Watch: The Cast Of ‘Glee’ Performs On ‘The X Factor’ In The UK


The cast of Glee (sans Chris Colfer who got left behind in LA to film scenes with Darren Criss for an upcoming episode of the show) made their way to the UK this weekend to put on a special performance on competitive reality TV series The X Factor. Here are a few screencaps of the Glee folks belting out their new trademark song Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey:

The Glee kids will be touring Europe next year, much like they did here in the US earlier this year, performing in concert many of the songs that have been featured on the show. As I understand it, The X Factor is still doing gangbusters in the UK so this performance by the cast of Glee was watched by many people on that side of the pond. After the jump, check out video of this special live performance …

Dude, Amber Riley KILLS in this performance. I mean, she is hands down the most impressive singer among the bunch and she always thrills when she opens her mouth but … dang … when she belts out her little solos in this performance, I got goosebumps. She is fantastic. I really loved the Glee concert when I saw it here last May … the folks in Europe are in for a treat.


  • Jaye

    I love how Amber sings in Simon’s face: show him what he missed out on by not letting her through on American Idol!

  • Panti Christ

    That dress is not flattering on every woman’s body…they could have presented better :( Ladies are lookin’ like half opened Ferrero Rochers!

  • Jessica

    I was hoping they’d swing back around to do a full north american tour including canada

    • @Jessica — They may do another leg of a North American Tour next Spring.


    LMAO @ Panti Christ!!

  • g

    Ohhhh they performed as their characters! That makes sense. I was wondering why Kevin McHale was in a wheel chair.

    • @g — Yeah, the cast perform in character on this tour. I, personally, think it’s odd for Kevin McHale to perform in a wheelchair for the concert but …

  • Nicola

    The only time X Factor has featured some singing talent as of late…Oh yeah, I went there! X Factor sucks!

  • Kay

    i would absolutely love to go and see them, but at £60 a ticket… bit pricey!

  • ashley

    LMAO! I love that Amber went right up to Simon to belt it out – wasn’t she cut from American Idol? I’d have done the same thing!

  • Alicia

    I think the wheelchair thing is also because of choreography. I know it seems simple to just take the wheelchair out, but I can’t imagine how little time these people have. To re-tune all of their choreography for songs they already know might be more work than we know.

  • Aylee

    Totally agree about Amber Riley!

  • Jamie

    What was Chord Overstreet doing there? Plus not everybody needed a solo and I’m talking about you Dianna Agron

  • jas

    i want them to come to australia :'(

  • gpgirl

    ive read an interview of randy jackson and he said amber might have been cut off even before she reached the judges. :(

    i love what sue said.hehe amazing performance.. Especially from Naya,Lea and Amber.

  • Misty

    Where’s Kurt? :S

    • @Misty — “sans Chris Colfer who got left behind in LA to film scenes with Darren Criss for an upcoming episode of the show”

  • JT

    What Amber did to Simon, belting in his face, was brilliant! First casting out Jennifer Hudson than Amber, when Simon is wrong he is SO wrong. I hope he has realized that talent comes in many different people. Just because your not a stick figure with a flawless face doesn’t mean your talent is worthless and you don’t have a chance at being sucessful. He need to wakeup, along with many others, and see that regardless of someone’s outside appearance if they have

  • JT

    …undeniable talent they will always be beautiful!

  • Chuy

    So over this them singing this song.


    I hope they come to france. French people love “zee Glee” so much. Its pretty amusing, actually.