programming awesome?

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  • Alicia

    I don’t understand when people with that much money have such horrible hair. WHAT is going on?

  • Jessica

    She used to live in Japan as a little girl so I’m sure she loves being on japanese shows. I also don’t think she looks out of it.. she’s probably just overwhelmed with all these people speaking a different language.

  • Mandy

    She looks SO fake! Ugh…why does she do that to herself? She is so beautiful. Just take off the clown get-up, Christina, and you’d look absolutely radiant!

  • nicole

    if i ever had to be on one of these shows….i would look out of it too…cause i would be lost in about 2 minutes.
    her hairs lookin better then it was before…i just wish she would go the colour she had in the movie, it was cute on her.

  • Ama

    I love the Japanese culture, I’m actually planning on learning the language and how to read and write in Japanese this upcoming year(that’s the main thing on my Christmas list, is books/learning programs to do so) because I love watching the T.V shows(Japanese drama and movies too) and while I don’t mind reading subtitles I’d like to eventually be able to watch them without having to read. But the interviewers for this show seemed a lot calmer than the interviews I have watched for the band I like(The Gazette). The interviewers in Japan have so much energy though that it’s really fun to watch them.

    Anyways! Enough with that rambling, Christina looks kind of heavier in these videos, but honestly I think she is beautiful even when she has more weight on her, I just wish she would stop wearing so much heavy makeup! It really isn’t doing her beauty justice :)

    Hopefully someone will sub these interviews soon so we can actually understand what is going on(without the translator because honestly…I don’t pay attention to them*laughs*)

  • Sarah

    I love Japan so much. i’ve been there 3 times and it’s AMAZING. I’m jealous that’s she’s there now.
    Japanese television is nothing short of crazy/amusing


    Her hair, makeup = NO.

  • Cupcake

    I’ll say it again, I don’t think she looks bad. She does look pretty without all the make-up but she doesn’t look bad (to me) here either. And she seemed sweet in these short clips. Japan a.m. shows seem crazy/funny…reminds me of the clips that Conan mentions on his show (lmao)
    Love X-Tina! Keep doin your thing, you’re wonderful!

  • Ariel

    I wouldn’t mind her looking like this is she was promoting herself as a singer, but she’s an actress now. Look presentable, dammit!

  • Lisa

    It’s sort of funny how the camera pans up from her feet to her dress to give viewers a close up of what she’s wearing. The hair reminds me of Britney when she had that period of really bad extensions/growing in her hair. Too bad, she’s so naturally gorgeous.

  • I can’t believe I am the first commenter to state the obvious but I am willing to be that she is pregnant. All of the weight is in her face and she’s wearing babydoll dresses! I think an announcement is forthcoming but she will want to drag it out as long as she can because the timeline may cast a very very bad light on her divorce…

  • nicole

    @Jess – your not the first to say it. its been stated a million times before this.

  • Amanda G

    I don’t think she looks that bad here. That’s probably the best that I’ve seen her weave look and her makeup isn’t that awful. And yes, she definitely looks pregnant in that dress…

  • Kumiko

    hey im from japan, and as seen this pics, this tv show is SUKKIRI not MEZAMASHI!!

  • Whoa, that empire waist makes her look so preggers! I’ve been suspicious since she I saw her on a Chelsea Lately special…