Emma Stone Goes Blonde For ‘Spider-Man’


In October we learned that actress Emma Stone has been cast to star as original Peter Parker girlfriend Gwen Stacy in the big screen reboot of the Spider-Man film franchise and today we get our first look at Emma rockin’ her newly bleached blonde locks which she showed off this weekend on the red carpet here in LA. Filming production is prolly right around the corner, so Emma had to color her lovely red hair blonde:

Emma Stone ALWAYS looks lovely, no question. But, I greatly prefer to see her with her red hair … and I STILL think that the powers that be missed a great opportunity to get Emma to play the red-headed Mary Jane Watson in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. BUT, the casting has already been decided … Emma is blonde … what do y’all think?

[Photo credit: Wireimage]

  • Mara

    From what I heard, she’s originally a blonde, but she dyed her hair red to get more movie roles because everyone thought she was dumb.

  • nicole

    its cute, but i perfer the red, it makes her eyes stand out more. hopefully she’ll go back to red after shes done taping

  • nicole

    @Mara – your right shes a natural blonde, but she didnt want to be typed-cased..kinda like anna faris…

  • amanda

    yeah, do not like…. back to red! same with lilo!

  • am i the only one that doesn’t like it at all?

  • Recovering Firecracker

    I much prefer her curvier (looking extra skinny, no?) and redheaded. She was such a role model for the non-Hollywood type! Hopefully this role is worth it…

  • periz

    hmmm even if she was originally a blonde i doubt it was this shade. it really washes her out. dont like it at all. the red was the perfect color for her skin tone and made her eyes pop. hopefully she goes back to the red after taping is over.

  • MaryAnne

    Emma is a natural blonde. She first dyed her hair brunette, then after being cast for Superbad, Judd Apatow had her dye it red. Alas the famous red hair. Honestly if you just search her name you can find that out everywhere. Looks good either way.

  • alyse

    Boo I liked it so much better red. Now she just looks like every other starlet/wannabe

    …Can you tell i’m a redhead and hate how there are practically no redheaded actors?

  • Heather

    She is naturally blonde and it was Judd Apatow for her roll in Superbad that suggested she color it red.

  • Katy

    I prefer red. Emma is COMPLETELY the new Lindsay. Lindsay is obsolete now.

  • j

    Yeah I prefer red too. She looks good as blond but it’s like she a different person

  • AJ

    I dont MIND the blonde, but Red was just so sexy on her! when she was in Zombieland, man oh man i just loved it. I agree, i hope she goes back to her red hair after the filming. but she doesnt look horrible

  • AnnaBear


  • Jacqui


  • T

    nope…don’t care for it!

  • Kate

    I think it looks nice…red looks better for sure – but why should this change our opinion of her? She’s awesome because her personality rocks…not because she had red hair. Anyway, I’m glad they’re done with the Mary Jane role – this is a Spiderman Reboot so some significant things have to change…having a different girl character is a good change of pace, in my opinion.