Jake Gyllenhaal & Anne Hathaway Hit The Promo Trail Down Under


Now here’s a coupling I can get on board with … Jake Gyllenhaal and co-star Anne Hathaway have made their way down under to Australia to do some promo work for the release of their new film Love and Other Drugs. Jake and Anne posed for the Aussie press at The Wharf Restaurant in Walsh Bay, Sydney … don’t they look so good together?

They say the best way to achieve beautiful skin is by protecting yourself in the sun. And Anne Hathaway certainly seems to be taking that to heart. The actress has been in Australia promoting her latest film for several days now – but does not appear to have even the slightest hint of a tan, despite the broiling Sydney sun. Anne and Jake Gyllenhaal continued to promote their new film Love & Other Drugs today in Sydney. There’s no doubt that despite her lack of golden glow, Anne was having a wonderful time. The 27-year-old and Jake couldn’t stop laughing as they posed for a photocall in the sunshine yesterday, their arms affectionately around each other. Wearing a very short sparkly dress and heels, Anne looked chic yet girlish. Meanwhile Jake, 29, kept it simple in blue jeans and a blue shirt.

I know many of y’all, like me, are none too pleased by the sight of Jake lookin’ all couplely with Taylor Swift … but I think the sight of these two together more than makes up for the Jake/Taylor pairing. Many folks have asked me if I would be happy to see Jake matched up with anyone … and I say, yes! If Jake and Anne started dating, I would be among their biggest champions. They seem well-matched to me … in fact, Anne makes the most sense for Jake. Both actors are fairly talented and successful. They have great chemistry on screen which means they must have great chemistry off screen as well. It’s very clear these two are already great friends … wouldn’t they make great lovers as well? I say, Jake – ditch Taylor, get with a real woman! Sometimes the thing you’re lookin’ for the most is right in under your nose.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Panti Christ

    He needs to drop Taylor for a tailor…

  • Mariah

    I’d be SO thrilled if these two started dating. Jathaway forever!

    • @Mariah — JATHAWAY! I love it :)

  • Holly

    I like this pairing as well, but Jake is notorious for dating blondes!!

  • Debho

    I’d rather have some of that sunshine that Sydney’s got. We’re supposed to be the Sunshine State in Queensland, but haven’t seen the stuff in weeks. :(

  • AGREED. They were so in tune in that movie it’s hard to believe that they wouldn’t hook up.

  • Truthyisalways

    Jake had some kind of ur-experience in Kirsten Dunst, because every woman he’s dated looks sort of like her. Jake would be great Anne, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Jake and Taylor make sense–go ahead and scream, but it’s explainable (sic). Don’t tase me bro!

  • Holly

    not an anne fan. Shes a bit too plastic/Julia Roberts looking for Jake. And looking at hollys comment dating blondes….. hey Jake youve got plenty of blond british fans……. just saying.

  • Kells

    yeah, I’d go for them together. they’re both beautiful people!

  • Denise

    So, what’s wrong with Taylor, and why isn’t she a “real woman”? I don’t really have an opinion of her at all, so I’m not being defensive of her – just wondering why y’all think she’s not right for Jake.

  • hailey

    i almost forgot about this remarkable pair! i think they’re better matched too! But I don’t think Jake has the confidence to set his dreams and sights on playing house with Anne. I don’t think jake’s ego can deal with Anne. as a good friend yes. But jake seems very much like the marrying kind. i think he’ll just settle with some sweet young country girl, like Taylor. Who is sweet, pretty, and probably very agreeable. Unless Anne pursues though.. and shows some serious competition.. then you know maybe things might change.