Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift Do ‘US Weekly’ Magazine


Just when you thought all the coffee dating that Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift have been doing lately couldn’t get any worse … it goes and gets worse. The first photo of Jake and Taylor together on Thanksgiving has finally surfaced … on the cover of this week’s issue of US Weekly magazine. While the photos that we’ve seen HERE and HERE were snapped clandestinely, this new photo was taken full on face-front … behold:

The new Us Weekly (now on newsstands) has the first photos of Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal’s romantic Thanksgiving Day weekend. Arm in arm, the two looked more smitten than ever as they took an afternoon stroll in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood, where the actor’s sister, Maggie, lives. Dating for just five weeks, the romance is heating up, several insiders tell Us Weekly. “She loves his family and he loves hers,” says a Swift source. Adds another pal, “It’s definitely serious.” So, how did the unlikely romance come about? Find out and get more – including why their relationship works; their thoughts on the nine-year age gap and what their families think; how Swift is already “love-struck” and must-see exclusive photos – in new Us Weekly today!

Now … I think it’s pretty clear that I am not a fan of this Jake and Taylor pairing so, naturally, my commentary about the two of them together will prolly never be favorable. But I have to point out the curious nature of this new photo of Jake and Taylor looking so happy and smiley together. All of the photos we’ve seen of the pair have been taken from behind or from far away … this photo looks way too posed to look like a genuine candid shot. I mean, doesn’t this photo look like the couple are posing? The casual one hand hold, the laughing and looking away … the coffee cup. Doesn’t it seem curious that all of the sudden a professional photographer not only happened to get a clear shot of the couple lookin’ all “coupled up” but that they managed to get the photo face front? It’s all too … perfect. To be honest, I was more willing to believe the couple were actually a couple from all the clandestine camera phone photos snapped of the two of them. This perfectly posed photo makes the whole “relationship” seem … staged. Mebbe I’m wrong and my personal feelings are getting in the way but … what do y’all think?


  • Kelly

    I know what you mean, Trent. My personal feeling are, too, getting in the way of how I actually feel about this relationship.
    Taylor is still young, so she may not be getting too serious with him. (I hope)
    All the G-rated dates seem a tad suspect as well… so who knows.

  • Jen


  • Roxy

    Ew. I think you’re right. This looks so fake. I’m no fan of this pairing either… Jake is way too hot and too old for little Taylor.

  • Margie

    It looks photoshopped.

  • JR

    Agreed…something seems fishy…too posed. I don’t like them together at all…just seems like an odd match.

  • C

    Taylor goes through boyfriends like underwear or when she records a new album and needs some material. I don’t like the pic, it looks quite staged and a little gaggy. Please I hope we dont have to hear a breakup song about Jake in the future.

  • Nadine

    Definitely an odd couple! If it’s real, what is he thinking?
    If it’s staged, how stupid! I hate fake things! I am not a fan of Taylor Swift, she’s not that great.

  • Leslie

    I’m not sure how I feel if it is real. But I agree, this photo def looks staged. Who walks like that? How uncomfortable does that have to be?

  • Kammie

    *shrug* lucky snapshot? Maybe they realize the public is onto them and they’ve given up on trying to hide. I don’t understand what everyone is so upset about, Taylor strikes me as a sweet person and Jake’s clearly a good guy. They obviously see something attractive in each other. Let them have fun, they’re young. Maybe it’ll work out, maybe it won’t. They shouldn’t have to justify their feelings for each other to anyone but themselves. But I feel your pain Trent <333

  • Allie

    I just rushed over here after seeing this photo on another website to see your thoughts on it. It does look staged I must admit but they look HAPPY.

  • Kelly

    This coupling nauseates me a little. This picture looks so uncomfortable and posed.

  • Amanda

    Whatever it is, it’s disgusting. Very ashamed of Jake.

  • trena

    I’m going with the thought that they are doing a movie together. She is so yucky. Surely he has better taste!!

  • Alex

    Odd couple for sure, but I think they look happy.

  • Dana

    Come on Jake!!She dated a Jonas…Taylor is only 20 and is dating like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Paris Hilton…@ Kelly G-Rated Dates.LOL!!

  • Joanna

    The only thing I have to say is that Jake better watch his back. One wrong move on his part and he’ll be in Taylor’s next hit song.

  • Liz

    Who cares? If they like each other, so be it. What’s the big deal?

  • Adriana Gomez

    Alright Jake, we believe you are not gay. Stop acting like you and Taylor are a couple.

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  • Keely

    Hm… I like both of them, but I’m not really convinced that their relationship is as the media portrays it. We shall see~…

  • Panti Christ

    makes me wonder: what’s in the cup!? lol

  • Sarah R.

    Next to singer & songwriter it looks like Taylor needs to add professional beard to her resume.

  • Diana

    @Kammie… Ditto to everything!

  • RecoveringFirecracker

    If it wasn’t for his beanie and her not-quite-so-perfect hair, I’d say it was an ad for that coffee label!

  • nicole

    they look like sliblings in this picutre lol

  • g

    I hug my guy friends like that…
    whatever. T.Squints needs to promote her album and new material for her next.

  • SuzieB

    IDK if there’s something wrong with me or something… but I so don’t hate this pairing. Who would people like to see Jake with?? Reese wasn’t good, Taylor not good, Kirsten was a trainwreck…is it just people want him w/a dude??? Someone wanna explain? Please?? I wanna get this… LOL

    • @SuzieB — I would be happy if Jake got together with @Mr.Gyllenhaal :D

  • mindymoo

    i dont like the picture, the only thing my eyes go directly to is that perfectly posed coffee cup … faced completely front and even the way she is holding it is odd … and who really goes to a coffee shop THAT much, especially for a date …

  • teri

    Sorry to be a nay sayer but she is his BEARD and this is all staged…

  • SuzieB

    @Trent – We’d all love that!! : ) @Mr.Gyllenhaal would have to invite us all to the wedding!!

  • Jackie

    It doesn’t look very “coupley” to me. I walk with my arm around my friends like that… or my brother…

  • Kyleigh

    Sounds like you (and many others) had their Haterade this morning, Tent! I think they look cute, and the heart wants what it wants, so why hate?? Given all the gutter trolls trainwreck Hollywood starlets out there, Jake could do WAY worse!

    • @Kyliegh — It’s not hateful to be suspicious of dubious behavior. I like them both individually but their pairing is just too odd.

  • Kyleigh

    Ooops, I meant “Trent”, not “Tent”. LOL

  • Kathy

    I’m sorry but this photo looks sooo staged. Amazing that they “hooked up” just as she had a new album coming out and he had a new movie to promote. Sounds like a publicists’ wet dream….. He could do so better !!

  • Amanda G

    He is way too good looking for her. Ugh.

  • Ash

    I dont think its staged. I think some one with a VERY BIG glass on his camera took it. my pro opinion is that the image is way to pixilated and grainy for it to be an up close staged photo. Just saying

  • grace

    staged photo or not, for the life of me i just can’t even imagine what they could possibly talk about on all of these coffee dates. at least when you’re on a meal date, there’s the staring at the menu, cutting, and chewing to fill up time. it’s not even about the fact that jake’s 29 and taylor’s 20, it’s about jake acting like a normal 29 year-old while taylor acts like a typical 12 year-old. at least with jessica simpson and john mayer, we know they were napalm-ing it up..

  • nicole

    @Trent – agreed…i think Mr G would be a perfect fit with Jake :)

  • Debho

    @SuzieB…I’m with you. Who would people really like him to be with? And so what about the age difference? 20 isn’t that young…I was married at that age. However, I’m not a particular fan of either, so it makes no difference to me who they’re doing.

  • Kristen

    I just find it hard to believe that a celebrity would waste their time “staging” certain scenarios for the public. I wouldn’t put it past some of the lower fame-whores like say, Speidi, but these two don’t seem like they would bother trying to fool anyone into anything. Do you really think they took time out of their Thanksgiving Day to stage a photo? I think they are getting more comfortable and just don’t care if people see them together anymore.

    • @Kristen — First, trust me … all celebs go to great lengths to control how they are seen in the media. Second, there is no proof this photo was taken on Thanksgiving. While it’s possible the photo is a genuine, candid shot I personally do no believe that it is.

  • Alex

    TRENT, I too am suspicious of these two. But I think that this photo may be photoshopped. Look at Taylor’s feet in relation to Jake’s. It looks like she’s about three feet in front of him according to her feet, but her upper body is right next to him. Hmmmmm….

  • Juneh

    Dang, I really really -really- don’t like those two together.

  • truthyisalways

    Trent, I apologize for being harsh earlier. I am saying this because I am meeting my best gay male friend for an emergency coffee this afternoon so he can process this. I have NO IDEA why everyone is so upset about what seems to me to be a perfectly fine idea, but it seems that a lot of people are struggling to accept that Jake is dating someone new. ???? WTF?

  • Annie

    Ugh, they make me want to vom. If this photo is real and from Thanksgiving, what took it soooo long to get out?!

  • Melissa G

    I’m with you Trent. This picture looks sooooo staged. Not like the others shown before. If they are really dating, I don’t think it will last too long. Like others said… she is too young and too “sweet” to handle a hot-mature-and so wanted for many ladies Jake! Sorry but I don’t see it last.

  • heather

    They look like brother and sister. I see no romantic chemistry here at all. Honestly, it would be creepy if they were romanticlly involved. Their age difference and life experiences are not even in the same ball park. Wasn’t she a teenager not very long ago? Isn’t he in his early 30’s? Love them as individuals, think they are both great people, but not in a relationship, eek.

  • Lea

    I can’t stand it! I never liked her but now I just hate her!!!
    Come on Jake, you can’t be serious!!

  • joe

    Jake does not deserve her. She is way above her league.

    This is so funny, when i read about Taylor being immature- she really has you fooled. Nowhere in hell do i believe she is the same person in private life as she is painting her life to be in the media. Her target audience is young girls- so its only natural she acts their age to have a deeper connection. I have seen her interviews at the age of 16- she sounded way above her years…i guess they did not have this image thing figured out yet then.

  • Kyleigh

    @Trent – “I think it’s pretty clear that I am not a fan of this Jake and Taylor pairing so, naturally, my commentary about the two of them together will prolly never be favorable”

    Sounds pretty hateful to me!

    • @Kyleigh — You clearly have a very skewed perspective on hate.

  • siena x

    Better get used to GyllenSwift!


    WHAT. IS. THIS. FUCKERY. I am so disgusted right now. I’m subtracting 10 points from Jake. I have subtracted 25 points now. He better stop or else.

  • Kyleigh

    @Trent – I define hate as strong dislike towards any person, place or thing. You have made it VERY clear how you feel about the pairing of Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhal, and in my honest opinion, based on your own musings, I come to the conclusion that your feelings are quite hateful. Once again, I will quote you from this post – “Just when you thought all the coffee dating that Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift have been doing lately couldn’t get any worse … it goes and gets worse.” How is this not hateful speak??

    • @Kyleigh — You are obviously free to believe what you like but I will categorically for the record make very clear that I do not hate anyone.

  • PixiesBassline

    Just GROSS.

  • Iheart?

    I’m not sure how the maturity level is an issue. I mean Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are not close in age but are supported for their relationship? That’s what I don’t understand. I guess its just cause I like Taylor and actually am a fan of her music and songwriting. Most of the songs she sings remind me of a moment in my life, and I think no matter your age you can remember those same feelings.
    Maybe it is an overly exaggerated photo, but they look happy or at least to be having fun.

  • Penny

    I know she’s 20 and is of age, but I can’t help but feel Chris Hanson is lurking behind them.

  • Kelly

    @Kyleigh – Clearly you don’t understand Trent’s humour.
    This so reminds me of far too many people overreacting when Trent blogged about Jake and Reese Witherspoon’s break up.

  • Val 2.0

    It ain’t just a river in Egypt, hun.

  • MM

    @Ash – I agree, when I first saw this photo I thought, wow someone must have been zooming in on them from *really* far away. Look at how blurry their faces and the coffee cup are – this was definitely not taken by by someone standing anywhere hear them. They were probably just strolling down the street and some paps started snapping from a distance.

  • Jenny

    @Kyleigh lay off Trents nuts, he was in no way being hateful, and I agree with him. These two cannot be the real deal.

  • BlueSeaShellGirl

    When I was 18, I met and fell in love with a 30 year old man and we had a 6 year relationship. I was very mature for my age and judging by Taylor’s songwriting, I think she may be too. I think they make a cute couple. :)

  • Christie_M

    It’s such a weird pairing. To each their own, and all that, but it still gives me a weird feeling. I’m with you Trent, the weird pairing combined with this unnatural picture makes me think something’s up.

  • Tori

    i LOVE it! i love both of them! and together its great! i dont really care if it was staged lol

  • Mariah

    HAHAHAHAHA I LOOOOVE how this post has 67 comments. Well, now with mine, 68.

  • Amanda

    I don’t find her too young for him. I mean love doesn’t discriminate against age, race, or sex. It’s just love period. I feel this way because I’m the same age as Taylor and my husband is the same age as Jake. I wish them the best of luck =]

  • Verodemort

    I’m pretty sure this picture is candid because Jakey Pooh’s eyes looked crossed/wonky and Taylor looks like she laughed so hard she snorted! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • Rachael

    Yeah this is one of the weirdest couples out there. I just can’t imagine how a guy who is practically 30 years old would feel comfortable dating someone who was just a teenager 5 seconds ago. What the hell do they have to talk about?? What do they have in common?? Don’t get me wrong, I have friends that are a decade older than me and friends that are a decade younger than me and we get along great … but could I DATE them or be their significant other?? Definitely not, it would drive me nuts. Jake and Taylor are at such different places in their lives when it comes to what they would probably look for in a significant other … Jake is at the age where he probably wants to settle down soon and Taylor is just young and having fun. It just doesn’t seem like it can last too long.

  • hailey

    trent, for some reason i think jake really wants a wife, and he might just pop the question any time with this girl.. and i have no problems believing that swift is going to jump at that opportunity.

    he is a good kid, swift is a pretty and nice girl, both can be very dorky. it’s a good match,as far as i can see.

  • shelly

    I love how she’s perfectly facing the coffee cup forward. Jake is turning into a big joke. :/

  • PF

    Oh come on, they are cute !!!

  • Gojo

    So it’s fake just because it is one good picture after five weeks of trying?? LOL Are you guys kidding? So, you think all those celebs who are married are just faking it too, right, because they’ve all had good pictures taken too…? She’s really tall, so she needs a guy as tall as the one in the picture to be…compatible with her. So that narrows the field a LOT, and this guy was hot and available, and there ya go.

  • Gojo

    Forgot to ad that I love how you roll your eyes at “coffee dating.” So if he was pictured bending her over the hood of his car with a handful of her hair in his hand, that would be a “real” date, but anything less risque just HAS to be fake, huh? Wow.

  • Melissa G

    Some people just don’t get the humor… ;)

  • Tania Lamprecht

    I loooooooooooooove them together and think everyone should stop hating!!!

  • Jake Gyllenhaal is gay

    So fake and phony, Jake Gyllenhall is really pathetic.