Watch: Teddy Kisses Ian On ‘90210’


After learning earlier in the year that 90210 would be introducing a gay storyline on the show, we learned back in August that actor Trevor Donovan (Teddy) would be the character gifted with the gay storyline. Actor/singer Kyle Riabko (Ian) was added to the cast as Teddy’s love interest but, as those of you who have been watching the show all season know, Teddy’s coming out has been a very long, very slow process. Last night, finally, Teddy came to his senses and realized that he has feelings for Ian … and the two shared their first kiss together:

Finally! After spending the last three months slow-burning the “Teddy likes boys” storyline, we finally got the goods on 90210. And it was kind of hot, right? And, better yet, the big moment wasn’t hyped to death, so we also got a bit of a surprise when Teddy grabbed Ian — the classmate he hooked-up with (off-screen) during a blackout at the start of the season — and planted a big ol’ sloppy on the kid while they were cleaning up after a West Bev luau. How’s that for putting the “man” in manual labor? The build-up, of course, has been the fun of Season 3 … Proving to be more than a human Ken doll, Trevor Donovan’s doing a solid job playing golden-boy Teddy’s confusion, denial and fear. Not that he should be too worried about his friends’ reactions. Ade was gay for a hot minute last season and this isn’t 1950. Or the military. Anyway, it looks like blondie’s gonna have to deal with all of that sooner rather than later now that he’s gone and cracked the lock on his closet door. Those kinds of secrets tend to come out faster than, well, Teddy has, around these parts. Plus, February sweeps is just around the bend. So really, the only question is who might have a problem with Teddy’s true identity? Liam could use a better plot. Or maybe we’ll see the ugly side of some of the grownups.

For the most part, I’ve been very happy with the way 90210 has handled Teddy’s coming out story. I’ve been watching all season long and while his coming out has taken some time, I honestly feel the show is trying to give the viewer a realistic view of someone coming to terms with their homosexuality. No one ever just comes out as gay overnight. The feelings that come along with the realization and acceptance of one’s sexuality can be a very long, confusing and sometimes painful process. For some, it can take years to come out as gay … for others, it can take a lifetime. 90210 has done a great job with Teddy’s storyline thus far, I am really looking forward to seeing how it continues to play out. So … in case you missed it or just want to see it in action again, you can check out Teddy and Ian’s first kiss, after the jump …

So sweet, right? I loved this scene. Now, just cuz the guys have kissed does not mean that the cat is out of the bag or that Teddy is ready to come out to his friends. My guess is that he will try and keep this development quiet for a bit longer … but … yeah, this is a great first step. Did you watch last night? What do you think of Teddy and Ian’s first kiss? Was it worth the wait?

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  • A

    I don’t watch 90210, but I really like this scene. It’s like any other ‘first kiss’ scene in a teen drama, which is great because it means that they’re finally starting to treat gay characters on shows like any other character!

    Does that make any sense?

    Anyway, I give it thumbs up!

  • nicole

    this whole season has been pretty damn good.
    and i like how Teddys storyline is going….odds are something big will happen just before the christmas break.

    • @nicole — See, this is why I heart you so. I TOTALLY agree!! I’ve been loving all the storylines this season :D

  • Aylee

    I love how slow the story has been. I agree, it seems more realistic compared to if he had just come to terms with his sexuality over one episode.

  • Kelly

    I was SO happy that it finally happened last night! I think it is really great how the show is developing Teddy’s character. Definetly one of the reasons I tune in every week.

    @nicole: I agree that something big will happen just before Christmas break!

  • nicole

    @Trent – awwww i heart you too! <3

  • Gigi

    Is’nt next week the last episdoe before winter break. That would ensure a cliff hanger. I think 90210 has been excellent all season. I love Anna Lynne McCord on it….

  • JeniLee

    90210 keeps getting better every season. Last season was great and season 3 is EVEN BETTER!

    However I wouldnt call it their first kiss….maybe first sober kiss. They did hook up in the hotel in the beginning of the season. :-)

    Loving how the storyline has been handled and I agree Nicole I am sure before Xmas break will be the big dramatic reveal!

  • Vicky

    This scene took my breathe away, it was so perfect :) It was really cute how he told Silver there was someone else, too, in the scene before. My guess is that for some reason he will need a friend to confide in and he will tell her. Although, I do believe that his guy friends would stand behind him when he comes out.

  • AJ

    At first i was worried 90210 would be just another dumb remake of an old show, with the cookie cutter story lines about smoking, drinking, shop lifting etc. But it keeps getting better and better, especially with Naomi imho. And now Teddy i really like how this story line has played out. unlike Adrianna’s sudden switch to the other team for a couple episodes :/ I like the resistance any gay person would feel when first facing their confusion. This kiss scene made me smile so much 1 because of the way it was handled and 2 cuz these boys are just so dang cute! LOL