Jared Leto Reveals That The 30 Seconds To Mars Music Video ‘Hurricane’ Has Been Banned


At the start of this month, we got our first look at Jared Leto on the set of the new 30 Seconds to Mars music video for their new single Hurricane. Just last week, we got our first look at the first footage from the 20-minute long film … and it seemed like the vid’s release was just a few days away. Today we learn from Leto himself on his official Twitter profile that the video for Hurricane has been banned from broadcast on US television due to some of the imagery in the video:

Looks like #HURRICANETHEFILM has been banned / Working on solutions for #HURRICANETHEFILM. Going to post one of the many emails we received listing broadcast issues. Stay tuned..

On his official website/blog, Jared posted the full text of one of the emails he received from TV broadcasters that spells out in great detail all of the reasons why Hurricane in its uncut version will not be broadcast on TV. The email is an enlightening read because it reveals many elements from the video that have not yet been revealed in any other way. After the jump, read the full text of the email to find out what television broadcasters here in the US do not want you to see …

Hi ——,

Here is the feedback from our compliance team,

Please note the final comments can only be given after our compliance team has viewed the digibeta, there were areas which they were unable to view towards the end of the video.

Overall the bondage theme will warrant a POST 10 PM restriction as the film is in its current form.

There is one shot that will have to be removed completely for a POST 10PM restriction -


This shot makes the video completely restricted.

There are other bondage shots towards the end of the film that compliance were unclear about, they would have to view frame by frame on tape to gauge whether they would need to be cut too for POST 10PM.

The violence in the film is not graphic and would warrant a POST 7pm restriction. But the overall sexual content does push the restriction up.

Here’s what was logged so far:

30 Seconds To Mars – Hurricane (rough cut) OFFLINE


00:27 – in French “It’s not reality, it’s a dream”
02:33 – threatening man in gimp mask with sledge hammer 02:50 – singer
jumps out of hotel window – fantastical – not imitable
03:00 – flash
frame of erotic scene?
04:10 – singer puts leather eye mask on girl and pulls head back in an
erotic gesture – POST 9PM
04:15 – fight between gimp man and bystander – kick to leg / punch to
head -not graphic -POST 7PM
04:25 – girl in leather bunny outfit on knees briefly kisses a man 04:40
– man pulls a key on a ribbon chain from his mouth
04:54 – motorcyclist spins bike and skids across the ground
05:01 – bondage ball gag is put over girl’s mouth – POST 10PM
05:18 – cyclist stabs man with stanley knife – POST 7PM
05:46 – priest, rabbi and monk (?) burn books
06:15 – large breasted lady in a bra and gas mask
06:16 – shot of domestic knife – POST 7pm
06:20 – couple in bondage gear
and handcuffs – POST 10PM
06:23 – girl with gag being partially suffocated by singer POST 10PM
06:30 – bondage couple 06:40 – gimp man hits singer with sledge hammer
not graphic POST 7PM
07:00 – French v/o about abandonning yourself and
sacrificing yourself to pleasure – no explicit language – ok
07:14 – bondage girls with nipple tassles -POST 9PM
08:06 – man chained to bench with masked men circling in a menacing
08:17 – skuffle man hits masked men
08:21 – man punches man in rabbit’s head
08:40 – singer trapped in
09:00 – French v/o about love and masks – no explicit language -
09:15 – dripping hot wax over body – POST 10PM
09:17 – woman’s finger running over other woman’s bottom in g-string and
touching anus – COMPLETELY RESTRICTED 09:50 – lady with feathers and
nipple tassles – POST 9PM
10:15 – couple in bed performing erotic acts – POST 9PM
10:41 – man runs hands over lady’s breasts – POST 9PM
10:43- man kisses lady’s stomach – POST 9PM
10:53 – man grabs and squeezes lady’s breasts – POST 10PM
10:54 – girl with nipple tassles – POST 9PM
10:55 – gimp man with woman in gas mask and bondage harness – POST 10PM
10:59 – bondage scene – POST 10PM
11:02 – forecful erotic pull of girl’s head – POST 10PM
11:06 – bondage couple – POST 10 PM
11:50 – singer and gimp man fight – punches, kicks and slaps – not
graphic violence – POST 7PM

It sounds like the broadcast issues with the video have more to do with sex than violence (because, in the US there is much more restriction on sexual imagery over violent imagery). If 30StM want to have their music video broadcast on US television they are going to have to make some edits and censor the offending parts of the video. My guess is that some editing of the film will be done, there’s just no way the video will be allowed to be broadcast on TV without censorship. The original, uncut film will surely be made available online in some capacity. I have to admit, the video sounds … adventurous. It’s hard to judge how the video actually looks by just these descriptions (written by a television censor). Now, more than ever, I am really interested in watching the Hurricane video in full. I can’t wait to hear what Leto and his 30StM cohorts decide to do with the video edits … I just really hope they decide to make the video available in full, uncut in some capacity.

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  • Debho

    Um, doesn’t sound like anything I’d want to see anyway. That dark bondage type thing is not for me…too weird. And personally, I don’t need by 11 year old seeing it either.

  • Kristel

    How awful!!! You poor Americans! I don’t believe in censorship… especially when things as innocent as those described in this post are banned. What a joke!

  • Cat

    I want to make sure I have this straight; an erotic hair pull and breast grabbing, and hot wax can only be seen after 10 PM, but stabbing people with knives and pimp fighting can be seen any time after 7 PM.

    That’s totally backwards and shows what a joke our ratings system and sense of morality is. Sexuality is so taboo we’d rather show people dying than experiencing pleasure. Asshats.

  • Kammie

    Trent, there are a handful of 20 second previews of the video posted on the band’s youtube channel, check it out. Also, I was watching MTV this morning, and they said they’d be premiering the FILM at 5pm EST today. Did they give in, did Jared edit (I can’t really see this one happening) or is it some other kind of compromise?

    • @Kammie — Yes, I’ve seen the clips. I was unaware of the MTV premiere … I hope they do show it.

  • Kammie

    I think they might show the shorter music video version instead of the whole 20 minute thing. The odd part is that for an hour this morning they played all the band’s music videos…including the scene in The Kill where Tomo gets a bj from a guy dressed as a bear. I know that’s nothing compared to the list up there, but if they didn’t cut that out…

  • Krissy

    Is it even a good song, or does he need to be this “shocking” to get people to listen to it more than once?

  • Philip Wester

    How in the flying fig is French against FFC or whatever rules?! Why are there three complaints about the usage of French, none of which is explicit and one is quite innocuous?!

    Are there rules against French/non-English in music videos now?! How the heck did Lady Gaga get “Bad Romance” through the censors then?

    • @Philip Wester — No, there is no restriction against use of the French language. The last portion of the email is just a running list of what happens in the video for cataloging purposes, not everything listed means it’s being restricted.

  • Jeez. I’m with @Debho – totally unnecessary. Why do musicians (or “musicians”) insist on using shocking images? Can’t they just let the music speak for itself without the gratuitous violence and sex? By the sounds of it, this video makes NIN’s “Closer” look like an episode of ‘Sesame Street’.

  • Manue

    I don’t see what is REALLY shocking in this video !
    there’s worse, lady gaga went throudh the censors with alejandro wtf ?
    uncensored video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVPAjFc4UBE&feature=player_embedded

  • holly

    Watched a 13 min version last…… got a bit distracted by jared topless before it got removed from Youtube. damn being released in US before UK.