Angelina Jolie & Knox Léon Visit The Paris Aquarium


On Monday we saw photos of mama Angelina Jolie with her pseudo-husband Brad Pitt and most of her children celebrating the 7th birthday of Pax Thien in Paris, France … but, as you may recall, the twin Jolie-Pitt babies were not in attendance for the birthday festivities. Today we get to see new photos of Angelina with one of the twins, Knox Léon, as the pair made their way into the Aquarium de Paris earlier today:

Now, judging by the clothing I’m assuming that the baby in these photos is Knox Léon … but we do know that Brangelina are very happy to let their children wear whatever clothing they like so it’s entirely possible that this twin is actually Vivienne Marcheline. In any event, Angelina took one of her baby twins to the aquarium today for a little date … which is just too cute for words. My guess is that daddy Braddy was off on a date of his own with the other twin. I wonder what Parisian fun those two got up to together.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Her and Brad seriously make the cutest family! All those kids are so lucky to have them as parents and it seems those two parents are just as lucky to have them as kids! I love it!

  • Annie says it is Vivienne. Still, so adorable!

  • Debho

    @Annie…I just read that too. Personally I think they’re funny looking kids, but whatever…just my opinion.