Tom Hardy Gets A New Tattoo


Hottie Tom Hardy, who has just been cast in the upcoming sequel film Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, is very fond of tattoos so he decided that he needed to get a bit more ink done on his fine bod and paid a visit to Darkday Tattoo Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia:

The way I understand it, Hardy decided to get his next tattoo from artist Bryan Glatiotis after he saw his work on the arm of a young woman on the set of his current film This Means War (which is in production in Vancouver). Hardy also brought along his friend/assistant P-Nut to get some tattoo work done by Glatiotis as well. After the jump, find out what tattoo Tom Hardy got inked to his bod …

Clearly Tom has got mad love for his homeland because he decided to get the Union Jack flag of the United Kingdom tattooed on his chest. That’s devotion, y’all. Tom Hardy is a sexy beast, IMHO his tattoos make him even hotter. What do y’all think of Tom’s latest tat? Do you like?


  • Trent,

    I always appreciate how your never feel the need to write “Canada” after every Canadian city you mention. Makes us Canucks feel like our humble cities and towns are well-known enough not to have to specify. We know we’re no New York or L.A. but its nice to feel repped without a Geography lesson =)

  • Ria

    so hott. his body is such a welcom3 reprieve from the starved holocaust look popular amongst male models.

  • Sara

    He is goooorrgeeeouusss.
    Wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers!!

  • JJ

    Love his boy-next-door body. Not fat, not thin, no self-obsessed gym-bunny muscles…

    I just don’t like tattoos!

  • A

    I second Vanessa :)

  • Kendra

    I don’t see it..At all..And that tattoo looks kinda crappy..Maybe it’s just the pic..I’m looking forward to seeing him in the next Batman movie, though!

  • Jerseyhater

    meh…he has a kind of “beasty” look about him, but he’s not all that, if you ask me.

  • Luv Ya

    He’s got the body for tats, that’s for sure. But rather than a squared off Union Jack, it would have been nicer to have it waving. I’m sure, though, that it looks better in person. Now if only I can get that opportunity. Right, Trent?

  • Rodney W.

    Tom Hardy makes me feel like a silly 14 year old girl.

    I usually don’t do the whole celebrity worship thing. But I’ll definitely come and pray at the Church of Tom.

  • AshtonLee

    I love love love him!! the tat ehh not so much

    and jerseyhater.. what’s with the name?? I am proud to be from such a beautiful state! please remember that what you see on tv is a very small sample of the state and the people who live there

  • Artsenic

    He is so hot, but the tattoos are starting to get ugly, the last one looks odd on his body.

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  • EM

    Meh, you people are only bent out of shape because he got a Union Flag tattooed and not a stars and stripes. If it had been the US flag you’d have been all oooh how GREAT111!!!

    He is who is is and that’s British. Trent, thanks for posting!

  • Fred Conwell

    More tats means less self-respect. Going to Google and confirm that opinion. At least he has left his head alone; he’d not some totally disfigured idiot.

  • DCMAxQueen

    I like the squared off Union Jack, it’s unexpected. It’s not the same ol flag blown in the wind that don’t exist. What I DO have a problem with is all his other tattoos. Who did them? A five year old?

  • periz

    it still looks all red from just getting it. and i like the squared off look. its not the same old thing. also yummy :D i think that he is a gorgeous man. not all girly and pretty boy gorgeous but MANLY gorgeous

  • @Fred Conwell: As a tattoo enthusiast with a near egomaniacal level of self respect, I anxiously await the results of your Google search.

    That said, Bryan Glatiotis does really nice black work. Good call, Tom.

  • Andrea

    What a treat to read a post on here that features a tattoo shop RIGHT near my home! I have been in there a few times to look at their work and get some quotes done and the guys at Dark Day were always fantastic, and hugely talented! It was only a matter of time before a celebrity walked in their doors…and I am VERY glad that it was Tom! What a fantastic way to start my morning!

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  • AmyM

    I think Glatiotis did the madonna and child tat on Tom Hardy’s shoulder as well.

  • Carter Hall

    Tom Hardy is one of the nicest celebs ever. And one of the few, real people, among them.Love the new Tattoo. The Union Jack is perfect on his chest. I love a man that loves his country.

    An American Tom Hardy Fan