Eliza Dushku & Rick Fox Serve Thanksgiving Dinner To The Needy In Boston


Lovebirds Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox were among the 200 volunteers who were on hand yesterday to serve Thanksgiving meals in Boston, MA in an effort to give back to those in need. As you may recall, yesterday we saw photos of some of the celebs who served Thanksgiving dinners here in SoCal but Eliza and Rick were doing their part to give of their time and energy in Boston:

A [trio] of celebrities spanning the sports, political and entertainment helped serve Thanksgiving Day meals at a Boston homeless shelter. U.S. Senator Scott Brown was joined Thursday at the Pine Street Inn by actress Eliza Dushku and former pro basketball player Rick Fox, who’s fresh off a run on TV’s Dancing with the Stars. The three are the best known of the 200 volunteers who will help serve 1,500 dinners Thursday. The Pine Street Inn planned to roast 63 turkeys, and the fixings include 460 pounds of mashed potatoes and 307 pounds of corn and peas. Deserts were also chosen from an assortment of 188 traditional pies.

I just love these two so much and I really love that they decided to give so generously of their time to help feed the needy in their beloved Boston community. Much love and thanks goes out to not only Eliza, Rick and Senator Brown but also to the 197 other Bostonians who were on hand to help serve Thanksgiving meals yesterday at The Pine Street Inn as well as the countless other volunteers who continue to work with the needy all around the world. So many of us, me included, take for granted how rich our lives are … I’m always so impressed with the folks who work to enrich the lives of others. Well done Eliza and Rick … you guys rule!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Eliza is sooo goregous and Rick Fox is equally good looking! I love how Eliza is a HUGE Boston Celtics fan and she’s dating Rick Fox…. haha! I wonder what the Bosont crowd thought said when they saw Rick Fox… prob lots of jokes!

  • Yeah

    Yeah that`s what makes the poor happy. Some rich n dumb celeb chick doing a photoshooting while they eat. Man you Americans are really sick.

  • Me

    Yeah — I guess we can’t all be as giving and benevolent as you are. May I ask what kind of selfless deeds you have done for the betterment of mankind?

  • T

    @Yeah, Eliza would be doing this sh*t even if she wasn’t rich. And do you know her personally? I’m guessing not. Therefore you have no right to assume she’s dumb.