Christina Aguilera Confirms That She Is Dating Matthew Rutler


The Daily Mail is reporting that Christina Aguilera has opened up to People magazine about her new relationship with Matthew Rutler. In quotes attributed to Xtina, she confirms that the couple are romantically involved. What is curious is that this interview is nowhere to be seen (yet) on People’s official website … but The Daily Mail has a lot of direct quotes that they claim come straight from Xtina herself. Read on to hear what Xtina reportedly has to say about the new man in her life:

Christina Aguilera has given her first interview about her new boyfriend Matthew Rutler, saying: ‘There’s a love there.’ The singer, who filed for divorce from husband Jordan Bratman just six weeks ago, blames her new film Burlesque for driving them apart. She also admits becoming close to Rutler on the film’s set, although she insists they didn’t begin dating until after she filed for divorce. ‘Matthew is a special person,’ she told People magazine of the set assistant. ‘We had a really strong friendship on the movie. He’s the kind of person you could spend hours on the phone talking to and all of a sudden it’s daylight. Once I filed for divorce, we started dating. I’m not trying to jump into anything. I just left a five-year marriage. I’m taking it slow and trying to be happy.’ The two have made no secret of their romance, enjoying several romantic dates, with Rutler even giving Christina a rose. ‘There’s a love there, yes. I’m having fun, I’m dating and it’s something I haven’t had in a really long time.’ Christina also addressed her break-up from record producer Bractman, the father of her two-and-a-half year-old son Max. She said their marriage started off well. ‘We were great the first year after Max was born. Jordan was amazing. He was the first to change Max’s diaper. Then thing s turned. I was nurturing Max and felt independent in the relationship.’ But then she landed the role on Burlesque. ‘I went right into filming Burlesque [in Autumn last year]. As a musician you’re with your posse all the time, and during the movie I removed myself from mine. So I had an independence I’d never felt before. I was growing leaps and bounds daily. I went from being a girl to a woman. When I finished filming, I didn’t feel right in my own shoes [a home]. I had a lot of things stirring inside of me that I felt were being suppressed. We tried to work on the marriage and figure out a common ground, but the problems were obvious.’

Wow … now that is quite a declaration. But, c’mon … doesn’t this all seem terribly rushed, terribly too media friendly? Not only has Xtina gotten herself into a new romantic relationship (seemingly hours after she filed for divorce from her husband of about 5 years) but she’s already talking about it very publicly just weeks into the relationship? As I’ve mentioned before, I’m hearing from very reliable sources that Xtina’s relationship with Matt is not as genuine as she is outlining in this new interview. From what I understand, neither Matthew nor Jordan are Xtina’s type. My guess is that this whatever the Hell is going on is merely for PR purposes. I’m having a real hard time taking Xtina at face value when it comes to this new “love interest”. Nothing about it feels right. But, I must confess, I have no concrete reason to discount what she is saying. I don’t know with absolute certainty that she is not being honest in this interview so … I suppose it’s up to the individual to believe what she is saying.

So … do you believe that Xtina is already madly in love with this new guy already? Does this sound like true love to you?

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  • krissy

    I get the feeling that Trent is suggesting that Christina likes women. I just don’t think that she would keep hiding it after a divorce. It isn’t like she is super conservative or anything.

    This doesn’t really seem that rushed to me. On movie sets people spend a lot of time together, and that set was supposed to be pretty traumatic. To some people, it might seem rushed, but it is very possible that these two spent hundreds of hours together on set, literally.

  • Billie

    Yeah I also get the feeling Trent means ‘gender’ when he says ‘type’ Well, we’ll see.

  • Melissa G

    I have a hard time believing that someone can just move on to another relationship in such a little amount of time. More when you are a celebrity. And even more when you go public that fast. I think after her new cd, new movie, she is just trying to get the more attention as she can. Sadly, she had to go and get another man for that. I believe she can do better than that. If it is really true love, best wishes for both.


    This is absolutely ridiculous! I doubt she even tried to save her relationship…she wanted out and took the easy way out by filing for divorce. I’m sorry, but I get that one can be an artist and what not, but growing so much that your old life is just boring, so you have to replace everything? It just doesn’t add up! She most definitely cheated on Jordan because why would she just jump into a relationship after they filed for divorce? Sure, they were separated before that, but come ON. This is sooooooooo suspicious and not covered up well at all! So horrendous.

  • heather

    Tacky! Call me old fashioned, but couldn’t you wait a couple months….shoot maybe a year after a divorce before you start a new relationship? She has a child, come on.

  • nicole

    i dunno..somethings going on here, but i dont think its what we all think it is. for this interview…it seems way too open for her. but i alson feel that if women were more her type, she wouldnt hide it..thats just not her.
    as for her rushing into it….who dont know excatly how long they havent been happy. for all we know, they stayed together more for max then for them, which isnt heathly. and think how much time these two were spending together..more then her and jordan were.

    and to say she didnt try at her relationship…how the hell do you know? you have no idea…thats like saying britney should have tried harder with kevin…we dont know how long they have been struggling. or what excatly the problems were.

  • Alicia

    You know, when people were saying she was cheating on her husband with Samantha Ronson, I didn’t believe it. You know how people are. For some reason it’s hard for people to believe that a lesbian (or gay man) has friends of the same gender. Having said that, this relationship being thrown into the media so quickly made me SUPER suspicious. I mean, what better way to deflect from the gay rumors? And putting relationships into the spotlight never used to be her thing. How long was it before we knew who Jordan Bratman was? Sorry X-tina, not buying it.

  • kattmow

    I think the vaule of true love, relationships and marrage is pretty mcuh meaningless to most people nowadays. so yeah shes probs “in love”.

  • Heather

    Does anyone really think Xtina would care to keep it private if she were gay? I feel like she would have been out a long time ago. Maybe she is bisexual.

    • @Heather — “Does anyone really think Xtina would care to keep it private if she were gay?” I do.

  • F

    I think she was probably banging this new guy and that’s why she filed for divorce…

  • krissy

    I don’t understand this whole “such little time” argument. She started filming a year ago, so she didn’t just meet this guy. Maybe he made her feel a way that her husband didn’t, and after filming, it was really apparent. Secondly, marriages are usually “over” long before divorce is filed. I just don’t see how one person can judge another based on how quickly they develop or lose feeling for another person. Falling in love and falling out of love can happen VERY quickly. What we do know is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to tell whether someone “tried” to save their marriage if you are not 1 of the 2 people in that marriage.

  • krissy

    So you think she is opportunistic enough to date someone to get press, yet not opportunistic enough to milk the holy grail of mediawhoredom? An “I’m gay” coverstory would be HUGE.

    That logic is just way too inconsistent for me.

    • @krissy — Yes, coming out as gay is a big story … but it also can still be a career killer.

  • Dana

    Don’t all the celebrities start dating before the ink dry..Remember Britney Spears,Avril,Ryan Phillippe…If Christina was Gay there’s no way she would hide that.Cds like BTB was a bigger Career Killer for a Pop Star than coming out.I think…I do think she should date a guy that can match her Bank Account.

  • CL

    @Trent: Christina coming out could be a career killer? Yeah right. Its not like she’s Ricky Martin; a MALE singer who has tons of women chasing them and then they come out. Christina coming out, if explained right, just the way Ricky did it, if she talked about struggling, trying to conform etc, can be seen as a positive thing and a great example to all. Its not like she’s ever been straight out asked or hounded about it her entire career. And quite frankly, I think it will make her hotter, just like it did for Angelina Jolie when she left her husband for a woman, and talked about being bisexual.

  • krissy

    Sadly, there is a double standard. It would be a career killer for a male actor, or a male musician…but not for a female musician.

  • Susie

    Trent – spill! What have you heard through the grapevine!

  • Santos

    I don’t think the gay rumors are total bullshit actually.According to Radar online Lilo’s friends pretty much confirmed that there was some truth to the Sam Ronson story . They tweeted that Christina was trying to “steal” Ronson from Lilo. There seems to be more to this “new romance” than meets the eye.

  • MM

    There has never been a doubt in my mind that Christina was gay. Does no one remember the interview Britney did where she said the only reason Christina started trash-talking her and being so bitchy back in the day is because Britney refused Christina when she wanted to make out? It’s common knowledge that she digs girls – it’s just never been “public”.

    Regardless, I still think it’s tacky to step out with someone new so publically right after getting divorced. Her poor kid.

  • MeG

    I think she should have kept this “relationship” low profile and shown SOME respect for Jordan, they were married for 5 years after all. Moving on is normal after a divorce, but immediately being in a “relationship” and making it VERY public could be pretty hurtful to the father of your child. Gay or not I’ll still be a fan, but she should show some class. Regardless of the relationship being real or a cover up…the way she is acting isn’t doing anything for her image imo!

  • jonathan

    Christina is totally into women. She spent the evening making out with some lady at a west hollywood bar last september, there was even a blog about it.
    This was before she divorced jordan and all the open marriage rumors.

  • Sarah R.

    Christina has pinned her career/music/videos on being highly sexual & always with men. So yes, it could be a career killer for her to come out as a lesbian b/c by still making sexual videos with men as the center piece it would feel insincere. Meanwhile making a sexual video with a woman would be seen as “too controversial”. She couldn’t win either way-thus the reason to keep in under wraps. Makes sense to me!

  • Jessica

    @Sarah, Christina did do a sexual video with a female lead..the not myself tonight video. I’ve always believed she’s bi and maybe right now chicks are what she’s into.

  • XXXtina

    Christina Aguilera is openly bisexual.
    This “relationship” is clearly fake (if real, it would have been secret or at least not so exposed).

    The question is: is she doing this for publicity or to cover some pesky rumors?

  • jane

    cant stand her. pity her babyboy.

  • ella

    I think people are really underestimating what a big deal being gay still (unfairly) is. She DOES have to worry about her career, and she could also be going through a lot personally that she would like some room to deal with. Xtina may be really open in videos but she’s often tried to maintain a degree of privacy for parts of her personal life.
    Also, to the people saying they feel sorry for her kid.. he’s not quite 3 years old. As long as he has loving parents who look after him, he’s fine. He clearly doesn’t care about tabloids yet, probably doesn’t even know what they are really, and isn’t yet aware of what dominant social views are on the appropriate waiting period after a divorce before one can acceptably start dating again. Get real.

  • Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    He has a ring on his index finger. I am just saying!

  • gayana

    i really dont think shes in love with this guy or anything… she says it gerself – im just having fun and trying to be happy… like any woman after divorse she wants to feel wanted…
    adn to be honest it seems like Jordan fucked up pretty bad caz christina isnt the kind of girl that would throw shit like this at someone she used to love for nothing…
    the girl is trying to get over it by getting into something new instead of sitting at home and crying in the pillow..
    and concerning an early interview… she did good pûting it out there so theres no specuations going on… whatever it is the girl wants to be happy…i dount hesthe guy shes gona stick with… but for now he keeps her occupied