Original Buffy Kristy Swanson Supports The Whedon-less ‘Buffy’ Reboot Film


Yesterday we got to hear from Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon regarding his thoughts on plans for Warner Bros. to make an entirely new Buffy film without his involvement. Today we get to hear from the actress who originally played Buffy Summers in the 1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer film. Kristy Swanson played Buffy in the original film, written by Joss Whedon, and says that she has no problem with plans for a Whedon-less Buffy reboot … in fact, she hopes to get a starring role in the film herself:

Joss Whedon has already spoken out about plans for an upcoming Buffy the Vampire slayer remake, and now Kristy Swanson, the first woman who first brought the vamp-killing heroine to life on the big screen, also has something to say about it: “Let Buffy live. Why not?” “If they wanted me to be a part of it, I think that would be fantastic and that it would be a blast,” she tells EW. Swanson was 22 when she first stepped into the role that would be transformed by Sarah Michelle Gellar seven years later, and she remembers that her first reaction to the new take on the character was, in fact, positive. (“It was a whole new idea, a whole new look,” she says.) And she believes a transformation can happen again — even without its original maker. “There are die-hard Joss Whedon fans who absolutely love him to death, and rightly so. He’s a brilliant man, no doubt,” she says. “I love everything Buffy. I don’t care who’s doing it.” Swanson’s co-star, Luke Perry said via his rep that he has no comment on the project.

No offense to Kristy Swanson but of course she supports and wants to be in this Buffy reboot, after all … what else doe she have going for her? While she is the original Buffy Summers, she is not really Buffy at all. And let’s be honest, she has no allegiance to Joss Whedon … she may have worked with him for only a day or two IF AT ALL when they worked on the original Buffy film. She starred in the original film, yes, but that film has little bearing on how the Buffy saga actually turned out on the long-running and FAR superior TV series. Kristy Swanson will always have a special place in my heart because she did play the original Buffy … but these comments prove to me that she really has no ties to the actual Buffyverse. This would be more of a story if Sarah Michelle Gellar chimed in to support the Buffy reboot … but that will never happen. In fact, I’m convinced that NONE of the actors who starred in the BtVS TV series or its Angel spin-off would ever support plans for a Buffy film sans Joss Whedon. Swanson says “Let Buffy live” and I say, she does live … Buffy and her gang of Scoobies have been alive and well for years now in the excellent comic books series which is overseen and written by Joss Whedon! This Whedon-less reboot is just a bad idea and I honestly hope the film never sees the light of day. It would be such an affront to all the hard work that Joss Whedon has done over the years. As you may know, fans are amassing on Facebook at the I’m With JoJo campaign to show their support for Joss Whedon. Whether or not the film actually comes out, you can be sure there will be legions of Buffy fans who will not support the film. I am one of those fans.

No Whedon? No Buffy.


  • Sarah Michelle Gellar is Buffy to me. I saw the original Buffy movie and I didnt like it

  • Shawn

    YAY TRENT! This post made me want to shout…I agree totally

  • brittany_p

    I don’t think Kristy Swanson has enough time invested into Buffy to make a statement like that. When I hear of SMG or any of the other cast saying those things then I will take it to heart.

    • @brittany_p — I totally agree.

  • Maddie

    I’ve actually NEVER seen even 1 episode of the TV series. I was so in love with the movie that I never wanted to see the series. For me – it was, ‘Kristy is Buffy, she had the role first, and no one can step in.’ The comments make me wonder what I missed out on. I never hated on the show, just was never interested. Maybe I’ll have to go home and rent some seasons. . .

    • @Maddie — “Maybe I’ll have to go home and rent some seasons. . .” OMG YES! The TV series is vastly superior to the movie, which is fun but not really that good. The TV series is just … amazing. I recommend watching the show from the beginning. If you’re not in LOVE with it by the season finale of season 2 then the show is prolly not for you. My guess is that you will fall in love with BtVS by mid season 2.

  • SuzieB

    Please of course she’s going to be all for this…. she hasn’t done anything since her turn at “homewrecking with the ice stars” where she hooked up w/her partner on there (forget his name some pairs skater dude) – anyway – she prob needs the work so she’s not gonna knock anyone.
    I’m with @brittany_p – if the Buffy cast from the show give their OK, maybe I’ll not hate this idea, but that’s doubtful!!

  • Mac

    of course she would, she’s prob. P.O.’d that Buffy moved forward into a tv show without her so she figures why the heck not, I’M WITH JOJO!!!

  • So well said – and did you see Eliza’s tweet? She said:

    Joss made the “Buffster” & w/out him… I just don’t trust the girl. Or the world.

  • ali_di

    I wasn’t a die hard Buffy fan, but I did watch the TV series (and some of the Angel Spin-off)… I am definately against them taking Joss’ creation and having someone else right it, it won’t be Buffy with out him, so the best thing they can do is have their writer come up with a story-line and a new character that isn’t going to annoy the true Buffy fan-base (whom I highly doubt would attend this film). In fact to me it would be like doing Harry Potter without JK Rowling… IMHO. I think we have enough about Vampires for now, we have Twilight, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, I think that’s enough for us for right now…

    • @ali_di — “it would be like doing Harry Potter without JK Rowling” That is an EXCELLENT analogy. I completely agree.

  • ali_di

    *write it (didn’t proof read before hitting submit, sorry!!)

  • Jacqui

    I loved the original move. I loved the series as well. I think a reboot would be great, but only with Joss.

  • Dee

    I happened to come across this eye mask today and immediately thought to pass this along to all the Buffy fans!


  • truthyisalways

    Step one to ruining a blockbuster franchise–choose a property that has an active and loyal fanbase and ALIENATE THEM SO MUCH THEY SWEAR THEY’LL NEVER SEE THE MOVIE.

  • Maddie

    @Trent – You have altered my perception. I’m officially interested and I wanna watch! Also – I forgot to mention in the first post; even though I’ve only seen the movie and not the show, I’m still don’t approve of the Whedon-less remake. Boooo!

    • @Maddie — Here’s a little known fact about my history with the BtVS series … I initially hated the idea of a Buffy TV show because I, too, was upset that SMG was cast as the new Buffy. I didn’t start watching the show until Season 4. I quickly realized the series was really good so I stopped watching new eps until I caught up from the beginning. Season 1 has quite a few cheesy episodes but they were still figuring things out. The show gets really good in Season 2 and midway thru all the Buffy love made sense. The Season 2 finale cemented my love for the show and I never looked back. I hope you enjoy the series as much as many of us do … it really is one of the best TV shows that ever was, IMHO.

  • Maddie

    @Trent – I like that little known fact – Thanks! I will def get into it. There’s no reason not to – I do like SMG & Alyson Hannigan (and I, of course, LOVE Satyana Hannigan-Denisof ;) ) I’m in suspense about the Season 2 finale already!

  • Missy

    I have to admit that I loved the movie. Granted, I was 8 when it came out so I wasn’t the pickiest movie watcher. However I am definitely in the SMG is Buffy boat and am against any Whedon-less Buffy projects.

  • kattmow

    ahh i hope this never happens. I was such a massive buffy freak growing up, i loved all of it, still do.
    I personaly think from Innocence to the becomming prt2 was the best it ever was, i kinda lost touch with it when the went to college, i think i was just really pissed off that Oz left haha :$
    But no this film just should NOT happen.
    there was some awsome buffy books that were written too, i do belive the gate keeper trilogy where FAB books, i remeber reading them when i was a kid thinking these should of been a movie. which at the time would of been pretty awsome.

  • Jenn

    @ Maddie – If you’re going to start watching Buffy from the beginning I’d also recommend listening to PotentialCast, a pod cast with 3 first-time Buffy watchers a few veterans as you go along. They’re about half way through season 2 right now. It’s interesting to hear their thoughts and apart from one slip-up early in their season 1 discussions they stay spoiler free. Hope you enjoy your Buffy project :-). Stick through a rocky season 1 and then just enjoy what follows!

    I’m with Jojo – no Joss, no Buffy

  • jAMIE

    For anybody re watching the series, there is this fantastic thread on Digital spy where a guy reviewed every ep .


    it’s Saturn5 who is doing the reviews, really enjoyed re watching them then reading his thoughts.

    He has also done ones for Angel, Firefly and is just doing Dollhouse know.

    great threads, but far to much time on his hands!