Bill Condon Tweets The First Photo From ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’


Director Bill Condon gave Twilight fans much to be thankful for on Thanksgiving yesterday because he posted the FIRST PHOTO to be released from the set of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn on the film’s official Twitter profile:

As you may recall, we’ve already seen photos of the principal cast making their arrival on the Breaking Dawn set in Louisiana and we’ve seen photos of stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson filming on location in Brazil but we’ve yet to see anything official from the upcoming sequel film. After the jump, get your FIRST LOOK at a photo shared with the world by Bill Condon from the actual production of the film …

Feathers, hmmmmm? This photo was posted without commentary but as you can see, a girl’s hand (very likely Bella Swan’s hand) is seen clutching a bunch of feathers (likely from a pillow). To me, the implication is that Bella is clutching a bunch of feathers in ecstasy, ripped from a pillow on her bridal bed. Much ado has been made about the steamy honeymoon sex scene that is described in the novel Breaking Dawn … it is said that the film will be very faithful to the book description. My educated guess is that this photo is a tease from the movie’s sex scene … it implies that sex is taking place without having to actually show anything sexual in nature. Whatever is going on, this is our first look from the film … sooo …. what do y’all think?


  • Splacer

    Well if the movie implies that sex happens without actually depicting any sex, then it will be exactly like the book.

    • @Splacer — I’m hearing there will be some level of nudity in the film but, yeah, it’s possible that we won’t actually see anything … other than clutching feathers :/

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  • Paul From Toronto

    Am I the only one that thinks Twilight is Uber Lame? I can’t help it. The stories are badly written.. the movies are horrible.. The only thing I like about the series is Jacob Black.. and Taylor Lautner playing Jacob.. Definately Yummy. thats it though.. sorry.

  • Vanessa

    @Paul, You aren’t the only one. I laughed so hard when I watched the first movie. But then again, I’m sure it wasn’t made for my age group (24-30).

  • sarah

    i hope to see some actual “sex” its the only part im actually looking forward to.

  • Paul From Toronto

    @Vanessa – ha ha ha. I tried to really like it.. I really did but I just couldn’t.. like, it was that bad.. the last film was alright I guess, but man.. I dunno.. I guess its not made for our age group. I fit into the 24-30 as well. Womp Womp

  • Manderz

    im 24 and im obsessed with these movies/books thank you very much.

  • canaussiegirl

    Bill Condon is a smart man. He knows exactly how to make the fans cream their panties…..

    • @canaussiegirl — “He knows exactly how to make the fans cream their panties” LOL, exactly!

  • Katie

    Bleh…I ended up listening to the audiobooks because someone I worked with had them, this series really annoys me. The last book especially. I love how big of a deal they are making about the sex scenes when prudy-mc pruderson didn’t even both writing any sex scenes in the book. Sure there is a big long nasty description of the most disgusting birth ever but nada on the fun stuff.

  • aimie

    @canaussiegirl…. lmfao!!!! yes, yes he does. that’s awesome

  • Tracy

    UGH!!!! So glad when these movies go away and filed away under big hype bad movie series section…

  • Samantha

    “Much ado has been made about the steamy honeymoon sex scene that is described in the novel Breaking Dawn” hahaha, you mean the fade to black? This photo is already more sexual than any sex scene in the book.

  • Ama

    I hate the books and movies. Will be glad when they go away, However I do think this photo was a good move to release, the photo to me, has an artistic feel to it. Also for fans of the movie, who have not read the books, it wil make them wonder what exactly is going to happen in the movie. The photo will bring a lot of questions that is for sure.

  • emilyyy

    i kind of imagning the sex scene being something like the sex scene and in buffy between angel and buffy. lots of shots of naked arms and legs, but none of the goodies!

  • torrie

    Given the Twilight films’ history, this will be *the* most awkward sex scene of all time.

  • A

    Actually, the “steamy honeymoon sex scene” is more accurately the “terrifying violent honeymoon sex scene”. It is seriously fucked up.

  • amanda

    “steamy honeymoon sex scene that is described in the novel Breaking Dawn”…. there was no description in the book! and this made me very angry…. there better be some action in this movie, so i can pretend im bella! lol!…. but srsly…. =S

  • Although I’m not a big Twilight fan, I get tired to reading about people dissing the books and movies over and over… say it once and get over it. Trust me peeps… you will be getting A LOT of Twilight posts in the next two years. I hate Jersey Shore, but I don’t make it a point to comment rudely on every Snookie post.

  • Liz

    I’m the opposite. From the get-go I was so deeply offended by the whole Twilight movement (being a Buffy devotee). To call it a “vampire movie” is really stretching it, considering how many folklores they break (sunlight, crosses, sleeping in coffins, etc) but after watching the movies and reading the books I’ve become bizarrely hooked. The acting is very “CW” and watered down, as are the books, but something keeps me coming back. I’m so disgusted with myself but I can’t wait for breaking dawn to see what they do with the story.